Operations and Compliance Manager

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216 W. Somerset Street
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Position Summary

The Operations and Compliance Manager oversees and supervises the data entry team and supports families and programs with student registration into Youth Services programs.  This position requires systems integration and is the liaison between the data team and program team to meet the needs of both students and their families as well as ensure compliance with department-wide contracts with the Director of Youth Services.   This position oversees data entry specialists who are primarily responsible for the input, analysis and support of all of the databases within the department.  The Operations and Compliance Manager works closely with Director of Youth Services and department managers to develop effective systems and framework to support programs in all stages of student registration, including recruitment, enrollment, registration, and retention at a program level. Additionally, the position provides a positive, clear experience for the clients and families throughout the enrollment and registration process.  The position is responsible for ensuring contract and licensure compliance for funder requirements for all contracts within the Youth Services department.  This includes supporting effective systems for monitoring contract compliance, ensuring data quality, and preparing for funder audits.  Finally, this role supports the Director of Youth Services with fiscal reporting for the department, including monitoring spending reports, reviewing fiscal transactions for accuracy, and ensuring program spending is in compliance with funder regulations.


The major functions of this role are:


1) Managerial and Supervisory Duties and Responsibilities

2) Contract Compliance and Performance Management Duties

3) Data Analysis and Quality Assurance Duties

4) Student Registration Management Duties

5) Operational and Logistical Duties



Essential Functions

  1. Monitor and update, as needed, effective enrollment and registration systems for students in the Children and Youth Services department.
  2. Create, support and implement recruitment and retention strategies with program staff to meet department goals and student needs.
  3. Provide administrative support to the department managers as it relates to planning and implementation of the summer and school year OST programming. This includes but is not limited to meeting deadlines for student summer applications, securing worksites for summer interns, and attending funder-required trainings.
  4. Oversee data entry team’s efforts around daily entry of client enrollment, dismissal, demographics, TANF status, indicators and program attendance data into various funder and internal data collection systems including:   WITS (DDAP), (Public Health Management Corporation), UNIDAD, and others as needed for Youth Services Programs.
  5. Responsible for developing reports that reflect the total number of clients served for the week, month, quarter and/or year. Maintain updated client records. Create and regularly share reports with Site Coordinators, Managers and Director with the goal of moving all program participants to regular attendee status (30 days or more).  
  6. Update all the data systems on an ongoing basis and reconciling in order to reflect accurate data at all times.
  7. Develop and/or update forms to collect baseline client data and information from all programs and works to create effective systems for collaboration.
  8. Provide technical assistance support to program site coordinators so that client data and information is collected more efficiently and effectively.
  9. Maintain and audit program data records (staff and student files, attendance binders, etc.) according to program guidelines.
  10. Supervise Data Entry Team and work in conjunction with Operations Coordinator and Division Manager to ensure that Department-wide compliance and performance management are streamlined across the EWS Division.
  11. Participate actively in the EWS Leadership Team as well as attend and participate in Congreso supervisor forums and relevant division and team meetings.
  12. Maintain contract compliance on a programmatic level to ensure outcomes are reached and all obligations to funders are met.
  • Student compliance
  • Ensure reports are completed
  • Support with site visits
  • Maintain files and paperwork to ensure department is prepared for audits
  • Communication with funders as needed
  • Collecting surveys from CYS staff
  • Provide a special focus on high-compliance grants to ensure outcomes are met
  1. Support with operations management of the CYS department to create efficient systems of operation.
  2. Build systems for compliance for new contracts and update systems for current contracts.
  3. Regularly communicate with the all CYS department staff to ensure all staff understand and achieve all compliance components.
  4. Communicate regularly with the Data and Evaluation team to improve data quality and ensure info entered is in compliance with contracts and that the department is tracking relevant information.
  5. Support Director with monitoring and reviewing fiscal transactions for accuracy, including check requests and spending level reports.
  6. Attend training and professional development opportunities.
  7. Other duties as assigned.
  8. 20. Ability to provide services to clients and staff that reflects PCM™ service delivery approaches that are Client-Centered, Data-Informed, and Culturally-Appreciative.
  9. 21. Attend and participate in continuing education related to PCM™, which include active participation in quality circles and the maintenance of work according to the data established requirements.  


