Learning Facilitator (Teacher)- Founding Team Member

Job Type

Full Time


Minimum: $40,000.00
Maximum: $68,000.00
Details: Salary commensurate with experience and qualifications, but realistic of startup community.



Start Date:


Application Deadline:



District of Columbia
United States


Capitol Learning Academy seek a passionate educator who wants to be part of a founding team dedicated to creating a learning environment that best prepares students for an unpredictable future. The Learning Facilitator will ensure that academic, emotional, and behavioral progress is being made by all students, build strong relationships with CLA families and the surrounding community, prioritize personal and professional development for themselves, and further the mission and vision of Capitol Learning Academy. The Learning Facilitator will work with the first cohort of students admitted to Capitol Learning Academy, ranging in ages from 6 to 9 years old.

Reports to:

Director, for quarterly informal reviews and annual formal review.

School Year Responsibilities:

(Estimated hours dedicated to each; subject to change depending on week/time of year)

Systems Development (~5-8 hours/week)

  • Assist in the development of the curriculum, schools policies, systems and structures.
  • Take initiative to discover, create or suggest new methods, resources or other ideas that will help CLA to realize its mission and vision.

Instructional Planning, Delivery, and Analysis (~24-30 hours/week)

  • Develop and implement instructional methods, structures and decision-making processes that support CLA’s mission, vision, and values.
  • Deliver the school’s academic program and ensure that it remains in line with mission and vision of CLA.
  • Continually assess and improve consistency, continuity, and quality of instructional methods and materials.
  • Create and maintain a collection and analysis of multiple sources of data to evaluate student progress and continually improve learning and engagement among all students at CLA.
  • Create and maintain system of digital portfolios for students to show progress and project completion for duration at CLA.
  • Maintain timely and detailed reporting of student progress and attendance, for families and the Office of the State Superintendent (OSSE).

CLA Culture and Community Engagement (~2-4 hours/week)

  • Contribute to a healthy, trusting, and supportive collaborative school culture.
  • Maintain and regularly update communication portal for parents/families.
  • Build strong relationships with families and the Washington, DC community.
  • Collaborate as possible with the larger educational and professional community in Washington, DC.
  • Support school growth with participation in local and school-sponsored events, open houses and parent meetings.
  • Maintain confidentiality in regards to students, their families and colleagues.

Special Projects (~3-5 hours/week)

  • Plan, coordinate, and execute field trips on a regular basis, in line with monthly topics for SOLEs and community connections.

Growth and Development (~1-8 hours/week)

  • Attend professional development as offered and/or required by CLA.

Capitol Learning Academy will offer a comparable salary and benefits package to similar early-stage school endeavors in the Northeastern United States. Individual salaries will be calculated based on this comparison, commensurate with years of experience and degrees held.


Ideal candidates may have:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Elementary-level Teaching degree or certificate.
  • Elementary teaching experience.
  • Evidence of self-motivation and willingness to work in a team/ be a team player.
  • Experience working with a team around a progressive, nontraditional vision.
  • Experience working with diverse communities.
  • Experience with or current knowledge of inquiry, project-based, or other experiential learning models.
  • Understanding of curriculum design, implementation, and evaluation. Experience with strategic planning and implementation.
  • Demonstrated commitment to the belief that all children can and want to learn, academically and socially.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and ability/desire to work in a fast-paced, organized, but sometimes unpredictable start-up environment.
  • Enthusiasm, flexibility, organizational skills, and a sense of humor.
  • Technological proficiency and comfort with exploring new/unknown hardware/software as it comes on the market.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Current and valid background check.
  • A strong desire to play a major role in building a high-performing start-up school in Washington, DC.


Healthcare benefit provided, retirement fund contributions, professional development budget.

Level of Language Proficiency

English fluency required.

Additional languages are a bonus!

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply



Capitol Learning Academy is a new private school that plans to open in Southeast Washington, DC in Fall 2018. We are dedicated to problem-based learning with students growing along their own continuums of academic and social skills, gaining relevant skills to prepare them for whatever jobs and technology they may encounter in their futures. We are committed to a socioeconomically diverse student body and learning community.

Capitol Learning Academy is seeking a passionate, entrepreneurial, highly motivated Learning Facilitator to become a part of our founding team, dedicated to providing a future-focused education to students in Washington, DC. This position is for the 2018-19 Academic year, with a possibility of earlier part or full-time work in preparation for launch.

To apply, please visit: www.capitollearningacademy.org/employment