Waiver Service Provider Supervisor - Hourly

Job Type

Full Time




Dix Hills
New York
United States





·         Provide individual and group supervision to full-time and per-diem providers at least monthly or as needed.

·         Review and sign Service Summaries, Service Logs, Detailed Service Plans and Expense sheets submitted by each WSP.

·         Review Detailed Service Plans completed by the HCI for WSPs to validate the intervention strategy and reinforce goals with each WSP during supervision.

·         Report issues and resolutions to the applicable HCI Supervisor, ensuring smooth communication between WSP and HCI lines.

·         Ensure that all new WSP employees are in G2S- maintain database (employee changes, terminations).

·         Maintain G2S Database tracking all required information and training.

·         Complete all billing for full time, per diem, and /or on call WSP’s caseload including sub-contractors.

·         Deliver OCFS mandated trainings and SCO sponsored trainings to WSPs and full-time staff as required.

·         Attend and facilitate WSP monthly meetings and distribute necessary information regarding updated policies and practices.

·         Assist Program Directors in writing up policies and procedures as they apply to WSPs.

·         Maintain monthly statistics as required for internal and external reports including number of WSPs employed (per-diem and full-time), number of WSPs needing training and any other information deemed necessary.

·         Attend monthly Incident Review Meetings.

·         Attend weekly WSP Unit meetings.

·         Meet with each HCI unit at least once per month to determine WSP needs and trends.

·         Attend trainings as assigned by the WSP Director.

·         Must have a working knowledge and understanding of the DSM V.

·         Perform all other duties as assigned by the WSP Director



Matching children to WSPs

·         Assign WSPs to cases utilizing the “WSP Request Form” submitted by HCIs utilizing the following steps:

o   Review the request form and choose a WSP from the database that matches the family’s preferences as closely as possible.

o   Call the applicable WSP to present the assignment.

o   Email the selected WSP’s information to the HCI for follow up on confirmation of the assignment. Upon confirmation, the WSP Manager should be informed.

o   This process must be repeated as necessary until a WSP is confirmed to accept the case. 



 Tracking Training

·         Inform each Waiver Service Provider of training requirements, including trainings that are required before services can be provided.

·         Distribute training calendars to WSPs listing all available trainings, including options for additional training dates if necessary.

·         Schedule CPR/First Aid training for all per-diem and full-time staff.

·         Maintain a database of all WSPs including name, address, phone number, email address, services eligible to deliver, years of experience, education, applicable specialties and preferences and all trainings needed/attended.



Recruiting/Hiring of WSPs

·         Recruit for qualified per-diem providers within and outside of the agency utilizing internal and external job postings, attending job fairs and networking with other Health Care Integration Agencies.

·         Review the entire hiring packet with new recruits, including job descriptions for positions applied for.

·         Submit the completed hiring packet to WSP Director, maintaining a copy of the file on site, adding training certificates after each training is completed.





Masters Degree in Health and Human Services, Administration, Social Work or related field with three years of experience in Human Resources or Case Management, and at least one year of supervisory experience.

Experience with B2H program and supervising service providers is preferred.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

Master's degree