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Operations Manager

Remote, Work must be performed anywhere in United States


Job Type:Full Time
Application Deadline:July 31, 2024
Salary:USD $61,000 - $83,000 / year



The Pahara Institute’s mission is to strengthen and sustain values-driven leaders who are transforming public education so that every child is prepared to lead a free and fulfilling life. We support exceptional, innovative leaders in the non-profit schools sector who are committed to equity and access to excellent public schools for our children. We focus on a diverse set of leaders, with a specific priority on representation and inclusion of leaders who share life experiences with our most marginalized and underserved student populations. Our work is guided by the following core values:

  • Wholeness: We bring our whole selves. We are authentic and vulnerable.
  • Transformative Love: We create belonging. We build inclusive and deeply connected communities across many lines of difference.  
  • Exceptional Quality: We deliver excellence without compromising our integrity or humanity.
  • Continuous Learning: We learn, grow, adapt, and change. We get better.  
  • Liberation: We find new ways to ensure that everyone can live a free and meaningful life.


  • The Operations Manager will develop, implement, and monitor systems, policies, and project plans that build organizational culture and support our team members throughout the talent lifecycle, while ensuring alignment with the Pahara Way as we scale.
  • The Operations Manager will work across the organization to identify opportunities for meaningful co-creation, making sure projects are completed effectively as we attract and retain the right team members. They will refine the systems our team uses to access the resources they need, and they will share insight as our team develops rituals of connection and ways of being.

Sample goals for this role:

  • Streamline internal processes so that 90% of Pahara’s team members report that they know how to access the information and resources they need to thrive in their roles.
  • Build internal systems and procedures that facilitate consistency in team meetings, rituals, and communications so 90% of our team members report that they can feel strong connective tissue tying together all components of our culture. 
  • Manage implementation of project plans so the Senior Vice President and the Director of Talent and People Development have 50% more capacity to cultivate and realize a comprehensive vision and forward-thinking strategies around management of the talent lifecycle, while continuously refining the framework for the Pahara Way. 

High-level summary of work areas and responsibilities: 

  • Developing best-practices informed experiences, structures, and tools that consistently support team members at every stage of the talent lifecycle (40%)
  • Creating and developing templates for foundational documents; developing and implementing processes, procedures, policies, and systems needed for the organization to run effectively, while providing feedback for continuous improvement; this includes executing the process to maintain and distribute Pahara’s Handbook
  • Managing Pahara’s internal operations by creating project plans; writing internal communications; tracking use of resources, including time and funds; processing reimbursements; and maintaining the team-wide calendar 
  • Systematizing effective practices related to recruitment, hiring, onboarding, maintenance of the talent pipeline, professional development, the evaluation cycle, team member relationships and engagement, and offboarding 
  • HR administration and operations (40%)
  • Helping colleagues with HR-related needs, liaising with our 3rd-party HR administrator, and routinely supporting administration of HR functions, including payroll, benefits and compensation, and time away from work
  • Working with external entities to ensure compliance with federal and state laws and regulations, as well as other requirements related to HR operations, such as managerial training videos and mandatory posting laws
  • Working with external stakeholders to ensure Pahara’s systems, licenses, certificates, and policies safeguard the organization's assets, reputation, and brand
  • Working with the Senior Vice President of Finance to co-create new procedures and workflows, update contract templates, monitor the vendor billing process, and improve current systems
  • Managing data and tech operations by maintaining up-to-date records, keeping track of internal and external documents, and maintaining a database of passwords and systems admins
  • Maintaining up-to-date insurance certificates and other documents related to organizational infrastructure
  • Serving as a central source of information so team members have equitable access to the resources they need to feel supported, valued, and informed
  • Providing support for organizational leaders, ensuring they have the systems and resources they need to consistently manage their teams
  • Stewardship of Pahara’s organizational culture (20%)
  • Contributing to initiatives that enable our team members to advance the organization’s mission
  • Carrying out plans that realize the Talent & HR Team’s vision for an equitable and inclusive culture, including  organizing team wide events, facilitating practices that create a culture of belonging, planning the office retreat, and identifying opportunities for co-creation
  • Gathering and synthesizing insight from team members, sharing learnings to inform the Pahara Way