Management Duties

Staff Supervision:

  1. Responsible for the assurance of quality supervision provided to all staff under the Manager’s oversight; including a minimum of bi-weekly supervisory meetings, annual performance reviews and work plans as deemed necessary, adherence of supervisors to agency policy with regard to personnel management, engagement of the Human Resources department as appropriate, and active coaching of supervisors to staff development. 
  2. Conduct staff performance evaluations of all assigned at the end of each probationary period and annually, and adhere as well to agency personnel policy.
  3. Provide management of department and staff through independent judgment and decision-making.
  4. Regularly direct the work of, schedule, and provide staff development opportunities and training to department staff.
  5. Perform management functions and/or make recommendations for the department such as hiring, firing, performance evaluations, disciplinary counseling, salary adjustments, workload distribution, communication, recognition activities, and employee relations.


Program Management/Administration:

  1. Support Director with the spending of program funds within budget limitations and in accordance with fiscal operations policy.
  2. Oversee and carryout contracts within departments/programs, ensures contract compliance as well as quality of programs and services within the program.
  3. Carryout out policies and procedures with the support of Director as they pertain to operational/funder programmatic standards.
  4. Responsible for program enhancements, employee hiring, promotions, transfers or terminations for programs under Manager oversight.
  5. Carry out major assignments as it relates to the operations of the department and provide consultation and expert advice to management.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (Career Pathway: Leadership/Management)


All Staff Competencies


  1. Basic understanding of Congreso’s mission, vision, values, programs and services, and business plan.
  2. Knowledge and understanding of the targeted community needs and demographics.
  3. Understanding of legal criteria for issues such as confidentiality, domestic abuse, child abuse, and mandated reporter requirements.
  4. Ability to provide nonviolent intervention with a high level of ethical standards of conduct, cultural sensitivity and within appropriate boundaries and limits.
  5. Ability to effectively use standard office equipment.
  6. Possesses strong interpersonal skills as demonstrated by compassionate, courteous, cordial, cooperative, and professional interaction with diverse groups of co-workers, external business partners, and the community.
  7. Ability to operate a computer and use a variety of common software programs including Microsoft Office, spreadsheets, UNIDAD, and customized databases.
  8. Adheres to all Congreso and departmental policies and procedures.
  9. Attends all Congreso in-services as required.
  10. Strong written and verbal communication skills and effectively communicate with individuals and groups.


Leadership/Management Competencies


  1. Ability to articulate, promote, and model the organizational mission, vision and programmatic goals, and strategic plan.
  2. Understanding of legal/political policies and issues, community resources, and benefits addressing targeted client needs as they affect Congreso services (e.g. TANF, poverty, immigrants).
  3. Understanding of and implement guidelines and policy for programs and the organization.
  4. Ability to effectively implement human resources policies, employee relations, staff supervision, staff development, staff evaluation, and management practices in accordance with Congreso policies.
  5. Ability to read and understand a budget – making appropriate financial decisions (including review of spending levels).
  6. Ability to evaluate data against business plan and communicate results while applying a sophisticated understanding of performance management and data driven performance reviews.
  7. Ability to demonstrate sustained leadership in moving clients towards targeted outcomes.
  8. Ability to effectively conduct one on one advocacy and/or educational presentations.
  9. Ability to manage, evaluates, and distributes the work of an individual or teams either programmatically or by function.
  10. Ability to monitor contract compliance.


Experience, Education, and Licensure

Minimum Experience: 1-2 years work experience providing quality assurance support to community based organizations.  2-3 years of supervisory experience. Knowledge of the Puerto Rican and Latino community of Philadelphia. Excellent oral and written communications skills.  Computer proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite required.  Bilingual (English/Spanish) preferred.


Minimum Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Psychology, Social Work, or related field.


Certification/License: NA



Congreso is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Congreso is strongly committed to providing equal employment opportunity for all employees and all applicants for employment. All employment decisions at Congreso are made without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, color, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, disability or military/veteran status, or any other protected class as set forth under applicable State, Local and Federal Civil Rights Laws.


About Congreso

Congreso is a multi-service nonprofit organization whose mission is to strengthen Latino communities through social, economic, education, and health services; leadership development and advocacy. Founded in Philadelphia in 1977, Congreso has grown into a national thought leader on nonprofit performance management with an expert focus on the Latino community. Congreso is anchored by its innovative Primary Client Model (PCM™), and provides direct services to residents of the Philadelphia region while providing consult to other nonprofits and government systems nationally.



Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree