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The International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC) is a worldwide network of people living with HIV and community advocates working to achieve universal access to optimal HIV treatment of those in need. Formed in 2003 by a group of 125 HIV activists from 65 countries at a meeting in Cape Town, South Africa, ITPC actively advocates for treatment access in eight regions across the globe. ITPC believes that the fight for HIV treatment remains one of the most significant global social justice issues.

ITPC wishes to engage a consultant for the re-design and development of our global website: 

The Deliverable: The ITPC Website

ITPC’s website ( is our main communication platform for showcasing our work and engaging relevant audiences. It provides an overview of who we are, shares information and news about the work we do, profiles our main campaigns, and provides resources and ways to get involved in global initiatives.

This year, ITPC launched a new Strategic Plan for 2018-2020. We want the website to have a fresh, updated look that matches the new Strategic Plan and a new structure that reflects this our new organizational direction. This includes:

  • Updating look/color scheme/branding elements that match that in our Strategic Plan 2018-2020;
  • Updated site map and/or navigation menus to reflect new organizational priorities and programs;
  • Addition of new and/or refined features to improve UI/UX and enhance functionality.
  • Maintaining/preserving relevant content (i.e. blog posts, news, commentaries, resources)

Our main priorities for the website are:

  • To increase traffic to the website (number of visits to website, new and returning visitors, and where visitors are from);
  • To encourage people to sign up to our newsletter/ listserv (we can plot this separately if google analytics can’t pick up);
  • To download our resources, especially the Annual Report and the ACT Toolkit (number of downloads, and where people downloading are from).
  • To increase follow through to the two campaign websites (number of people clicking through to campaign websites).

Visual design

A logo and brand guidelines will be supplied. We would like an accessible, easy to use (intuitive), clean look. Examples of other websites we admire:

Current design/UX/UI issues that we would like addressed in the redesign, include: outdated site color scheme, collapse of top navigation menu, and what is visible ‘above the fold’ on the homepage/critical landing pages.



Ideally, the website needs to support the following features:


Content Management System (CMS) & Page Builder Plug-in

ITPC currently uses and would like to continue using WordPress as its CMS. 

Within WordPress, we currently use a page builder plug-in called “Visual Page Builder” that allows us to create and design pages more easily. Moving forward, we would like change to a new (more intuitive) page builder plug-in, such as Elementor

Sub-Navigation on Pages

Ability to have secondary navigation menus within main pages.


  • Currently, the ITPC language is available only in English.
  • We would like main sections of the website to be available in additional languages (Spanish, French). For reference, visit ITPC’s Make Medicines Affordable website ( which was developed for translation into 5 different languages – we are looking for this type of functionality. NB. We are open to using Google Translate if there is a facility to improve translations before publishing certain key pages.
  • There will be 1-2 website editors. They will need to be able to create both original pages and translations of pages. They also need to upload photos and documents to the website. There may also be other contributors, and the content uploaded by these people needs to be reviewed and approved by the relevant editor. The website software should generate an e-mail alert for editors when content is submitted for approval by a contributor. 

Link to MailChimp

There should be a newsletter ‘sign up’ function, linking to third party newsletter software (i.e. MailChimp). The newsletter sign up box should appear on every page, including the homepage.


Currently, visitors to specific pages (like the blog) are able to make comments and an e-mail notification should be sent to the relevant moderator when a comment is submitted for approval. We are interested in additional/new plug-ins that help moderate/filter out spam (which we currently receive a lot of).

News and blog posts

We are happy with the way the current website creates posts (e.g. Latest news, Blog, Commentaries). Posts appear in date order with the ability to archive news items by year and using categorization/tags/keywords. The latest posts appear automatically on the home page.

Calls to action

We’d like the ability to add pop-up notifications or top-bar notifications to better highlight ‘calls to action’ or special announcement. These will typically consist of a short text announcement together with a link, sometime accompanied by image(s).