We are looking for someone who can demonstrate skills and abilities that reflect the following statements:

  • You LOVE human resources and people operations. You enjoy solving problems, addressing concerns, and taking on challenges, looking at them as puzzle pieces. Your expertise shows up in your ability to quickly and effectively gather information, weigh what’s happening and what’s at stake, and make decisions about HR. You document policies, outline processes, ensure compliance and integrity, and strategically incorporate learning into revised processes. You are agile and can adapt policies that work for diverse team members in Pahara’s unique context. You are familiar with the systems we use, including Asana, Zoom, Google Suite, and Slack. 
  • You see the big picture and hold the small details at the same time. Attention to detail is one of your love languages. You balance current needs with planned organizational growth. You appreciate complexity and work through it to simplify big ideas. You are resourceful and motivated, and you demonstrate exemplary professional behavior. Your approach to work demonstrates deep curiosity and ability to follow through. You learn quickly, you are flexible, and you take ownership of your work. You have a proven ability to work independently in a virtual environment. You work well with external service providers. You are always looking for ways to continue refining processes as the organization grows and adds new programs.
  • You are committed to impacting and changing the educational ecosystem. You understand how schools and school systems work. You understand the complexity that school-based educators are leading through every day. You genuinely believe that, as a result of Pahara’s transformative programming, diverse, high-integrity leaders can redefine public education. And you do this work so every child in America has access to excellent educational opportunities in public schools.   
  • You are constantly looking for new ways to ensure that everyone can lead a free and meaningful life. You are excited to help team members thrive in their roles while doing work that is aligned to their personal development plan and Pahara’s legacy. You prioritize equity at every level of the work you do. You have a strong analysis lens related to DEI that supports action in the systems you manage. Your work helps our team define liberation, with space for individual perspectives and context. You foster inclusiveness and belonging in virtual and in-person environments. 


  • Who:  The Operations Manager reports to a Senior Member of the Leadership Team.
  • Where: We are a virtual organization by design so our team can work where they have built their lives. Lone Rock, our campus in the Denver area, serves as a hub for our work and as the main location for all in-person events. Candidates who live outside the Denver area will periodically have overnight travel to Lone Rock.
  • How: All phases of the interview process are virtual. 
  • When: Please submit your written application materials by July 31, 2024. The hiring process for this role will follow the timeline below:
  • Early August: Candidates will be selected to participate in a first interview.
  • Mid August: First interviews will take place.
  • Late August: Finalists will participate in a final interview/hiring exercise presentation with additional members of the Pahara Team. Pahara will ask selected finalists to provide three references.
  • Early September:  Offer extended
  • Fall 2024:  Start date
  • How Much: Pahara provides competitive compensation and an attractive benefits package, including full health care coverage and access to a 401(k) account with a matching contribution policy. The expected salary range for this position is $61,000.00 to $83,000.00.


To submit your application, and to learn more about Pahara, click here.


Pahara is committed to non-discrimination and to providing equal opportunity. It is our policy to ensure that all individuals with whom we are in contact are treated equally without regard to age (40+), color, mental or physical disability, gender, marital status, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, expression, gender identity, military or veteran status, or other legally protected classifications.


The Pahara Institute’s mission is to strengthen and sustain values-driven leaders who are transforming public education so that every child is prepared to lead a free and fulfilling life. We support exceptional…


Work must be performed anywhere in United States
Associated Location
64797 US Hwy 285, Bailey, CO 80421, USA

How to Apply

To submit your application, and to learn more about Pahara, click here.

To submit your application, and to learn more about Pahara, click here.

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