Middle School English Language School Teacher

Job Type

Full Time


Minimum: $14,000
Maximum: $16,000
Details: Salary will depend on experience and degree.




Km. 92.5 Santa Lucia, Cotzumaguapa
Santa Lucia, Cotzumaguapa



Our 2019 school year begins January 7th, 2019. Please send your resume as soon as possible to enable us to make our final decisions for this position.

We are a NEASC accredited US Nursery-12th grade school in Santa Lucia, Cotzumaguapa, Guatemala. We promote a bilingual, bi-cultural learning environment. We are one of two experimental schools in Guatemala and have the freedom to utilize cutting edge learning strategies and many promising practices have been implemented with success.

New ideas and techniques are welcomed. Teachers have the ability to use their personal creativity to adapt the curriculum to their style and be innovative with their teaching.

We are searching for professionals who have had some teaching experience and who are passionate about what they teach. While in Guatemala, teachers have the opportunity to improve their Spanish skills or learn Spanish as well as be exposed to a rich Mayan culture.

Our learning environment includes a fresh and open type environment, surrounded with beautiful trees and flowers. Students have the advantage of nature and the outdoors at their classroom doorsteps!

The technology department is invested in creating a high tech school environment. We have overhead projectors in each classroom as well as wi-fi across campus. There are two mobile computer and IPAD units for Early Childhood and Primary levels. Middle and High school are involved with the one-to-one program and also have the use of one lab with IMACS and one lab for using personal pads or computers. We have embarked on integrating technology within the academic classes and strive to improve in this area. Tech support is school-wide and you can improve on your tech skills by being mentored by one of the tech specialists any time there is a need. We are working on purchasing a 3-D printer to enhance our teaching strategies. The tech team is also managing a fully equipped radio station that functions as a school-wide media outlet. 

We are very committed to community outreach and are involved with community public schools to provide academic support. Our 11th grade students provide a weekly English class for these schools which enable both groups of students to learn from each other. One of the community schools is located right next to the community garbage dump.

If you have any interest in teaching abroad please contact me. I am absolutely sure that you would be very fulfilled and enriched both professionally and personally after having taught in our learning environment. We are looking for a teacher for the Middle School level. Starting date is January 7th, 2019. (Our school year runs from January 7th thru November 8th.)


Free Housing/Van to and from school.

$1000 travel expense/$1000 bonus at the end of full year contract.

$1000 if contract resigned for another year.

Visa processed and paid for full year contract commitment. ($800)

Local insurance provided if full year contract is signed.

Opportunity to learn Spanish or improve current Spanish skills.

One week vacation at Easter.

Two week vacation mid-year (July)

Opportunity to immerse in a unique culture and become a prepared global citizen.

Level of Language Proficiency

Native English Speaker required.

No Spanish required.


kserverianwilmeth@gmail.com or kwilmeth@cas.edu.gt

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply


Contact kwilmeth@cas.edu.gt or kserverianwilmeth@cas.edu.gt