Director of Movement Support & Innovation

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Minimum: $70,000
Maximum: $75,000
Details: Salary commensurate with experience; also subject to adjustment in accordance to residence/location



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New York
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Director of Movement Support & Innovation


We are all tied to a common mission of transforming the way that people understand their power to create more inclusive, participatory and responsive communities and governments globally. We work to embody our values of community, collaboration, dignity, justice and leadership in all that we do—from how we design the organization to supporting grassroots movements at the hyperlocal level so that they can lead and determine their own futures.

We strive to not just help movements build active participation but to also change the behavior of development and human rights organizations in how they support and fund stronger, more open civil societies.


Rhize is excited to be creating a new position on our team for an experienced, passionate, strategic self-starter who is a talented organizer and driven by the desire to support and advance movement-building as a field. As Director of Movement Support & Innovation, you will oversee, deepen, and further develop Rhize’s programmatic work.

You will play a critical role in deepening our culture of learning and innovation. Your primary responsibilities will be to hone Rhize’s coaching model -- including iterating our current movement-building trainings and methodology, and developing systems and practices for Rhize to capture, learn, and adapt the ways in which we provide strategic support to grassroots movements. You will lay an initial foundation to systematize our movement assessment tools so we can capture data and stories and more effectively evaluate impact. 

You will work closely with Rhize coaches around the globe to ensure that Rhize is developing the resources they need to support more impactful movements. You will be the fourth member of the current three-person core team, and will be a fundamental partner in building out and developing this innovative organization. This position is a full-time salaried staff member, with opportunity to work remotely on our global team. You will report to the Executive Director. Please note that we work as a remote core team, currently spanning New York and Nairobi to support our coaching network in thirteen countries.


Movement Background

You have a driving belief in the essential role grassroots movements play in achieving social progress. You are passionate and skilled in the work of organizing, training and movement-building, and can flex and adapt your experiences to different kinds of movements. You operate with an intersectional, feminist approach to movement-building, with a deep understanding of movements, movement anatomy, and movement ecosystems

Cross-Cultural Competence

You have the tools to understand the cultural, socio-economic and geopolitical contexts of many countries and have a high cultural and political competency that allows you to speak to different kinds of people across different contexts. You are confident in what you know as well as in what questions you need to ask to ensure you are considering intersectional systems that affect people’s lives differently. You not only respect but have experience lifting up grassroots activists’ knowledge and goals and finding ways to connect them to people, skills and resources that may help them achieve their own goals. You have experience in and the ability for working in a global, remote, start-up team.

Community-Oriented Team Player

You are community-oriented and strive to build ownership and leadership at all levels of community. You thrive on collaboration and are creative in your ability to develop democratic processes within an organization. You are highly communicative and actively contribute to a positive “can-do” organizational culture, finding out-of-the-box ways to navigate new and unforeseen obstacles. You embody a growth mindset -- you are aware of your strengths but also seek to learn and grow your skills. In addition, you have strong emotional intelligence and capacity to work in a flexible and empathetic way that builds trust and confidence across Rhize’s global network.

Program Management & Systems Building

You have strong project and/or program management skills, with a comfort in developing relationships and working across cultures. You have experience building human-centered systems and helping others learn and use those systems. You are constantly looking for new and better ways for people to learn and gain access to knowledge. You are naturally able to motivate and inspire others to be a part of your work. You are a self-starter who is comfortable (energized by!) working in a fast-paced, evolving start-up environment, and is particularly adept at working with a remote team.

Training & Workshop Design

You have a strong background in training or workshop design, especially in adult learning. You are experienced and excel in facilitation and the development of learning agendas and indicators.

Learning & Assessment

You have an insatiable love of learning and asking the questions most others don’t know or are afraid to ask. You are organized and able to translate what you learn into valuable information that will help to enrich and progress the movement-building field. You are experienced and excel in facilitation and the development of learning agendas and indicators.You have familiarity with conducting impact assessments and with traditional M&E models, but also desire to innovate and set new standards for learning and impact. Participatory research methods and collaborative evaluation and learning practices are in your repertoire of tools.

