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Dakar, Senegal


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March 5, 2021

Post Title: PROGRAM OFFICER, Equitable Development

Reports to: Programs Director & Executive Director

Location: Any City in Africa

Direct Reports: Program Associates – Equitable Development

Key Internal Stakeholders: Management Team, Program Managers, Program Officers, Communications and Advocacy Officer, Knowledge Management, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Key External Stakeholders: Funding Partners, Grantees, Civil Society Stakeholders, Regional Organizations, Governments and Representatives. 


TrustAfrica is an African led pan African foundation headquartered in Dakar, Senegal. It began in 2006 with the conviction that Africans must set the agenda for tackling our continent’s most pressing challenges. We are an independent philanthropy rooted on the continent, and this is central to what we do and also how we do it. Our Mission is to promote responsible citizenship and accountable leadership in addressing Africa’s most pressing challenges. We are looking for a knowledgeable, experienced and committed man/woman who is willing to join our programs team.  


The Program Officer position under the Equitable Development program is responsible for the planning, management and implementation of assigned specific projects/programs in the Equitable Development program area, with the key aim of implementing initiatives that will tackle and resolve socio-economic injustices across the continent. Initiatives in this portfolio will aim at mobilizing citizens, organized civil society and governments in constructive dialogue and solutions on socio-economic issues including sustainable utilization of natural resources, domestic resource mobilization, agriculture advocacy, economic justice, social service delivery, supporting Medium, Small and Micro Enterprises (MSMEs), promoting processes and innovation of inclusion (youth, women, rural communities etc.) in socio-economic development processes. S/he will be required to identify key partners, and play a strong role in building networks amongst TrustAfrica’s partners and convene dialogues and debate to challenge orthodoxies in economic thinking, as part of TrustAfrica’s overall mandate.

Strategic Portfolio Management 

  • Generate and share knowledge on the socio-economic justice context in Africa, past, current and future interventions, and exercise strong thought leadership on relevant issues.
  • Help identify key, strategic opportunities and contribute to designing programs that are well aligned with TrustAfrica’s equitable development and socio-economic justice goals.
  • Support the institution’s engagement with key stakeholders including funding partners, civil society actors and citizens in constructive, collaborative dialogue and initiatives with equitable development and socio-economic justice goals and outcomes.


Economic Growth & Domestic Resource Mobilization (DRM)

  • Support initiatives that enhance MSMEs’ contribution to inclusive and broad-based growth in Africa and leveraging opportunities offered by innovative financial products such as mobile money.
  • Support initiatives to improve taxation and enhance DRM, working with multiple stakeholders to plug institutional and other loopholes that enable illicit financial flows, away from the development agenda.
  • Enhance platforms to promote intra-African trade and local content frameworks that enhance the participation of SMEs in lucrative value chains.

Gender Inclusiveness

  • Integrate women and youth initiatives into TrustAfrica’s equitable development programs.
  • Work with other stakeholders to address gender disparities across multiple domains including public leadership and political participation.
  • Monitor socio-economic reforms on the continent; analyze impact on the continent and on the equitable development projects at TrustAfrica.
  • Contribute to partnership building to jointly advocate for gender equality in leadership, politics and economic development.

Natural Resource Management

  • Work with relevant bodies to create a common position on extraction of natural resources.
  • Develop comprehensive systems for natural resource governance.
  • Build comprehensive resource endowment knowledge across the entire natural resources spectrum to enhance effective planning and policymaking.
  • Prioritize programs aimed at sustainable extraction and utilization of natural resources, the use of data, and the engagement of citizens’ voices in effective planning and policymaking.
  • Aim at improving regional and national processes for optimal utilization of natural resource rents, and development of solutions to curb illicit financial flows.

Agricultural Development

  • Actively participate in policy analysis and improving local participation in agriculture value chains.
  • Proactively work towards influencing national agricultural policies.
  • Bridge the gap between the ideal and imagined plans on improving local participation in agriculture value chains, to the current and existing agriculture initiative.

