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rockSTAR Liaison (RL)

The rockSTAR Liaison (RL) is responsible for cultivating, growing, implementing, documenting and managing all patient/rockSTAR and hospital relationships and creating, implementing and maintaining all systems, protocols and procedures for proper documentation in compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, and other laws and regulations. This role provides support to ensure hospital, rockSTAR and family experiences are positive and consistent with the highest level of quality service and outcome achieved. The rockSTAR Liaison reports to the Executive Director (ED).


The rockSTAR Liaison works with the ED to establish the following:


  1. Serve as Primary Music Therapist/Rockologist to provide therapeutic programming for rockSTARS/Patients and families.
  2. Work with ED to manage and coordinate MCP’s team of Rockologists and patient programming. (Lead and organize weekly sessions, 1:1 Sessions and rockSTAR Requests).
  3. Serve as the main point of contact for all current and prospective rockSTARS, families and other patients as an “expert” advocate thoroughly versed in all MCP’s messaging and programs.
  4. Oversee, Coordinate and implement all patient and hospital systems and processes in compliance with HIPAA regulations to strengthen relationships and promote a positive, safe and consistent patient experience.
  5. Establish, cultivate and maintain relationships with all current and prospective RockSTARS and families including identification, outreach and cultivation.
  6. Develop, manage and evaluate timelines for all rockSTAR/Patient activities to ensure programs and processes are carried out in a timely manner and goals are being achieved.
  7. Develop rockSTAR Experience Plan to foster a culture of mental, emotional and spiritual wellness building strong patient, hospital and family relationships that support and reflect our mission.
  8. Create, refine and execute communications protocols for rockSTARS/families.
  9. Work with ED to create and implement strategies for acquisition and retention of all current and prospective rockSTARS/families and hospitals.
  10. Work with ED to create outreach programs and partnerships which results in increased rockSTAR signups and engagement.
  11. Lead efforts on Social Media Patient Outreach and MCP’s rockSTAR Ambassador peer-to-peer program.


  1. Establish, assess, cultivate and maintain relationships with current and prospective national and international hospitals and other patient caregivers in compliance with current HIPAA regulations to offer MCP’s programs to their patients.
  2. Serve as main point of contact for hospitals and other patient caregivers as an “expert” advocate thoroughly versed in all MCP’s messaging, processes and programs.
  3. Develop and execute targeted training programs to educate hospitals and caregivers on MCP’s program implementation process driven by data analysis and process improvement needs.
  4. Create, refine and implement communication protocols for hospitals and caregivers driven by data analysis and success metrics (ie. email, phone, Text Message Alerts, push notifications, etc.)
  5. Collaborate with CBO to create and update educational and marketing materials as needed.
  6. Perform R&D to define and target other areas to garner MCP engagement and program utilization. (Social Workers, Rehab/Therapists, Burn Units, camps, foundations etc.)


  1. Implement, refine and maintain a comprehensive and efficient documentation system with empirically significant documentation protocols and measurable outcomes for operational use, as well as for research studies, that is in compliance with HIPAA, GDPR (and similar) laws and regulations.
  2. Evaluate, manage, implement and review technology and CRM systems to support our organizational needs and cross-team coordination needs.
  3. Analyze and compile data into monthly and/or quarterly impact reports to review with ED.
  4. Collect and organize testimonials and feedback from rockSTARS/families and hospitals/caregivers.
  5. Provide pre, post and day-of program support for rockSTARS/families and hospitals/caregivers.
  6. Assist ED with program communications (rockSTAR/Caregiver Coordination, Call-Sheets/Que-Cards, etc.)
  7. Maintain and distribute Hospital and rockSTAR Welcome Kits
  8. Attend/exhibit at conferences as needed or required.
  9. Participate and assist as needed with all fundraising events and campaigns in coordination with other team members including annual gala, end of year fundraiser, online campaigns, etc.
  10. Promote a culture of high performance and continuous improvement that values learning and a commitment to quality. Help the organization maintain accountability for key performance metrics and continuous improvement.
  11. Accomplish other duties as appropriately assigned or requested.


