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Job Title: Phoenix Education Resident (Full-Time)


Phoenix Charter Academy Network has an exciting new opportunity for individuals seeking to make a difference in the lives of students!  Phoenix Education Residents will support our students’ academic and socio-emotional growth while engaging in professional development to propel their careers in urban education forward.  You will have access to personalized weekly professional development, totally more than 400 hours a year, while helping students achieve and equip them to be successful in college and careers!


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Qualities of a Phoenix Urban Education Resident: 

  • Scholars first - Residents find opportunity, even in conflict to increase understanding and build relationships with scholars, while further investing them in an academic scholar mindset. 
  • Learn under pressure - Eagerness to learn you go, as practice is consistently evolving to meet the needs of our scholars. This at times, requires trust in the iterative process as aligned to the school’s vision.
  • Invest and engage - Strong desire to invest and engage students that may not yet be innately engaged in school and working to foster a desire to attend and be successful in school.
  • Unwavering belief  - in our scholars’ ability, which is demonstrated by relentlessly pursuing goals in and out of the classroom.
  • Feedback oriented - Desire to receive direct feedback and the ability to both not personalize and implement the feedback into practice quickly.
  • Proactive - approaches problem solving with curiosity and desire to understand the perspectives of others.
  • Ability to surface/demonstrate joy - knowing the work is both challenging and rewarding and that our scholars’ path to success is circuitous.  Scholars fuel your joy.


Essential Functions (approximately 5-7 hours a day):


  1. Developing instructional skills through co-teaching with lead teachers.
  2. Tutoring students in English, math and the sciences in small groups.
  3. Contributing to student success through attendance interventions.
  4. Building strong relationships with students, parents and other adult supporters.
  5. Planning lessons using the provided curriculum, resources and student data.


Marginal Functions (approximately 1-3 hours a day):


  1. Collaborating with community organizations to ensure student success and retention.
  2. Urban Education Residents may choose to form or lead extracurricular activities, though not required.


Additional Qualifications:


  • Is at least 18 years of age or older by the start date;
  • Has a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent by the start date;
  • Is a U.S. Citizen, U.S. National, or Lawful Permanent Resident Alien;


We seek a diverse workforce. Phoenix Academy Network is an Equal Opportunity Employer and an Equal Opportunity Service Location.  As an Equal Opportunity Employer and Service Location, the Phoenix Academy Network is committed to providing equal opportunity to staff, AmeriCorps members, and applicants in all areas of employment and service without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, or veteran status, or any other area protected by federal, state or local law.  The Phoenix Academy Network is committed to making any reasonable accommodation necessary to support an individual’s service, employment or candidacy.  


The Phoenix Academy Network provides reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities during the interview process and the year of service. Should you need an accommodation, please let us know at your earliest convenience so that we can make arrangements before your interview.


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Phoenix Urban Education Residents are AmeriCorps members engaging in a year of service.  All full-time members are provided a living stipend of approximately $1,500 per month and are eligible for an education award in the amount of $5,920 upon successful completion of all AmeriCorps service requirements.  Full-time members also receive full health and dental benefits.  Additionally, all full-time Phoenix Urban Education Residents who are admitted into a qualifying Boston University School of Education Masters Program by the university may be eligible for tuition assistance from Phoenix Charter Academy Network so long as they are actively serving with one of the Phoenix Charter Academy Network schools and in good standing with both Phoenix Charter Academy Network and Boston University School of Education.

Professional Level

Entry level

Minimum Education Required

High School

How To Apply

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Lauren Sadler-


Sara Yuen-  781-808-7247