Project Manager vacancy for joint consortium project in Kenya.

Job Type

Full Time Contract


Details: Competitive INGO salary



Application Deadline:



9201 - 00100
Nairobi County


Together with Ghetto Foundation, Mathare Social Justice Centre and Saferworld, PBI Kenya will be implementing a project addressing extra-judicial killings (EJKs) in the urban settlements in Nairobi. Saferworld will be handling the initial recruitment of this position.

Please note that only candidates who are elegible to work in Kenya will be considered.

Project Context

Two Kenyan community-based organisations Ghetto Foundation (GF) and Mathare Social Justice Centre (MSJC) have linked up with two international organisations, Peace Brigades International (PBI) and Saferworld (SW), to carry out a project funded by the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) which is planned for a total duration of 24 months.

This consortium project addresses extra-judicial killings (EJKs) and aims to increase respect of (inter)national Human Rights (HR) standards by law enforcement agencies through strengthening the capacities of the two stakeholder groups - grassroots human rights defenders (GHRDs) and the police. The two bodies are the first line of support for victims and their relatives. The consortium aims to strengthen the capacities of these two stakeholder groups to prevent EJKs and other human rights violations as well as contribute to their investigation, prosecution and sanctioning. The activities as outlined in the project include among others; documentation of human rights abuses, capacity building sessions for the various stakeholder groups (including training of police officers and GHRDs), community dialogues and creating spaces for mutual understanding and advocacy with regards to Sustainable Development Goal 16. The specific geographical scope of this action will be: Mathare, Kamukunji and Embakasi North constituencies in Nairobi County. 

Job Purpose:

To oversee the general implementation and coordination of the project and ensure that activities are carried out, timeline is kept, and the work plan is adhered to. Additionally, the Project Manager will be responsible for the overall preparation and compilation of the narrative reporting to the EU and keeping track of relevant deadlines. S/he will also manage the consortium relationships at both strategic and technical levels. 


Project management

  • Internalize and monitor EU guidelines and obligations related to reporting and visibility and ensure adherence within the entire scope of the project.

  • Support and coordinate the planning, implementation and monitoring of activities being undertaken by respective consortium project coordinators to ensure:

o project delivers its aims in an effective, timely and coordinated manner o project work plans are developed and updated regularly

o timely completion of activities with documentation of results

o timely completion and submission of internal and donor reports

  • Monitor and ensure all aspects of the projects contractual documentation are in place.

  • Identify any risks to the successful implementation of the project at an early stage and, together with the steering committee, set up risk mitigation measures.

Consortium Coordination and Management

  • Convene and support the Steering Committee in its operational oversight role.

  • Convene and coordinate frequent joint meetings within the consortium structure.

  • Ensure smooth communication between the consortium partners both at strategic and technical levels through timely collection, collation and sharing of essential information in a clear manner.

  • Support partners to comply with agreed MoUs and EU financial and project guidelines through proper induction and close follow-up with each partner on processes.

Staff management and development

  • Provide line management to the Project Finance Assistant.
  • Monitor and support staff in line with Saferworld’s performance management system.

Financial management

  • Ensure all activity expenditure is within the appropriate budget allocations.

  • Lead in ensuring timely and accurate project budgeting and project forecasting.

  • Monitor the project budget and expenditure on a monthly basis to ensure optimum utilisation of funds and highlight any concerns promptly to the steering committee and/or individual consortium members for prompt rectification.

  • Work with partners to ensure timely preparation of expenditure requests and account for project expenditure in line with financial procedures.

  • Ensure that consortium staff comply with EU financial management policies through proper induction and close follow-up with each partner on processes.

Networking, Communication and Advocacy

  • Identify and develop relationships with key strategic partners in government, civil society, media and other actors in Kenya.

  •  Monitor official and non-governmental debates on themes related to security, justice and human rights in Kenya to identify the best opportunities for the project to provide input into policy debate.

  • Ensure effective communication of project activities, results and lessons amongst the consortium partners.

  • Represent the project at meetings, seminars, co-ordination fora and other events as appropriate.

Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Ensure partners are aware of, and adhere to, narrative guidelines for the various reporting cycles. Provide training where needed and provide continuous assistance with the use of evaluation tools for the project.

  • Collect relevant information for narrative reporting to the donor – in close collaboration with the Project Coordinators and Finance Assistant.

  • Produce narrative reports for the donor and keep track of relevant deadlines and guidelines

  • Communicate with the donor and produce relevant written requests or justifications in case of adjustments to the timeline of activities or other changes within the project implementation cycle.

  • Work with Saferworld’s M & E Coordinator to ensure that the project indicators are tracked and reported and to ensure that outcomes are mapped and harvested.

Strategy and programme development

  • Where appropriate, contribute to the development of Saferworld’s Kenya country strategy (or that of other consortium partners) by providing analysis of human rights and security developments.

  • Occasionally participate in programmatic meetings within Saferworld (or that of other consortium partners) in line with the organisation’s strategies. 


Pension: Contribution scheme

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

Master's degree

How To Apply


To apply: Please complete a Saferworld application form ( and email to Marie Aziz at (please use subject heading: Ref: PMKEN)

Deadline for applications: 14th March 2018

We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted