Wig Crew Production Position

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30 Grant Avenue
7th Floor
San Francisco
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Scope: The Wig Crew is responsible for the overall execution and implementation of the running and maintenance of the wigs, hair and makeup during A.C.T. productions. They shall maintain the integrity of the wig and hair design throughout the production as established by the Wig Master. They assist actors with the application and removal of all wigs, facial hair and makeup. They are responsible for documenting and updating pre show and run of show paperwork as well as taking photographs of the actors in their character looks for the show bible. They shall participate in the inventorying, upkeep and maintenance of the basement wig room supplies during the production run.



●     Overall execution and implementation of the running and maintenance of the wigs, hair and makeup during the production from load in until the closing and load out.

●     Completes pre-show and post show duties including: application and removal of wigs and facial hair, styling actors hair and specialty makeup application.

●     In close collaboration with the Wig Master and Stage Management, create and implement wig running crew paperwork to assure that all actor hair and makeup needs are met.

●     Participate in providing updated or amended wig run crew paperwork to the Wig Master by opening night.

●     Assist in the creation of a Show Bible by providing all paperwork documents to the Wig Master as well as taking archival photos of each characters looks (and as applicable changes to the look).

●     Attend Designer Runs and other pertinent pre-dress rehearsal meetings as assigned by Wig Master.

●     Implement hair and make-up design applications as established by the Wig Master.

●     Work with Wig Master and Stage Management to schedule wig calls for performers during the tech, tech/ preview and performance period.

●     Work with the Sound Department to incorporate any microphone placement into the Wig design.

●     Maintain all wigs and facial hair elements as assigned, including cleaning and restyling as needed.

●     Participates in the inventorying, upkeep and cleanliness of the Geary wig room, stock and common wig/ wardrobe areas to maintain a well-stocked, clean and organized wig room.

●     Notifies Wig Master immediately of any damage to wigs or show-related incidents and issues.

●     Other duties as assigned, including but not limited to; cleaning and resetting the wigs and makeup items, ventilating or fronting hair items.

Qualifications, Education and Experience:

●     Education and/or significant high level, hands on professional experience (minimum one year) with an emphasis on wig & make-up and theater.

●     Proficient styling and maintaining all types of wigs and facial hair.

●     Applied all lace, human hair wigs.

●     Familiarity with hygiene and sanitation techniques related to make-up, wigs, and hair.

●     Familiarity with period and historical hairstyles and makeup.

●     Excellent work ethic including but not limited to: time management, self motivation, diplomacy, and interpersonal and collaborative communication skills.

●     Must be able to sit and stand for long periods of time. Job requires continuous and repetitive use of hands and wrists, for fine gripping and forceful gripping. Ability to reach above head, lift up to 15 pounds and repeatedly ascend and descend stairs is essential.

●     Ability to do a variety of men’s haircuts, as needed and cosmetology license a plus

●     Experience with prosthetic application and painting a plus

●     Ventilating and wig making experience a plus


Ability to:

●     Organize and communicate information clearly, both verbally and in writing

●     Work in a detail oriented manner, be resourceful and flexible, and be able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously

●     Effectively problem solve and troubleshoot

●     Face demanding situations with tenacity and sensitivity under a lot of pressure

●     Work independently and as part of team

●     Work irregular hours, evening hours, long hours and weekend as required

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

High School