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Position Summary

The Home Visitor Teacher is responsible for enhancing the home environment and parenting functioning for the physical and mental well-being of pregnant women, infants, and toddlers enrolled in the Alexandria Early Head Start (AEHS) Program. This position is also responsible for scheduling, planning, and providing all direct services to pregnant women and families with children from birth to age three years, in accordance with the EHS Performance Standards and in line with the AEHS Program Plan for the operation of the AEHS Home Based Program. This position works with individual families in their home and during socialization activities.

Primary Responsibilities

Supervision, Health, & Safety of Children

• Maintains and follows all safety and health rules for home visits, following state, federal and Head Start's health and safety guidelines

• Completes appropriate health and safety paperwork

• Keeps materials safe and clean

• Documents and reports suspected child abuse within 24 hours to Child Protective Services

• Administers emergency First Aid when necessary or as required

• Conducts appropriate health screening for children.

Child Interactions

• Incorporates all Early Head Start service areas to meet the individual needs of the child (ren) and the family

• Develops Individual Education Plan (IEP) for each child for the program year

• Develops, jointly with the families, weekly activities related to child development and health education

• Assures that a variety of developmentally-appropriate activities are utilized during home visits and during socializations

• Implements the approved infant/toddler curriculum for both in-home and socialization activities for parents and the child

• Interacts with children frequently, affectionately, and respectfully at the child's level

• Is available and responsive to children's needs, questions, and requests

• Acknowledges feelings with sensitivity and models appropriate social behavior

• Fosters children’s positive self-concept by supporting individuality, independence, and ability to make choices

• Provides anti-bias, non-sexist language images and experiences.

Family Interactions

• Works with families to develop parent-child interaction and child development concepts

• Provides materials and activities for ongoing work with families

• Strengthens the parent-child relationship through improving parenting skills

• Establishes a trusting relationship with at-risk families by initiating and maintaining regular family contact

• Conducts family home visits at the beginning of each school year to determine family needs through the Family Assessment

• Works with each family to complete a Family Partnership Agreement

• Helps families set goals based on their needs and strengths

• Serves as a resource and referral person for families

• Monitors families to ensure follow-through with resources and referrals

• Conducts follow-up home visits as needed

• Works collaboratively with other agencies to meet the needs of families in the program

• Distribute community resource information to families and staff

• Makes referrals to other agencies

• Arranges for families to be transported to and from appointments as needed

• Provides transportation to families as a last resort

• Helps families arrange for medical and dental appointments when necessary.

File Maintenance

• Maintains files as required by licensing and Head Start Performance Standards

• Maintains confidential family records

• Maintain accurate files of community resources and services available to families • Maintain accurate records of home visits and referrals

• Complete all required reports by target date, ensuring that such information is accurate and reliable

• Maintains all records of children's physical development including height, weight, and head circumference.

Maintaining Head Start Performance Standards

• Schedules and conducts transition activities, beginning six (6) months prior to child's third birthday

• Completes the required number of home visits and socializations per program year

• Administers assessment instrument to assess the child's developmental level.

Professionalism & Teamwork

• Projects a positive attitude at all times when interacting with children, families, and staff

• Communicates directly to resolve conflicts and avoid gossip

• Establishes and maintains a relationship of cooperation and respect with co-workers and management through active participation, communication, and collaboration

• Reports to work on time, maintaining consistent attendance, adhering to staffing schedules, and demonstrating flexibility to adjust work schedule as needed

• Attends staff meetings, trainings, and other site events

• Demonstrates flexibility and openness to new ideas and professional growth

• Informs the supervisor of any potential concerns in a timely manner

• Holds co-workers accountable for professionalism and job performance.

Physical Demands

• Able to bend, stoop, and kneel in daily interactions with children

• Frequently lifts moves or holds children up to 40 lbs

• Demonstrates ability to fully participate in all activities including supervision and interaction with children outdoors for extended periods

• Responds immediately and appropriately to multiple or unexpected situations or emergencies

• Maintains mental and physical alertness and an appropriate level of energy.

Required Qualifications

• A minimum of an Associate’s Degree with no less than one (1) year of consecutive related experience

• Must be willing to pursue classes in Early Childhood Education, as required by the program

• Must be proficient in verbal and written communications skills

• Ability to communicate effectively with staff at all levels and people with various cultural and socio-economical backgrounds

• Must be willing to participate in cross-cultural training to work with families in need of various forms of assistance

• Must possess valid driver's license.

Preferred Qualifications

• BA or BS in Social Work or Early Childhood Education

• Background in early childhood development or social work

• Head Start parents will be considered. 


Benefits include generous medical, dental and vision plans. The Campagna Center pays Life Insurance premiums for Employee, Spouse and Children. We also offer a 403 (b) retirement savings plan.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

2-year degree

How To Apply



Please send resume and cover letter to hrservices@campagnacenter.org