Youth Leading Change Mobilization Specialist

Job Type

Full Time


Minimum: $15
Maximum: $17




622 Tacoma Ave S, Suite 1
United States



1.    Provides leadership and direction

a.    Support and articulate the mission, vision and primary strategies

b.    Contribute to a work environment that facilitates teamwork, good communication and accountability.

c.     Contribute to an environment that facilitates the achievement of youth leadership development.

d.    Contribute to the establishment of, and assure adherence to policies and procedures of the organization.

e.    Be an effective member of the Youth Leading Change team. Use effective communication and teamwork skills to work collaboratively to accomplish the mission of the organization.

Strategic Planning

1.    Ensure the development and implementation of the Strategic Plan components related to Youth Mobilization.

a.    Contribute to the strategic planning process

b.    Ensure quality development of the Youth Mobilization component of the strategic plan

c.     Ensure implementation of Youth Mobilization component of the strategic plan.

2.    Ensure Quality Improvement

Specific Job Responsibilities

Ø Organize youth groups in area high schools and community-based groups. Build awareness and educate youth and community members on conditions and trends that threaten the safety of their community. Help Youth Leading Change chapters to develop, plan and coordinate projects that will improve their school/community. Activities may include:

-       Plan, advertise and facilitate youth chapters. 

-       Help the youth chapters to keep current on issues that threaten community safety and any efforts forming or in place to address those threats. 

-       Guide youth chapters in developing and carrying-out strategies and work plans to resolve and prevent threatening conditions in their community. 

-       Build and maintain an organizational structure that facilitates effective communication and action among youth chapters and Safe Streets. 

-       Youth Leading Change Chapter activities may include:

·      High School awareness weeks

·      Community service projects

·      Civic Engagement projects

·      Asset Mapping projects

Ø Recruit and support Youth Leading Change members (YLC). Activities may include: 

-       Distribute information about and publicize YLC at local high schools and community. 

-       Identify and attend key events or places in the high schools and community that attract and gather youth. 

-       Teach tools and skills that can help youth develop leadership skills. Examples of skills include self-awareness, social awareness, building positive relationships, and making ethical decisions.

-       Build YLC members skills, as appropriate, to become Core Youth Leaders (CYL)

-       Further develop identified Core Youth Leaders, as appropriate, to become Advocates and Advisors.

Ø Provide ongoing leadership training to CYL members and Advocates/Advisors.

-       Provide monthly training on conflict resolution, communicating across cultural barriers, group facilitation, team building and self-assessment tools.

-       Provide additional skills in civic engagement that involves training youth in taking an active role in partnership with adults in local government policy issues, education reform, gang and youth violence, and mobilizing disorganized neighborhoods to change unhealthy community standards

Ø Build relationships with and coordination among high schools, human service providers, schools, faith-based organizations, civic organizations, local businesses, various government, private and non-profit entities and neighbors. Activities to build relationships may include:

-       Organize meetings to introduce and establish communication among neighbors and agency representatives.

-       Meet regularly with agency representatives to discuss issues and activities of mutual interest.  

-       Be familiar with and participate regularly with groups in the neighborhood working to improve community safety.

-       Train youth to make presentations to educate peers and community members on trends.   

-       Plan meetings to help peers and community members build partnerships with resources. 


Partnership Development

1.    Support Collaborative Partnerships

a.    Support alliances that will ensure the achievement of strategic objectives.

b.    Support collaborative partnerships to ensure the achievement of strategic objectives

c.     Support positive relationships with partners and allies in the community to as to achieve a positive image of the Campaign.


1.    Increase and expand own skills in technology and information management systems.

2.    Maintain and back up all files and e-mails on your PC unit on a regular basis, ensuring a healthy unit that operates efficiently.

Additional Responsibilities:

Ø Maintain accurate files on current activities of each youth school chapter. 

Ø Complete, in a timely manner, progress reports, activity reports, time sheets and other reports that may be necessary. 

Ø Other related duties as assigned.


Internal: Maintains close, daily contact with Campaign staff to interpret and explain the organizational mission, program objectives and standards, discuss issues and provide/receive information. 

External: Maintains contact with external school and community groups.

Skills/Knowledge Required:

ü Bachelor’s degree in youth development from an accredited college or university or previous work experience in youth development.

ü Knowledge of and ability to use Facebook and Twitter (Social Media)

ü Effective oral and written communication skills

ü Ability and desire to relate to and effectively communicate with a variety of audiences, personalities and perspectives 

ü Demonstrated skills in conflict resolution and teamwork

ü Ability to motivate youth and community members in a positive and productive manner

ü Experience in facilitating meetings and discussions

ü Knowledge of and ability to access existing community resources and services

ü Experience in community involvement, advocacy and/or activism

ü Second language preferred


Medical, Dental, 401(k), vision, STD/Life insurance

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

Application Procedure:

Submit your current resume and a letter of interest to


Submit a Safe Streets’ employment application (available online at or call to request it), current resume, and letter of interest to: Human Resources Manager Phone: 253-272-6824 Safe Streets Campaign 622 Tacoma Avenue South 1st floor