​RE: Seeking a highly skilled short term contractor

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Part Time


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United States


Organizational Assessment on Pretrial Reform Advocacy & Base Building

RE: ​Seeking a highly skilled short term contractor.

DATES:​ October 8 - November 8


Essie Justice Group is looking to hire a contractor who would be able to implement an internal assessment of Essie’s work on pretrial reform to date. Essie is a young organization with a growing base of women with incarcerated loved ones in Northern and Southern California. The organization and its membership have played an important role in three highly impactful areas of pretrial reform in CA and nationally over the last two years: Black-led Black-centered bail out actions, legislation, and corporate divestment. As the work in all three streams has come to important junctures, Essie is entering a loving, yet unflinchingly honest period of reflection before committing to the next phase of work in pretrial reform.

We seek an individual with the skills of a qualitative researcher (exceptional writing, listening, and interviewing ability) and with a belief in community organizing as the central strategy for advancing criminal race or gender justice to spend approximately 70 - 80 hours pulling out key insights, lessons, and recommendations from a series of debrief sessions between October 8 - Nov 8.

The work will involve:

  • A two-hour long onboarding meeting and four check ins (one hour each)
  • Co-designing stakeholder questionnaire
  • Attending one day-long meeting on Saturday November 3rd with Essie membership and full staff team. (possible facilitation and agenda co-creation, optional - would add another six - eight hours to the contract)
  • Attending one day-long meeting October 30th with Essie management staff (possible facilitation and agenda co-creation, optional - would add another six - eight hours to the contract)
  • Conducting approximately 15 one hour interviews with members and organizational partner stakeholders
  • Writing and designing a clear, exceptionally written, and well formatted client-ready 10 - 15 page document summarizing what was learned in the debrief process and forwarding recommendations on Essie bail work

Please contact Zoe Willmott at zoe@essiejusticegroup.org with a resume, writing sample, and short statement of interest to apply or email her with questions.

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None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement