Virtual Science Director (Corporate experience desired)

Job Type

Full Time


Minimum: $85,000




East Hanover
New Jersey
United States


Function: The Program Director is responsible for overseeing all aspect of the V-Lab Program at Students 2 Science. The Program Director will oversee and manage the V-Lab program and all of its components. This includes program alignment with Next Generation Science standards as well as ongoing content development, staffing, training, program evaluation, program implementation, professional development and collaborative planning with other departments.

Nature and Background of Position:

Students 2 Science (S2S), in partnership with Connectivity, Inc., and in collaboration with the American Chemical Society, has developed a fully interactive, web-based, hybrid, distance-learning program to support elementary, middle and high school science students and teachers. The Director will oversee all aspects of the V-Lab program in East Hanover, Newark, and future expansion sites. Currently, S2S will provide 1,750 V-Labs for the 2018-2018 academic year and this is expected to grow significantly in years to come.

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Principal Activities and Responsibilities:

      Primary Functions:

·       Works with the President and Director of Operations to coordinate V-Lab Program Development and Implementation

·       Coordinate V-Lab programs with School Standards and coordinate with school program managers to align V-Lab content and schedule with the school curriculum

·       Oversees the development of Program Measurement including student and teacher surveys as well as the potential of a longitudinal study

·       Manage and develop new content as needed that is consistent and meets the needs of the Next Generation Science standards

·       Coordinate/ oversee kit build/ distribution

·       Manage v-Lab materials library (videos, write- ups, lesson plans, supply lists)

·       Manage and hire staff (instructors and virtual technicians) needed to carry out the V-Lab program

·       Act as an integral member of the Site Management Team (SMT) reporting to the President


·       Oversee the collection of metrics, monitor trends, and provide updates to President

·       Observe program activities, collect data and create reports of their findings

·       Oversee track and creation of needed programs and technical assistance for on-going professional development for teachers

·       Report findings to SMT, President, and External Engagement Team

·       Work with SMT to create interim and annual reports summarizing the status of the V-Lab program for internal and external stakeholders (S2S President and External Engagement teams, Partner School Administrators)

·       Recommend corrective actions for program improvement

·       Oversee class and session scheduling with each S2S facility

·       Oversee summer and after school programing

·       Assigns roles, including instructors and virtual technicians

·       Oversee coordination available dates and track professional development for teachers

·       Collaborate with ISAAC Director and team on new content

·       Oversee NPS Program Integration

·       Oversee track and creation of needed programs and technical assistance for on-going professional development for teachers

·       Oversee Youth Protection Training and Laboratory Safety Training

·       Provide monthly reports and others on an as needed basis

·       Participate in grants administration and billing tracking on an as needed basis

·       Assist with volunteer recruitment

·       Assist with school recruitment as needed

·       Manage the V-Lab budget


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Principal requirements:

·       A minimum of 3 Years Program Administration

·       Possess strong time management and prioritization skills

·       Ability to manage a team and establish cooperative working relationships

·       Possess good written and verbal communication skills

·       Possess problem-solving and decision-making skills

·       Highly organized with attention to detail

·       Skill in using personal computers and a variety of software applications

·       Detail oriented and work with a high degree of accuracy and efficiency

·       Positive and happy demeanor- ability to work with others

·       Excellent written and communication skills

·       Must be self-directed and able to complete projects with limited supervision.

·       Share point administration is a plus

·       Project management experience is a plus


·       No application will be considered without a cover letter and 3 references (including a direct supervisor).


Education: A minimum of 5 years in an industrial STEM related position. An advanced degree in Science & Engineering, Ph. D. desirable.


Physical Requirements: A Significant amount of time is spent sitting and standing. Must be able to read, write, and understand English. Good auditory and visual skills are required.

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Level of Language Proficiency

English- read and write

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

Doctorate (PhD)

How To Apply

·       No application will be considered without a cover letter and 3 references (including a direct supervisor).