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The Assistant Teacher is responsible for following the guidance of the Head Teachers. Head Teachers are responsible for official parent communication, writing reports, crafting lessons, choosing materials and generally deciding the direction of the classroom. The Assistant Teacher is encouraged to participate in decision making, asking questions and helping to implement the Head Teacher’s choices. The role of Assistant Teacher is intended to help foster the growth and knowledge of the Assistant Teacher.


These duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

·     Attending school events like Back-to-School Night, the Family Open House, and the occasional school family events and scheduled faculty meetings and other trainings;

·     Becoming familiar with and observing the School’s policies and procedures as set forth in the Staff Handbook;

·     Supporting colleagues and the program by taking initiative to pitch in when help is needed and appreciating others for their efforts; and

·     Completing the required annual health examination and criminal background check requirements and participating in required sexual harassment, first aid, and blood-borne pathogen training.

  • In collaboration with the head teachers, create a classroom with a joyful atmosphere of shared learning, exploration and inclusion;  
  • Preparing the classroom each day before the children arrive, tidying up after dismissal, and supporting the head teachers in creating changes to the classroom centers to reflect the interests and needs of the children; 
  • Helping to plan and implement projects, activities and lessons that are engaging to children and which further their knowledge of the world around them;  
  • Warmly and respectfully communicating with families; 
  • Maintaining the safety of the children by taking attendance, maintaining ratios, supervising by sight and sound, and reporting any health or safety issues on campus to the office; and    
  • Keeping absolute confidentiality regarding children, fellow staff members, personnel issues or any matter pertaining to the operation of the school. 


·     Child Development Associate Certification by December 2018.

·      Assistant Teachers do not need to have extensive background knowledge or teaching experience, however the role requires curiosity, enthusiasm, openness to learning and the ability to self-advocate.


  • Sit on the floor or in small chairs and knee, bend or stoop to child level;
  • Stand on feet for long stretches;
  • Perform all activities with children, including but not limited to standing, jumping, dancing, walking, and running for extended periods;
  • Possess hearing and visual capabilities necessary to monitor the environment and children’s well-being;
  • Lift and carry children and equipment weighing up to 50 pounds;
  • Move equipment, furniture, and toys in and out of play areas;
  • Rise from the floor or chair and move quickly to avert accidents and respond to children’s needs; and
  • Traverse the campus terrain easily and be outside in all kinds of weather conditions.


Mission Ownership: Demonstrates an understanding and full support of the mission, vision, values, and beliefs of St. Columba’s Nursery School. Models those values and helps to create a school culture that embodies them.

Knowledge of Young Children: Plans for, interacts with, and assesses children from a place of knowledge of the practice and science of child development and education.

Interpersonal Skills: Demonstrates the ability to work with others in full collaboration. Uses active listening and openly accept constructive criticism. Productively engages to resolve interpersonal conflicts. Recognizes dysfunctional team behaviors and self-corrects. Provides corrective guidance to teachers and staff and counsels parents in need of assistance.

Team Ethos and Collaborative Attitude: Works actively to create a climate to share a vision of mission and shared responsibility for the classroom and students. When community tasks need attention, pitches in willingly. Speaks up when problems arise using direct and effective communication to find resolution. Refrains from gossiping and works to honestly share thoughts and feelings and seek solutions with pertinent parties when things go amiss.

Reliability: Arrives for work on time and ready to welcome the children. Schedules appointments and planned absences so to keep school disruption to a minimum. Calls in as soon as possible when an emergency or illness prevents working. Completes agreed upon tasks to ensure that the school functions smoothly.

Curiosity, reflection and professional growth: Demonstrates a lively curiosity about children and teachers as learners and their behavior through careful observation and documentation. Reflects regularly on children’s behaviors to assess their growth and development, or whether intervention may be necessary. Consults with colleagues about children’s growth and progress, sharing observations and documentation. Seeks new knowledge about child growth and development from colleagues, experts, workshops, classes, and other sources. Freely shares his/her knowledge and experience with others.

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Entry level

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High School

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Please include a cover letter and resume.