Bonus Points

You are data-driven, with an affinity for information management. You have experience in digital communications. You are proficient in a language other than English.


Coach & Movement Support

  • Manage overall programming around coach development and trainings
  • Develop relationships with coaches and activists, building a deep understanding of the work in which they are engaged
  • Systematize the use of Rhize’s current Movement Mapping Tool and develop it into a tool that can be used by different organizations across the sector to track movements, their progress, and needs
  • Continue to build and improve the coaching model in cooperation with the coaches and other members of Rhize team, by suggesting improvements, changes, or extensions to the model
  • Engage new activists and design new coach recruitment and engagement practices
  • Continue to foster and deepen a sense of community amongst Rhize coaches and develop new ways for coaches to interact and learn from one another
  • Work with coaches to relay data, stories, and learnings back to the field

Training Development

  • Develop a curriculum development plan and work with Rhize staff and coaches to continue to build out Rhize’s movement-building trainings and resources
  • Use data and learnings collected to iterate trainings, training model, and other programmatic areas within Rhize
  • Develop new training modules and content to be incorporated into Rhize curriculum in cooperation with the coaches and other members of the Rhize team
  • Review, revise, and enhance current training evaluation forms and analyses

Learning & Communications

  • Work with a multi-disciplinary team to develop a learning agenda and measurements for impact for the organization’s core programming
  • Get buy-in across the Rhize organization for our learning tools and ensure they are used broadly and adapted as needed
  • Facilitate cross-learning between Rhize’s network of staff, coaches, activists, and organizational partners
  • Continue to tie learnings and outcomes to Rhize’s strategic plan
  • Work with staff to translate data and learnings into compelling stories to amplify work from the field and mobilize the Rhize network
  • Develop case studies that speak to different aspects of movement development, based on Rhize’s current work and historic movements
  • Advise leadership/staff regarding initiatives that will close performance gaps, promote maximum staff effectiveness, and create a positive impact on Rhize coach network
  • Play an important role in developing case studies, analysis and stories that will inform the field of movement-building as a whole.


Rhize believes that social justice communities are most effective when they bring together people from different backgrounds and experiences who can challenge each other's assumptions with fresh perspectives. With that, we are actively seeking a diverse pool of applicants including those from the Global South and/or historically marginalized groups -- women, people with disabilities, people of color, formerly incarcerated people, people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or gender nonconforming, first and second generation immigrants or refugees, and people from low-income families.

In addition, we seek candidates with:

  • 7+ years of experience in training/workshop design, organizing and/or movement-building work. Experience in monitoring and evaluation, assessment and learning is a plus. Background or experience as a trainer or workshop facilitator, particularly around workshop design
  • Strong skills in writing, data synthesis, and analytical thinking, with particular excellence (whether in English or another language) in expressing complex ideas in simple and accessible ways
  • Proven ability to build and manage a team
  • Proven track record for managing multiple tasks and deadlines as well as working in a fluid and fast-paced environment
  • Experience working with/in both Western and Global South-based organizations, with demonstrated ability for cross-cultural competence in professional settings
  • Preference for someone with deep understanding of the regional contexts and cultures (including geopolitical landscape) in which Rhize currently works (Southeast Asia, Africa, U.S.)
  • Ability to travel domestically and internationally
  • Exceptional leadership skills, with experience in alternative leadership models
  • Comfortable with periods of transition, ambiguity, and/or constructive participation in ongoing organizational development

Rhize has an equitable salary policy, which ensures an equitable salary distribution for all employees. Staff salaries are based on responsibilities, job level, and place of residence. Because we are looking at candidates from a range of locations, we cannot list exact salary range. This is a senior staff level position, which means salary will be relative to that of other senior staff. Salary increases are considered on a minimum of an annual basis, pending performance and financial health of the organization. Should an invitation for interview be extended, candidates are welcome to inquire about their potential salary range for this role.

This position is for immediate hire and start.


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Level of Language Proficiency

Fluency in English required. Proficiency in other languages aside from English preferred.

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