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Part Time


Details: The assignement is tender based, technical and financial proposals will be assessed.



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To provide evidence-based opinion from an independent entity to allow AMDT and Programme Investment Committee (PIC) and Funders of AMDT to assess progress, effectiveness and impact of AMDT strategy.

The review will cover the period starting 1 July 2016 to 30 September 2018, the period when AMDT strategy came into effect.

Use of the MTR

The MTR design and report is to meet the joint needs of founding PIC members in order to support strategic discussions for improvement of AMDT performance and achievement of overall objectives and impact of AMDT to target groups.


The review is expected to respond to four of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) key criteria for evaluations related to relevance, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability[1].


The review, among other things, should be able to reveal what is happening with targets groups and provide a holistic qualitative assessment beyond numbers. Specifically the assessment or questions of the review will cover evaluation of the following areas:

1.    Programme delivery [efficiency, effectiveness, impact, Relevance]

a.     Process: the degree to which the M4P/MSD approach is applied and matches the realities the stakeholders, especially men, women, youth smallholder farmers and MSMEs in Tanzania

b.    Log frame and outcome mapping

c.     Monitoring and results management

d.    Identification of progress in key sector indicators (outcomes and output) level

e.     Review of program activity against strategy in each output area (including analysis of spending, costs per output)

f.     Policy, advocacy and communication (how AMDT approach and influence sectoral policies and business environment improvement and how relevant is the engagement with PSOs and CSOs that AMDT targets within the value chains).

2.    Operations [Efficiency, Effectiveness, Sustainability]

a.     Administration of AMDT and its activities

b.    Governance structure and how it supports or hinders smooth operation of AMDT programme.

c.     Follow up on efficiency audit that was conducted by SIDA

d.    Appraisal of management team performance

3.    Strategy [Effectiveness, Impact, Sustainability, Relevance]

a.     Theory of change and the Design of AMDT implementation strategies for the selected Value Chains and commodities, e.g. the use of market facilitators

b.    Strategic alignment, how AMDT intends to achieve overall AMDT establishment plan and balance of investment (budgets) between the three value chains

c.     Value chains selection criteria and impact to the target groups

d.    Strategic Risks

4.    Cross cutting issues- how is AMDT meeting its strategic objective relative to the following cross cutting issues: Gender, Youth, and Climate Change.



Award Criteria:

Proposals will be scored on both the technical and financial proposals, with 80% of the score being allocated to the technical submission and 20% being allocated to financial proposal. Only those Proposals meeting the minimum technical score threshold of 80% will be considered for financial evaluation and the winning proposal will be determined by the highest combined score of Technical and financial proposals.


The Fixed-Price Contract will be awarded to successful bidder. Expenses related to field visits in the programme area shall be agreed upfront as part of the contract and will be billed based on actual cost.

Level of Language Proficiency

Team requirements

The Review Team leader will have a suitable background and experience with M4P programs, as well as solid experience in leading review or evaluations of complex programme(s), and programme (s) which are in the early stages of operations. Included in the Mid-term review team should be a Gender Expert with experience working on youth and gender in agriculture programs in environment similar to Tanzania. . The Team should demonstrate project review experience in the agricultural sector in Africa, especially East Africa region. Practical understanding of how the private sector and NGOs have engage in M4P/MSD program Interventions will be an added advantage.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required


How To Apply

Proposal Submission

Proposals, Technical and Financial, must be received at the email address below no later than 09th November 2018 at 14:00 Hours local time (Tanzania) with the subject line “Proposal: AMDT Mid-Term Review.



Interested firms should submit Technical and Financial Proposals in separate files with file name “Tender for AMDT Mid-Term Review” and the words “Technical” or “Financial” Proposal clearly indicated and on the cover page of the files as appropriate.

Only interested bidders who have submitted their proposals on time will be contacted to acknowledge receipt of their proposals.

The proposal should be concise, specific, and complete but demonstrating capabilities and expertise with respect to achieving the objectives and expected results of the AMDT. The full proposal excluding any annexes should be no longer than 15 pages.