Job Type

Full Time




8008 Marlboro Pike
United States


Duration: August 2018- November 2018

Role & Metrics:

  • Recruit, train, and manage volunteers and build Association Representative capacity.
  • Plan and execute member mobilization activities in support of PGCEA/MSEA endorsed candidates, legislation, and issue campaigns. Assist staff with institutional recruitment of members to work on political campaigns.
  • Educate and mobilize members, in conjunction with staff, through institutional outreach to attend meetings with elected officials, activist committees, union events, etc.
  • Track and report progress toward all organizing goals established in the campaign plan on a daily and weekly basis.

Plan Development

The PGCEA Political Organizer will develop and coordinate all plans and activities with local governance, relevant GR/organizing committees, and professional and administrative staff. Assistance, guidance, and support will be provided by the PGCEA Government Relations Liaison, Campaign 2018 team, Executive Director, and President. 

All plans must include organizing goals, awareness of priority campaigns, volunteer outreach plan, roles and responsibilities, budget, and timeline of activities. Plans will be updated throughout the campaign cycle to reflect changing campaign climates and progress to goals.

Volunteer Recruiting and Engagement


The PGCEA Political Organizer will coordinate and implement multiple facets of a member-to-member campaign plan in support of recommended candidates in priority races in Prince George’s County. The organizing goals include “organized people” goal of having 5% of our members participate in a phone bank or canvass shift; “Apple Ballot” poll coverage at the top 100 precincts in Prince George’s County; and “organized money” of increasing members who give to PAC via payroll deduction to 20% of all members.

With the direction and support of association staff and governance, the PGCEA Political Organizer will be expected to:

  • Increase building representatives, team captains and volunteer capacity in support of the campaign plan;
  • Integrate PAC fundraising with volunteer organizing at association events, meetings, and building visits;
  • Participate in and develop/facilitate trainings of staff, leaders, and members in support of campaign goals, including trainings on PAC fundraising, volunteer turnout, phone banking, and door-to-door canvassing;
  • Serve as lead volunteer canvass and phone bank coordinator, to include turf-cutting for canvasses, list and script development for phone banks, and training support for field programs;
  • Mobilize, train, educate, and develop new member leaders and activists for legislative, community, and electoral activity;
  • Organize/participate in phone banks, canvasses, local association meetings, and building visits developed as a part of the volunteer campaign plan and in support of priority campaigns;
  • Organize campaign and data work through the VAN (Voter Activation Network);
  • Empower members to build effective advocacy relationships with elected officials, community partners, and other stakeholders;
  • Prepare and/or support the creation of member education materials; and
  • Train and support MSEA Grassroots Organizing Teams.


Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

Send resume and any other application-related documents to the email address provided.