Member Services Coordinator

Job Type

Full Time


Minimum: $38,000
Maximum: $40,000




85 Pike Street
United States


Position Summary: 

The Member Services Coordinator is the go-to person for members of the Pike Market Senior Center. He/she is an easily accessible contact for questions or issues, someone whose job is to be visible, accessible, and vigilant, can resolve disputes, and whose presence promotes a welcoming, friendly atmosphere at the Senior Center.

This position helps our members have a positive and helpful experience at the Senior Center by helping them feel welcome and part of a community, by helping members connect with services and programs, and by working with the Wellness Engagement Coordinator to develop and expand programming.

The Member Services Coordinator promotes a safe, clean, welcoming atmosphere at the Senior Center, and oversees the janitorial staff.

Essential Job Duties: 

Provide consistent agency information to members:

Be visible and available to answer questions; help members find resources they are seeking

Make informational announcements and manage the activities board

Orient new members

Proactively make sure that members understand policies

Enhance member experience:

Promote a friendly, welcoming atmosphere

Enforce policies firmly but kindly

Help members find ways to engage

Help members locate needed information and resources

Gather member feedback and information to inform policies and programming:

Interact with members and learn about their interests

Conduct formal and informal surveys

Develop and oversee member feedback sessions

Follow up with suggestions from members in the suggestion box


Help assess new programming that would benefit members and make recommendations to

Wellness Engagement Coordinator

Work with Wellness Engagement Coordinator and Program Assistant to make sure all programs run smoothly at the Senior Center, including self- monitored programs.

Manage and track YMCA partnership program

Assist with other programs and activities as needed

Supervise the Janitors

Make sure Senior Center is being cleaned properly and that cleaning supplies and paper products are in stock

Interview and hire janitor positions as needed

Provide annual evaluation of janitors’ work and regular opportunities for feedback


Help organize pet food cupboard

Help distribute commodities and information


Has a friendly, helpful, positive personality

Has experience working in social services and maintaining professional boundaries

Has facility for taking charge of situations and ability to stay even tempered, consistent, and fair-minded under pressure

Is skilled at conflict resolution and problem solving; by example, promotes a positive, friendly, and welcoming atmosphere

Has experience working with diverse populations including people who are homeless and/or have mental illness

Speaks and writes in English clearly and fluently

Enjoys interacting with seniors

Is knowledgeable about resources available to low income seniors and can conduct research to obtain further information

Is consistent, organized, and able to follow a schedule

Is observant and a good listener

Minimal education is BA

Able to speak Spanish, Vietnamese, Mandarin, or Cantonese a plus


Benefits Package

Level of Language Proficiency

English. Spanish, Vietnamese, Mandarin, or Cantonese a plus.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

Please apply at with resume and cover letter.