MUSIC THERAPIST - will provide proof of necessary credentials and must be:

  • Board Certified and maintain certification by CBMT
  • Maintain all requirements for additional certifications
  • Legal to work in the United States
  • Provide their own insurance for music therapy practices


  • A Bachelor's degree from a four-year college or university; Music Therapy and/or Child Life degree/certification preferred
  • Relevant work experience can be considered as a substitution for academic requirements.
  • A minimum of two years’ work experience in a healthcare environment or related field


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability to communicate effectively to a variety of audiences. Good presentation skills required.
  • Highly organized and analytical and is able to organize, document and present information to others in a clear and concise format.
  • Outstanding ability to analyze and assess situations, create solutions to problems and motivate others.
  • Proficient with CRM systems (salesforce preferred), email, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and other comparable software programs and data management systems.
  • A proactive team player with a can-do attitude and commitment to overall job success.
  • Ability to wear multiple hats as needed to support the overall success and mission of the organization.

VALUES: The rockSTAR Liaison must uphold the core values of Melodic Caring Project; these include:

  • Respect: We treat others with compassion, support, respect and appreciation.
  • Integrity: Honesty, transparency, and reliability are paramount in all we do.
  • Teamwork: We strive to work in partnership with others, internally and externally, and to find shared goals to build upon together.
  • Service: We honor our obligation to be good stewards of our resources and commitment to serve others as we carry out our mission.
  • Mission-Lead: Our decisions and actions always support our mission.

MUSIC THERAPIST RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES Music Therapists must adhere to the following:

  1. Provide a safe treatment setting, free from sexual, physical, and emotional abuse.
  2. File a complaint with the government or the American Music Therapy Association if you believe that a client has been treated unethically.
  3. Refuse to answer any questions or give any information if adherence of proper protocols are not met.
  4. Keep what is discussed private, and keep in compliance with HIPAA and other privacy laws. Generally, information revealed to the music therapist during treatment will be kept strictly confidential (understanding that any pertinent information relative to care will be documented in an MCP progress note and will not be revealed without written authorization).
  5. Some situations may arise in which the Music Therapist is required by law to reveal information, even without the facility's permission. These include:
  • If a client seriously threatens to harm another person, the Music Therapist must warn that person and the authorities.
  • If a court orders the music therapist to testify about a client or the facility.
  • If the music therapist has good reason to believe that the client or the facility is abusing, neglecting, or exploiting a child or vulnerable adult; or if you give them information about someone else who is doing this, the Music Therapist must notify Child Protective Services or Adult Protective Services
  • If the Music Therapist believes the client is in imminent danger of harming themselves, they may call the police if all other options are exhausted.
  • If a medical emergency requires the Music Therapist to disclose information.
  • If the client or facility enters into litigation with the Music Therapist or Melodic Caring Project.

*Job success will be evaluated semi-annually.

**Salary to be paid on a bi-weekly basis with two (2) weeks paid vacation, (8) sick days and an optional additional week of non-paid vacation if desired.

***Melodic Caring Project does not currently offer benefits, however it is a goal of the organization that a benefits program be developed and implemented as soon as the organizational budget allows.

This is understood to be a full-time salaried position requiring the dedication of at least forty (40) hours per week and commitment to job success. It is also understood that during special events (i.e. annual gala, quarterly fundraising events, streaming programs etc.) it may be necessary to work overtime to help the organization accomplish its mission and goals and is required that the RL be at all fundraising events. It is understood that the rockSTAR Liaison will work in-office at MCP HQ in Mount Vernon on an as needed basis.

It is understood that you represent the organization’s mission and values with its supporters and constituents. As such you are an ambassador for the Melodic Caring Project and will conduct yourself in accordance with our organizational values and code of ethics.

Salary range:


Commensurate with experience.

Employment Type


rockSTAR Liaison (RL)

The rockSTAR Liaison (RL) is responsible for cultivating, growing, implementing, documenting and managing all patient/rockSTAR and hospital relationships and creating, implementing and maintaining all systems…

Details at a Glance

  • Time Commitment
    Full Time Schedule
  • Start Date
    November 1, 2021
  • Education
    4-Year Degree Required
  • Professional Level


USD 45,000 - USD 55,000Potential for annual bonuses, dependent on organizational success.

Level of Language Proficiency

Must effectively communicate in English.

The ability to communicate in Spanish is desired but not required.

Must effectively communicate in English.

The ability to communicate in Spanish is desired but not required.


Work may be performed anywhere in United States
Associated Location
21127 Bulson Road, Mount Vernon, WA 98274, United States

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