Data, Assessment and Testing Specialist

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Full Time


Details: Competitive



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555 Knollwood Road
White Plains, NY
United States


●     Works directly with the academic staff to identify, collect, and compile data in keeping with the philosophy of the Superintendent and the Mission and Vision of the school

●     Provides appropriate assessments to track student performance and to identify risk and trends in student’s academic progress

●     Analyze and prepare reports from local, state, and national assessment data as it relates to the individual student performance and school improvement.

●     Develop and maintain historical student and school data files to monitor and track performance

●     Interpret and review assessment data with administrators and teachers; support planning of action steps

●     Compile data from multiple assessments to develop student, subject, grade-level, or school achievement profiles.

●     Collects data in all areas of the academic program, including but not limited to, Center for Exploration and Creative Learning and Center for Language and Literacy

●     Oversees, schedules, and monitors the testing of New York State Testing Requirements

●     Ensures compliance with all regulations, policies, and procedures regarding State testings

●     Compiles reports in the area of data and assessments to the Office of the Superintendent to be archived on Google TEAM drive

●     Provides support in the area of data and assessments with the teachers to be shared with parents

●     Communicates effectively with staff

●     Works with school districts to collect and compile data for student performance

●     Publishes approved articles in Fanwood Life Magazine to be shared with the stakeholders

●     Additional duties as assigned by the Superintendent


Excellent benefits package

Level of Language Proficiency

American Sign Language


Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

To Apply:


Forward a resume with cover letter to: fax 914-703-4004 or email