The website currently has a ‘Resources’ pages that allows users to filter resources by categories (type, language, topic, etc.). We’d like to maintain this feature but also welcome suggestions for improving how the way resources are archived or presented on the page (to improve UI/UX).


The website should include a free-text search facility. Ideally, the free-text search facility should be capable of searching the content of files such as Word and PDF documents, rather than just web page titles and content.

Website Analytics

The website needs to record website visitor statistics using Google Analytics.

Social media

The website will need to include linkages to ITPC’s Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube channels. The website should enable website visitors to share favorite pages/sections/content on the site with others (i.e. by e‐mail, Twitter, Facebook). Shared links on Facebook/Twitter should automatically generate thumbnails, titles, and a brief description.

Hosting and maintenance

The domain and hosting for the website is already secured via GoDaddy.


The website ideally should meet the WCAG 2.0 AA standard.


Currently, the ITPC website contains a large number of pages. It has the capacity for videos, photos, and PDF documents. Video and audio are generally hosted on third-party sites (i.e. YouTube) and embedded in the site.

In the re-design and development of the new website, some of the existing pages of the current website will no longer be relevant and new pages will need to be added. For pages and content that remain relevant, it is critical for us to maintain and preserve existing content – i.e. key pages, blog posts, latest news, resources).

The consultant should advise the best way to preserve or copy/migrate existing content that is to be maintained.


The provisional draft structure/ site map is below. Details to be confirmed.


  • Introductory text and banner (scrolling banner should be easily updateable)
  • Latest news / blog posts: Spotlights from most recent articles/stories published in each sections
  • Links to issues/“Our Work” pages, via map or pictures (optional)
  • Social media feed highlights
  • Newsletter sign up
  • Latest video (if applicable)


- About

  • Who We Are (Mission/Vision) + What We Do
  • How We Work (Global Activist Network)
  • Our Team

- Our Work

  •  Treatment Education & Demand Creation (Treat People Right)
  • RVLT
  • PrEP
  • Differentiated Service Delivery (DSD)
  • Intellectual Property & Access to Medicines (Make Medicines Affordable)
  • CABs
  •  Community-Based Monitoring (Watch What Matters)
  • CTOs
  • MTT
  • Global Treatment Survey
  •  Activist Development Programme

- Our Campaigns

  • Know Your Viral Load
  • Make Medicines Affordable
  • Watch What Matters

- News – Landing page with latest blogs/news. Box with contact details for media

  • Blog
  • Latest News
  • Press
  • Commentaries

- Resources

Please review the attached document for a visual illustration.


The company/consultant should describe arrangements for providing training to members of the project team. The company should also provide details of the user documentation that will be provided with the software.


The available budget range is US$20,000-25,000.

Please note that the client is based in Botswana, where foreign companies/consultants are subject to a standard withholding tax (˜10-15%). It is the responsibility of the supplier and their accountants to check the implications of this before accepting the work. Some countries (e.g. South Africa and the United Kingdom) have double taxation agreement where companies/consultants can reclaim the withheld taxes at the end of the fiscal year). ITPC can discuss this further with the successful company/consultant.


The live website needs to be launched by January 9, 2018. Ideally, this will include full functionality in all languages – but please specify what is feasible within the timeframe in your proposal. We are open to rolling out development in stages, if needed.

Upon completion of this initial launch, ITPC and the company/consultant can discuss continued work for website maintenance and/or expansion. 

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

The International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC) wishes to engage a consultant for the re-design and development of our global website: 

Website companies are invited to tender for the work described above.

If you are interested in this work please submit a tender including the following:

  • A brief description about how you would approach this website brief;
  • A link to your own website;
  • Links to between two and three relevant websites that you have designed;
  • Three references;
  • A budget.

Deadline for Tenders

Please submit your tender document to Trisa Taro, Program Impact Manager, by Thursday, October 18, 2018 at 11:59PM EST.

Include in the subject line “Website Proposal – ITPC - Your Company Name”

A panel will review the tenders and award the contract or request online interviews in the week commencing October 22, 2018.


Please send queries about this brief to Trisa Taro