Project Manager, Unified Social Services - 25 hours/week

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Position Summary: United Way is working with the State of Rhode Island’s State Innovation Model Test Grant (SIM), plus other community partners to explore ways to better address social determinants of health and help Rhode Islanders move from crisis to stability, through aligning organizations and their data. The project is called Unified Social Services, or USS. The USS Project Manager oversees United Way’s work to bring together agencies to connect their data for resources and referrals, provide the most up-to-date data to these community agencies in a seamless and efficient manner, and help improve community relationships. The Project Manager will staff the endeavor, providing assistance to the project participants. They will represent United Way on the USS steering and community committees. Overall, the USS Project Manager will work with other staff and community at large to develop strategies that improve long-term health, housing and other basic information pertaining to security and stability of Rhode Islanders.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:


Planning and Organizational Development

  • Plan, oversee, and document all aspects of USS directory to ensure work is progressing on time and on budget
  • Work with program goals to begin a pilot project to create a statewide resource database that will deliver real value to healthcare providers across Rhode Island
  • Serve as a liaison between USS participating organizations (including SIM, Care New England, Lifespan, and others) and staff the USS steering committee.
  • Participate in all USS related activities as assigned
  • Serve as the project lead staff for United Way’s and USS work in collecting and enhancing health, housing and other basic needs information.
  • Work with community stakeholders and experts as well as the USS group to develop operational plans for the work related to basic needs information and report to specified groups periodically about progress toward goals in the plans.
  • Work in collaboration with 2-1-1 and other community agencies to build out a basic needs resource center for professionals working in the field and the greater Rhode Island community.
  • Apprise USS and committee of important information related to policies and programming in this area of work.
  • Become familiar with terms such as taxonomy, specialized taxonomy, and AIRS
  • Staff committees and work groups assigned by USS 
  • Build connections with existing IT platforms and manage utility of centralized resource database
  • Report on technology and data quality improvement options for the unified social service database, with specific recommendations for moving forward
  • In collaboration with Resource Coordinator, develop and maintain a single statewide database of community-based organizations, services, and public benefits.
  • Assist SIM’s progressions to implement a shared data base by meeting deliverables including but not limited to establishing protocols for data standardization and maintenance, convening partners in regular meetings, and carrying out improvements in 2-1-1’s data quality

Daily Work

  • Engage and encourage the participation of state agencies and community organizations in the work of USS
  • Work with 2-1-1 resource coordinator and other staff to improve 2-1-1 data
  • Research for other databases in state and out of state
  • Analyze resource information pertinent and relevant to the project
  • Track deliverables and metrics
  • Manage any consultants or interns assigned to the project.
  • Assist SIM staff by evaluating activities and planning for sustainability.
  • Help United Way maintain best practices for data quality improvements.

Community Work

  • Develop and implement a work plan that achieves goals related to the USS work 
  • Help state and community partners determine technological requirements for USS directory
  • Manage the participant process for secure data submission
  • Coordinate technical assistance and professional development for partners on the project.
  • Lead or serve on committees or work groups focused on housing access and affordability.
  • Work with the Marketing and Communications Department to develop written materials for the project that are necessary to communicate the work to a variety of audiences.

External Relations

  • Establish and maintain working relationships with local, state and national governmental entities, community organizations and policymakers 
  • Provide support to other community agency staff who may need assistance in integrating information  
  • Communicate with other states and technological experts who have carried out similar projects 
  • Represent USS on boards, committees, task forces, and regional and national meetings related health & human services resource information, as necessary

Internal Collaboration

  • Work with other Project Managers at United Way where USS might intersect, specifically, but not exclusively, the Project Manager, Economic Security, Basis Needs, Marketing, 2-1-1, Resource Manager .
  • Participate and contribute to departmental and organizational work.
  • Serve on internal work groups or committees that help support the growth of the goals of the project
  • Work along with Outreach Coordinator on the Accountable Communities training curriculum for navigators
  • Conduct special enhancement activities as needed





  • Bachelor’s Degree Required (Master’s Preferred)
  • Knowledge of database work
  • A minimum of 2 years’ experience as manager or project leader involving significant responsibilities.
  • Proven experience in relationship building, problem solving, negotiation and facilitation skills.
  • Proven experience in community development, organizing and engagement strategies.
  • Proven experience in successful grant writing
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Effective listening and strong verbal and written communications skills, including public speaking skills
  • Strong people skills and an ability to relate to diverse groups and individuals.
  • Flexible and self-directed
  • Ability to move projects forward in a timely and responsive manner
  • Aptitude for facilitation and negotiation
  • Experience working with a board of directors and/or steering committees
  • Management skills, with an emphasis on team building and a collaborative approach

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

To apply please go to by Sunday, September 9th submit your cover letter and resume.

We are an equal opportunity employer.