CEPPS Indicators Database Consultant

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Full Time



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2011 Crystal Drive
10th Floor
United States


Working under the direction of the M&E Specialist, specific responsibilities for the Database Contractor will include the following:

  • Liaise with the database developer, Newdea, as needed to support development and functioning of the database, and to troubleshoot emerging issues of a technical nature
  • Maintain regular engagement with Newdea to understand updates to database structure and functionalities, and advise M&E Specialist in how these changes impact GEPT database
  • Work with M&E professionals at all three CEPPS partners to develop and test new functionalities for the database, and provide reporting on use of database by program staff for monitoring and oversight purposes
  • Develop guidelines and procedures for use of the database by CEPPS partner staff, and work with M&E professionals at all three partner institutions in delivering trainings on the database to CEPPS staff
  • Support CEPPS partner staff in the input and management of data into the database, as well as in generating reporting from the database and addressing difficulties in these tasks
  • Use database functionalities as well as other tools to streamline entry of indicators data into database for CEPPS program staff
  • To the extent necessary and feasible, support aligning and sharing of data from database with external databases used by USAID missions to manage M&E data
  • Other duties as necessary for management of the CEPPS Indicators Database
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None specified

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