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Phipps Neighborhoods, provides children, youth and families in low-income neighborhoods the opportunities they need to thrive through comprehensive education and career programs, and access to community services.

Phipps Neighborhoods helps children, youth, and families in low-income communities rise above poverty. We work in South Bronx neighborhoods where we can address the greatest barriers to lasting success through education and career programs, and access to community resources.

We are dedicated to our neighborhoods for the long term, supporting individuals and families as they establish self-sufficiency. Our services create opportunities for people to thrive in every aspect of their lives.

We developed a Community Impact model to maximize our ability to provide communities with the resources needed to increase opportunities, strengthen neighborhoods and transcend poverty. This model is marked by four key characteristics: targeted program areas, an integrated approach, a continuous improvement strategy and a geographic focus

Phipps Neighborhoods works with clients to identify specific financial, housing, health or emotional needs, and to provide necessary support and referrals. Residential support services, and youth and adult education programs are provided by Phipps Neighborhoods. Phipps Neighborhoods also helps low-income families and individuals determine public assistance needs, which programs they qualify for, and how to apply for benefits such as SNAP, Medicaid, and Medicare.

Qualifications: Associates in human service, sociology, psychology, or related field. Or two year’s or more experience with client engagement with regards to: salesforce data entry, intake, referrals, benefits, taxes, and providing support to clients to complete benefits re-certifications and applications. A Bilingual candidate is preferred.

Primary Function: Provide one on one support to the residents of the Plazas who require guidance and support for matters related to: Housing, Education, Employment, Benefits, Financial, and connecting residents to community resources.

  • Attend Bi-weekly Case Conference Meetings with supervisor to review case files.
  • Attend Community Resources Division Meetings, All Staff Meetings, and Case Management, Coaches, & Mentors Committee Meeting.
  • Complete Universal Intake, and enter all existing and new clients into Salesforce data base system.
  • Participate in the Neighborhood Impact Alliance Meetings, Community Board and Local Precinct Meetings.
  • Meet quarterly with Property Management in order to ensure both organizations are working as a team to resolve residents concerns.
  • Share updates related to Agency Resource Manual on a monthly basis.
  • Conduct surveys of the needs of the families.
  • Organizes activities and works directly with residents in group or individual settings.
  • Recruits residents for programs; provides individual or group service to families.
  • Provides leadership support for residents; guides participants in development, recreation, education, and other activities.
  • Provides direct services’ to children and families through counseling and referrals. Develops Service Plans.
  • Maintains liaison with cooperating local service providers, neighborhood schools, and other community based organizations.
  • Performs other related tasks.


No benefits included

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Minimum Education Required

2-year degree

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Please email cover letter and resume to: