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Volta Region


UNiTED Projects is looking for a young professional to join our team!

The Manager of UNiTED’s Health Education Projects is responsible for the design, implementation and evaluation of all projects and programs related to health education. In our health education we focus on various target audiences:

•       Our School Health Education is implemented in local primary (≈ age 4 – 12) and junior high schools (≈ age 12 – 15) partner schools. Occasionally we provide health education in senior high schools (≈ age 15 – 20) as well. Topics, lessons and materials are based on the needs, knowledge and age of the target audience. All lessons are provided once per year to each of our partner schools.

•       Maternal Health Education is provided in local, mostly remote, communities. A fully designed workshop with related materials is provided to all pregnant women in each village. During three separate meetings uncomplicated pregnancy, delivery and postnatal phases are discussed, together with essential preparation and alarm signals.

•       Community health education in public areas and events like the waiting area of a health care facility, a taxi station and annual sports events. During this public education we focus on the most common health concerns among the target audience. In response to disease outbreaks (e.g. cholera), information pamphlets are designed and distributed among the target group or area.



•     Make sure that your projects are implemented and evaluated according to plan in cooperation with the key stakeholders

•     Cooperate with local authorities to plan project implementation

•     Cooperate with local partners, volunteers and UNiTED colleagues in event organization

•     Oversee all daily activities related to the various projects and manage the project schedule

•     Implement projects according to existing plans

•     Evaluate project implementation on process, content and impact

•     Design project plans / proposals based on scientific research and / or best practice(s)

•     Report project progress and evaluation to Program Coordinator

•     Write quarterly, yearly and final project updates on progress, income, expenses, outcomes and impact

•     Coordinate and guide volunteers and interns that are assigned to the projects under your supervision

•     Solve project related problems and conflicts

•     Manage the oral and written project communication



•      BSc. in Health Science, BSc. in Nursing, or any related field

•      MSc. International Public Health, or any related field

•      At least one international internship experience

•      Must be pro-active, flexible, open-minded and self-reliant

•      Must have strong communication, administrative and organizational skills

•      Must be able to work in a team, but also independently

•     Must be culturally competent, able to research before you judge, to adjust your expectations to the local way of living, to have a focus and understanding for the strengths and weaknesses of local communities, to take small steps at a time and to make your messages understandable and effective for target audiences


Applying means that you are interested in cooperating with locals to promote and support community development. You easily adapt to new, unexpected and overwhelming situations. Applying for this vacancy also means that you are interested in learning from local community members, and in sharing your knowledge and skills with them. If you apply, you understand the importance of reviewing the various skills and perspectives needed for this position.


UNiTED has a young and dynamic team. You will work together with other international young professionals, with local partners and volunteers / interns form all over the world. You will work from Monday through Friday, working hours between 8:00 and 17:00. Though these are the regular working days, occasionally you will have to manage events during the weekend. As we find it very important that you get to know the country you work in, you will have a chance to discover the beauties of Ghana besides gaining invaluable work experience abroad. We will provide you with accommodation and three meals a day. You will have to provide for your own visa, travelers insurance, airplane ticket, and for your individual spending money once inside Ghana. Ideally you will start in September / October 2018 for a preferred period of one to three years.


How to apply

Please send your motivation letter and most current resume, both attached as word or PDF to your email, before March 31, 2018 to We will confirm receipt and you will be contacted by us before April 7, 2018. For more information please visit our website We look forward to hearing from you!

Professional Level

Entry level

Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

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