Knowledge Sharing

  • Actively engage in research and collaborative knowledge-sharing efforts to inform and support the work done by the program unit.
  • Engage in knowledge-sharing activities with diverse audiences to make them active participants in policy discussions.
  • Focus on key activities that will enhance citizenship and citizen participation.
  • Identify key opportunities and work with the programs team to design relevant programs/ interventions.
  • Identify key opportunities for the promotion of TrustAfrica’s equitable development and socio-economic justice ideals.

Program Impact

  • Maintain regular contact with relevant stakeholders in program implementation and share updates with the TrustAfrica team, including site visit reports.
  • Stay updated with developments in the sector throughout the region and attend to strategic, value adding meetings of relevant organizations to keep abreast with issues, concerns and needs.
  • Continuously measure the impact of programs against objectives set and make recommendations for continuous improvemen.

Fundraising and Program Sustainability

  • Researching and approaching trusts, government agencies and other bodies that could potentially make grants to TrustAfrica.
  • Identify fundraising strategies that will benefit or ensure the continuity of TrustAfrica’s programs.

Donor Management

  • Contribute to developing relationships with major donors, identifying new potential major donors and nurturing relationships for TrustAfrica.
  • Contribute to developing different strategies to convert major donor prospects to be part of TrustAfrica donors.
  • Contribute to written and in person reporting and updates to donors and encourage open channels of communication to enable donors provide feedback.
  • Provide internal stakeholders with all relevant information about major donors.
  • Work with the Grants and Compliance manager to manage the grant application process and ensuring that reporting is tracked and meets donors' expectations.

Communication and Advocacy

  • Contribute to identifying key opportunities for the promotion of TrustAfrica’s equitable development and socio-economic justice ideals.
  • Liaise with relevant staff members of TrustAfrica to promote coordination and synergy across the organization and its grantees.
  • Work with the Communications and Advocacy Officer and Partnerships Director to package and disseminate program information to relevant stakeholders.

Work Environment and Staff Development

  • Contribute to synergy within the equitable development program portfolio at TrustAfrica.
  • Contribute to creating a a healthy office environment conducive for program staff growth, wellbeing, teamwork and productivity.
  • Demonstrate the organizational values in the performance of tasks.
  • Pursue continuous learning and professional development opportunities to ensure continuous growth and consistent standards of excellence.


  • Strategic Mindedness: Must demonstrate a keen awareness of contextual changes (demographic, socio-economic, socio-political etc.) and use the contextual knowledge and data to inform program response and stay relevant within the TrustAfrica overall strategy.
  • Analytical Skills: Must have strong analytical skills and must be able to anticipate/forecast future changes, grounded in data in program planning and execution.
  • Negotiation and Collaboration: Must be able to negotiate effectively with stakeholders in a highly complex, institutional context, co-operating with multiple other foundations, network programs and reporting lines.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Strong communication and interpersonal skills are critical to the success of this role. This manager must be effective in persuading and influencing multiple audiences in both informal and formal settings.


  • Education: A post-graduate degree in any relevant social science discipline such as economics, international relations, development finance etc.
  • Experience in working across countries and across sectors is very desirable and a strong plus.
  • Specific work experience: at least 5 years


  • Strong, personal interest in the program area and a personal conviction to bring positive change on the continent of Africa
  • Be innovative and willing to try new ways of designing and managing programs and projects
  • Be a learner – someone who proactively learns new things in his/area of expertise
  • Take individual and collective leadership responsibility for the program unit
  • Work hard, consolidate and build upon past efforts                                              
  • Strive for excellence, professionalism and high performance levels 
  • Acknowledge diversity and leverage it well  

Post Title: PROGRAM OFFICER, Equitable Development

Reports to: Programs Director & Executive Director

Location: Any City in Africa

Direct Reports: Program Associates – Equitable Development

Key Internal Stakeholders: Management…

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  • Full Time Schedule
  • Contract
  • Master's Degree Required
  • Professional


Temporarily Remote
Work may be performed anywhere in the world
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Lot 4, Almadies Ngor, Dakar Sénégal, Dakar, SN

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