Program Director, The AIGA Link Program

Job Type

Part Time



Start Date


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2300 7th Ave B
United States


Part-Time Contract Position

Approx. 10 hours / week $1250 / month, 10 months / year

Position Summary

Responsible for management and operational oversight of AIGA Link Program including:

  • Working with AIGA Link Leadership Team to draft and implement annual strategic plan
  • Managing volunteer coordination and communication
  • Student registration and retention
  • Communication with students and teachers
  • Project management
  • Monthly workshop coordination

Attend and assist with coordination of all program workshops (between 5-7 through Oct-June) including:

  • Leading workshop volunteers to establish a diverse and quality workshop schedule consistent with the needs of the AIGA Link Program priorities.
  • Working with workshop coordinators to design each monthly program, coordinate logistics, order supplies and communicate the status of each workshop to the leadership team.
  • Documenting each monthly workshop including submittal of all financial reimbursement forms, a short summary of workshop highlights and assisting with photo / video documentation.
  • Provide acknowledgement to workshop coordinators and volunteers to continue cultivating a culture of appreciation.

Specifics Tasks

  1. Facilitate volunteers in development of a workshop schedule at beginning of each school year including soliciting ideas, brainstorming guest artists, deciding program content and assigning volunteer responsibilities for each workshop.
  2. Assist the onboarding, training and mentoring of new volunteers, including a volunteer training session around the beginning of the school year.
  3. Ensure workshop coordinators are observing the developed workshop guideline structure outlined in the volunteer packet to ensure successful workshop outcome.
  4. Organize dry-runs before each workshop in conjunction with the monthly workshop coordinator.
  5. Facilitate successful communication between the volunteer team.
  6. Help manage the organization’s tasks, ensuring that volunteers have clear expectations of their roles, assigning tasks and aligning the day to day activities with Link’s annual strategic plan.
  7. Communicate with volunteers to ensure a workshop leader / coordinator has been confirmed, a summary of the workshop developed and a supply list submitted at least 1-2 weeks in advance to secure supplies.
  8. Attend monthly workshops as point of contact for consistent management of monthly workshops and in-person student communication.
  9. Responsible for final documentation of workshop is provided by volunteers including a paragraph summary documenting the workshop (complete with 2-3 pictures), and handwritten thank you notes to the volunteer team and guest artist after each workshop. 
  10. Update the website with workshop information, photos and other information as necessary.
  11. Assist in the documentation of written information about the organization, such as processes, expectations of various roles, checklists, etc.
  12. Help organize the logistics and artwork setup for both the scholarship judging and the gallery show.
  13. Help manage insurance contracts for workshop locations.
  14. Assist volunteers and the leadership team during non-workshop months (between September - May) with organizational capacity building.

Program Schedule

Note: this calendar may change slightly from one year to the next depending on the frequency of workshops.

  • August - September
  • Volunteer planning session to formulate feedback from the previous year
  • Leadership Team: annual meeting & strategic plan formulized and approved
  • Volunteer orientation
  • Volunteer training
  • Volunteer contact information updated & distributed
  • First 1-3 workshops planned
  • Student registration forms sent out to past students
  • Website updated with schedule and recruitment materials
  • Annual schedule finalized including gallery show
  • Cornish College insurance & contract
  • Student recruitment

  • October - December
  • Student recruitment
  • Student registration finalized
  • Portfolio workshop

  • January - March
  • Volunteer Appreciation
  • Midyear leadership planning session
  • Gallery Show date confirmed and planning details started
  • End of year workshop / remote location permission slips

  • April - June
  • Scholarship review process planned & scheduled
  • Scholarship judging
  • Gallery show

Desired Qualifications

  • Must be able to commit to at least one full program year.
  • Passion for youth development.
  • Excellent oral, written communication, presentation skills. Must be able connect with high school students, introduce workshops and lead meetings. Must be able to compose concise and informative emails to external audiences: students, parents, volunteers and other partners; and write workshop descriptions. 
  • Must be a proven successful Project Manager, with strong administrative skills.
  • Dependable.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Service-oriented attitude. 
  • Highly organized.
  • Technical requirements: Working knowledge of Google Docs; Some familiarity updating web content

Bonus Qualifications

  • Background/experience in an art/design. Education field experience a plus. (education = ability to connect with students)
  • AIGA Member

About Link

Founded in 1994, the AIGA Link Program is a Seattle-based group of board members, volunteers and a part-time administrator dedicated to enriching the lives of high school students with a passion for art. Our innovative program provides workshops, portfolio development, a gallery show and scholarship awards for higher education. The AIGA Link Program's success has inspired similar programs across the nation.

How to Apply + Deadline

Send your resume and cover letter to by the end of the day on September 28, 2018. 

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement