Program Director

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Full Time


Minimum: $53,000
Maximum: $58,000
Details: Salary depending on Experience



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1006 South 8th Street
United States


Employment Opportunity- Program Director

The Amala Foundation is seeking a program director to join our intentionally diverse team of professionals who are working together to make Austin a more safe, compassionate, and inclusive place to grow up. We need an organized and

collaborative thinker with deep knowledge of the local Austin education system, especially Austin ISD, to guide the next phase of our program evolution. People of color are strongly encouraged to apply.

What does Amala do?

During the school year, we facilitate sharing circles and experiential learning activities in schools and the community, focused on social-emotional wellness, authentic connection, and cross-cultural understanding. In the summer, we bring

together youth from diverse neighborhoods in Austin for Youth Summits, where they take the practices of mindfulness, deep listening, and community building to the next level through discussions about topics society often ignores.

What’s unique about Amala?

First, we work with all youth, not just disadvantaged youth or youth from a particular demographic. We believe that young people learning to listen with curiosity to people who are different from them is crucial to Austin overcoming the social ills that keep us from thriving equitably.

Second, our facilitators practice “leveling,” the attitude that we are all imperfect people trying to get through life’s ups and downs; instead of seeing young people as inferior humans in need of wisdom from adults who have it all figured out.

Finally, the majority of our funding comes from earned revenue from two businesses that we operate at our community center in South Austin. We are not heavily reliant on grants.

AND our team is small, gets along amazingly, and supports each other’s growth and well-being. We have a flexible culture that promotes self-management and integrity, and encourages team members to connect as humans, not just people with interlacing to-do lists.

What will the program director do?

  • Oversee all elements of our youth programs from design to delivery
  • Manage program staff and budgets
  • Build and expand partnerships with schools, nonprofits, the juvenile justice system, and funders
  • Oversee a contract from AISD’s SEL Department to produce and facilitate culturally responsive mindfulness retreats for teachers and families
  • Work with Amala’s clinical director to create a Youth Peer Support Specialist program/training
  • Work in tandem with the ED and Clinical Director to ensure programs design and development is in alignment with the mission and follows best practices
  • Think and act strategically with respect to developing and sustaining programs and community partnerships
  • Oversee the evaluation process for all programs
  • Work in tandem with Clinical Director for all facilitator training and placement

Is this position for you?

We are a highly functioning team because we are highly functioning individuals. To be successful in this role, you must be self-motivated, reliable, accountable, self-aware, and HIGHLY organized. If you can take a project from start to finish without being told what to do, this position may be for you.

You must be comfortable leading from behind and working at a computer more often than you are working with youth. You must be very familiar with Google Suite and Microsoft Office, and have a system for keeping up with lots of emails and meetings. You must be able to create and track a budget, manage others in a supportive manner, and respond to change on the spot. If you can roll with what is happening

in the moment without stressing out, this position may be for you.

You must have a passion for SEL (Social Emotional Learning), a commitment to becoming increasingly self-aware, an open and curious mind about people who are different from you, a natural urge to collaborate, and a willingness to bring your

whole self (but not give your whole life!) to the job. If sitting in silence and checking in for a few minutes before meetings sounds like a dream to you, this position may

be for you.

How much does it pay and when does it start?

Salary range is $53,000 to $58,000, depending on experience. Starts August 1.

How to Apply?

Email your resume to along with a cover letter explaining why you are qualified for the role. You will receive an email notifying you that your resume has been received. After that, all contact will be initiated by Amala. Please respect our hiring process and refrain from calling or sending additional emails. Application deadline is June 30. We look forward to connecting with you.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement