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Every school . . . safe, supportive, engaging, and inspiring.

Who We Are

Center for Supportive Schools is a fast-paced, collegial, and team-oriented organization wholly committed to helping schools become places where students want to be. Our work directly addresses student disengagement, a root cause of diminished academic performance, students dropping out of school, and other high-risk student behaviors. We partner with schools in three areas: developing all students into leaders; empowering teachers to collaborate with each other and with students; and engaging entire school communities to improve how learning happens.

CSS is driven by the vision that one day, all students will thrive in schools that graduate them prepared for the rigors of college and lives filled with meaningful work, active citizenship, and personal fulfillment. Founded in 1979, we are a national organization currently impacting 65,000 students annually and committed to supporting every K-12 school in the country. Most of our partners are economically disadvantaged communities where the consequences of student disengagement can be most devastating. For more information, please visit

About Community Schools

Community Schools offer a holistic approach toward improving academic performance driven by strong, collaborative partnerships among principals, parents, teachers, and CBOs. In Community Schools, parents are real and active partners in their children’s education. Each student is connected to a mentor, club, or social service. The school climate is joyful and positive. Community members spend time at the school, participating in activities ranging from athletics and yoga to financial and parenting workshops. Extended afterschool or weekend classes are commonplace. An integral part of this approach is the blending of school- and community-based services into the school day, such as health, mental health, counseling, and academic enrichment.

Jersey City Public Schools seeks to implement a Community School Model in a K-5 school, in an effort to serve the needs of all students and to implement specific prevention and intervention solutions. This evidence-based approach will integrate a focus on academics; health and mental health services; social services; afterschool and summer enrichment activities; expanded learning opportunities; positive youth development; and family and community supports that are critical to improving outcomes for all students. This will be the first community school in Jersey City. This innovative approach will allow Jersey City Public Schools to fulfill its vision to foster the, “School as Community, the School in the Community and the Community in the School for the children and families.”  

Who You Are

You are passionate about working with schools to build their capacity to offer effective programs to positively impact our youth. You have extensive knowledge of and experience working with public schools in New Jersey. You are a leader who has a track record of effectively leading internal and external teams. You bring a wealth of skills and experiences while also identifying yourself as a lifelong learner who is regularly seeking opportunities to grow your skills. You crave opportunities to be reflective about your practice and look forward to receiving feedback to support your continued growth.


You are a thoughtful planner and communicator and strive for excellence in all that you do. You are also highly adaptable and ready to do work in ways that work best for the schools you serve. You find energy in working directly with schools and collaborating with colleagues in service of implementing and advancing best practices. You are comfortable with and skilled at working in diverse school settings, with students, family members, teachers, principals, and other school staff. You thrive in an environment where collaborating with colleagues is valued and also thrive working independently. You are highly emotionally intelligent.

You excel at managing administrative aspects of many different programs at once with an exceptional level of detail. You implement different strategies for collecting data from schools and are not afraid to be persistent, while always maintaining a customer service mindset. You have a systems-oriented mindset and are always looking for ways to continually improve your practices, the practices of your team, and the practices of the organization you work for to better serve both the organization and clients’ needs.

You care deeply about creating a more just society and believe that improving schools is fundamental to that effort. You are committed to diversity, inclusion, and equity. More than anything else, you want to make a difference.

The Role

As the full-time Community School Coordinator, you will be responsible for the day-to-day management of a community school strategy. You will also be responsible for building and maintaining relationships with administration, faculty, staff, and students as the “community organizer” of the school and community. In this position, you will create, strengthen, and maintain the bridge between the school and community; facilitate and provide leadership for the collaborative process and development of a continuum of services for children, families and community members within the school neighborhood; and assist the school in developing implementation action plans, troubleshooting implementation obstacles, and planning for sustainability. You will track the school’s progress against performance goals, collect school data, and support program evaluation activities. In addition, you will manage community partnerships and facilitate at School Leadership Team (SLT) and Community School Advisory Board meetings. Initially, you will support implementing a community school strategy. Over time, you may support any or all of CSS’s leadership solutions that may be implemented at the school. You will ensure that the community school strategy is implemented at exceptional levels of quality with full support, buy-in, and regular communication with stakeholders across the school community.

What You’ll Do

Community Leadership and Needs & Asset Assessment

·      Build and maintain relationships with administration, faculty, staff, students, parents, and community partners in the school community

·      Organize and expand upon the membership of the School Leadership Team (SLT) and Community School Advisory Board to include diverse school community stakeholders

·      Facilitate regular meetings of the School Leadership Team (SLT) and Community School Advisory Board, ensuring the participation of diverse stakeholders and voices and regular, positive communication within the team. Work with the SLT and Community School Advisory Board may also include establishing and facilitating working groups to address specific community school strategy components, such as communication, evaluation, and/or after-school programming as well as hosting monthly forums for ongoing collaboration with members of the community, including parent leaders, school-based organizations and partnering organizations.

·      Conduct a needs assessment process, including reviewing school and student-level data; conducting focus groups with parents, students, faculty, staff, administrators, and community partners; and reviewing and/or conducting school climate and culture survey

·      Conduct a community asset assessment to identify viable partnerships that can meet the needs of students and families of the school’s community, including developing metrics for partnership evaluation

·      Develop, maintain, and publicize a schedule of programs and activities offered at the school

·      Develop and implement ongoing mechanisms to obtain input from teachers, school staff, SLT and the Community School Advisory Board members, parents, and students to determine ongoing needs of students and families

·      Coordinate, plan, and facilitate on-site technical assistance meetings with administrators, faculty, and staff to plan for specific program implementations, problem-solve implementation obstacles, and ensure program sustainability

Partnership Recruitment and Management

·      Recruit and develop partnership agreements with people and community organizations willing to offer programs and services for students and families at the school in accordance with identified needs

·      Serve as a point person for agencies and programs interested in partnering with the school, and help to broker new partnerships that are aligned with school goals and needs

·      Identify evidence and research-based practices and/or partnerships that address priority areas for the school community strategy, which may include but are not limited to: Parent/Family Engagement; Community Engagement; Youth Development; Academic Rigor and Instructional Practices; Health, Mental Health, Tutoring, Afterschool Programming, Mentoring, Early Childhood

·      Implement and maintain a process that encourages referrals to programs and services offered at the school; provides timely feedback to those who make referrals; and alert the SLT and Community School Advisory Board to the need for programs not already offered

·      Identify needs of chronically absent students, apply interventions, and track and monitor impact of interventions on weekly basis, as part of weekly Student Success Team meetings

·      Facilitate cross-referral of students and families between service providers

·      Collect and monitor program implementation data and student data for each partnership and initiative implemented, including developing “dashboard” views that allow easy data analysis and interaction by the SLT, Community School Advisory Board and other school stakeholders



·      Facilitate at training conferences, as needed

·      Other responsibilities, as needed



What You’ve Done

Education: You’ve earned a bachelor’s degree and have experience working in urban public education.


Professional Experiences and Personal Qualities/Skills:

You likely have demonstrated extensive knowledge of and experience working in urban public schools; exceptional abilities to problem solve, plan, and prioritize; a “roll-up-your-sleeves” entrepreneurial, startup attitude; knowledge of and experience working in education reform and student support services; proven ability to work in a fast-paced environment managing multiple projects; and demonstrated high level interpersonal and cross-cultural skills, including the ability to build relationships internally and externally and to manage effective teams. You also possess bilingual skills (English and Spanish).


In addition, you have likely had the following experiences and have demonstrated the following attributes:

·      Excellent listening, writing, and speaking skills

·      Highly effective time-management, goal-setting, problem-solving, and decision-making skills

·      Ability to gather, analyze, synthesize, and communicate information from various sources

·      Strong public speaking and group facilitation skills

·      Knowledgeable in issues related to K-12 schools and education reform

·      Knowledgeable in student support services

·      Ability to obtain and utilize student and school data to drive decisions

·      Demonstrated ability to work independently and collaboratively

·      Flexibility, resourcefulness, and willingness to work evenings and weekends when required for successful and timely completion of projects

·      Ability to use discretion and judgment in handling confidential and sensitive information

·      Knowledge of and an enthusiastic commitment to the organization’s mission, solutions, and offerings

·      Experience with school-based program evaluation

·      Connections with community-based organizations and experience facilitating partnerships with these organizations

·      Ability to work effectively with school aged youth, educators, families and communities from a wide range of cultural, social and economic backgrounds

·      Experience working in school-based settings, with knowledge about tenets of community organizing, student support services, and youth development theories

·      Ability to work collaboratively, with strong relationship building skills

·      Program implementation experience preferred

·      Knowledgeable in technology

·      Remarkable references


The Community School Coordinator will be based at a Jersey City partner school in Jersey City, New Jersey. Occasional travel to CSS’s main office, located in Princeton, New Jersey, will be necessary.



Schedule and Salary

The anticipated starting date for this position is October 2020. The salary range for this position is $64,086 - $80,000. CSS offers a comprehensive and competitive benefits plan, including health, dental and vision insurance and a 403(b) plan with employer match. 

Every school . . . safe, supportive, engaging, and inspiring.

Who We Are

Center for Supportive Schools is a fast-paced, collegial, and team-oriented organization wholly committed to helping schools become places where students want to be. Our…

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How to Apply

To Apply

Interested applicants are requested to apply immediately by emailing a cover letter and CV/résumé to Please include (1) the title of the position in the subject line of your email (2) where you found the position posting in your cover letter and (3) your salary requirement (this is required; if you provide a range, only the lowest end of that range will be considered). If possible, please email all documents in PDF format. People of color are strongly encouraged to apply. Jersey City Board of Education fingerprinting and background clearances will be required.

Center for Supportive Schools is an equal opportunity employer committed to inclusive hiring and dedicated to diversity, inclusion, and equity in its work and staff. CSS’s Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action related policies are available upon request.

To Apply

Interested applicants are requested to apply immediately by emailing a cover letter and CV/résumé to Please include (1) the title of the…

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