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Full Time


Details: Competitive salary commensurate with experience, plus benefits.




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Transforming the lives of children in foster care by building and nurturing permanent families.


Sierra Forever Families (SFF) is a private, nonprofit agency that facilitates the development of forever families by making the best possible connections between children and families. We know that adoption is a very personal and emotional process for all involved, and our goal is to equip children and parents for success. We aren’t focused on creating the most families; we’re focused on creating the most stable and caring families.

SFF believes every child deserves to grow up in an unconditionally committed home. While some children might need temporary care, no child should grow up in temporary care and all children deserve and need a forever family to call their own. As part of our work to equip children and parents for success, we focus on educating families about the foster-adoption process and setting realistic expectations. 

The organization has 70 dedicated staff, a $6.6M budget, and offices in Sacramento, Auburn, and Grass Valley, California. 



The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) reports to the Board of Directors and provides overall leadership to SFF. The CEO is responsible for supporting the vision and mission of the organization, overseeing the strategic direction, programs, and fiscal and staff management. Other key duties include ensuring compliance with all applicable statutes and standards, maintaining high ethical standards, and fundraising.


The Board of Directors, with input from the leadership team, supervisors, and other stakeholders, has established the following priorities that the new CEO will be tasked with addressing:

·       Navigate changing child welfare policies given move to continuum of care 

·       Clarify SFF core values and revise strategic plan to reflect the changing landscape

·       Re-establish trusting relationships with county and state contractors and listen to their needs

·       Fiscal stewardship: hit the ground running to identify and secure new and continued funding for programs 

·       Explore, develop, and maximize partnerships that are in SFF’s best interest and support the organization’s mission

·       Address training needs of middle management to build their skills, confidence and effectiveness in leadership, HR practices, and performance management

·       Attend to current reaccreditation: extension until late 2018, site visit Jan 27, 2019

·       Improve relations and collaboration with outlying offices

·       Continue to establish SFF as a well-respected leader in the field 


Governance & Board Relations 

·      Work with the Board of Directors in order to fulfill the organization’s mission

·      Work closely with the Board of Directors to develop, oversee, and monitor the organization's strategic issues and planning 

·      Make recommendations and implement strategic decisions related to the organization’s policies

·      Ensure the organization's compliance with professional standards, applicable federal and state regulations  

·      Maintain a knowledge and understanding of the latest trends and best practices in nonprofit management  

·      Serve as key advisor to the Board of Directors and its committees on matters related to the performance of their responsibilities  

·      Ensure that the organization's policies and processes are followed in compliance with its bylaws

·      Participate in Board and committee meetings

·       Provide transparent and high integrity leadership

Financial Management

·      Exercise sound financial management and good judgment in managing the affairs of the organization, and complying with budget and other financial policy and goals  

·      Competently execute contracts and agreements on behalf of the organization

·      Prepare the annual budget for Board approval

·      Keep the Board and Finance Committee up to date on finances

·       Oversee the implementation of audit results, tax returns, and other areas related to fiscal matters  

Organizational and Personnel Management 

·      Effectively and efficiently manage the operations of the organization 

·      Manage, at a high level and through delegation, the organization’s relationships and use of outsourced vendors.

·      Delegate appropriately and maintain fair and equitable compensation levels  

·      Adhere to all laws, regulations and other rules concerning personnel management, for both state and federal venues

·      Manage employees to ensure all programs and services are implemented efficiently, effectively, and professionally.  Hire, train, develop, and evaluate employees  

Contractor & Public Relations 

·      Maintain an effective relationship with other organizations (governmental, public and private) 

·      Ensure the organization is positioned in a positive fashion and is effectively represented in the local community as well as within appropriate professional circles 

·      Act as the organization’s spokesperson with the public and press, in conformance with Board policies  

·      Act as the “face of the organization” for client and public relations purposes, and in meetings with other organizations and their officials  

·       Oversee public relations, marketing and communications strategies including printed reports, social media, newsletters, website, and general marketing materials to strengthen outreach and relationships and raise the organization’s visibility

·       Review and approve contracts for services

Fund Development

·       Work with the Board of Directors and staff to identify and cultivate funding sources to support and enhance the organization’s mission. 


·      Engage appropriate resources to advocate on behalf of the organization’s mission with governmental bodies

·      Keep the Board of Directors apprised of legislative activity that could affect the organization’s mission


The CEO will be committed to the mission of SFF and be knowledgeable in all aspects of nonprofit management including Governance & Board Relations, Finances, Organizational & Personnel Management, Contractor & Public Relations, Fund Development, and Advocacy. In addition, they will have the following combination of skills, knowledge, abilities, personal characteristics, education and experience that will allow them to fulfill the responsibilities of the job and be an effective leader who can partner with the Board of Directors and staff in serving the best interests of the organization.

Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities:

  • Skills to provide leadership and appropriate support to Board of Directors, members, and staff
  • Ability to collaborate effectively with and motivate board members, staff, and other volunteers
  • Strong understanding of California child welfare and other child-serving systems; working knowledge of relevant state and federal regulations
  • Have existing, or be able to quickly establish, relationships with county and state representatives 
  • Able to understand and value all agency programs equally
  • Well versed in nonprofit management
  • Excellent business acumen and finance skills including the ability to read, analyze, and interpret business documents, and manage contracts
  • Solid, hands-on budget management skills, including budget preparation, analysis, decision-making and reporting
  • Commitment to modern HR practices and well versed in California labor laws
  • Able to communicate with others at all levels, in oral and written form; well-spoken, and comfortable having difficult conversations as needed
  • Demonstrated skills in contractor and public relations; strong public speaker 
  • Able to multi-task, identify priorities and switch gears quickly and effectively, while keeping Board and staff informed, involved, and moving forward
  • Strong organizational abilities including planning, delegating, program development and task facilitation
  • Capability to manage staff and office organization; conduct hiring and salary reviews in a fair manner; counsel staff on areas for improvement; serve as a coach/mentor for leadership team; empower staff to be experts in their areas
  • Ability to convey the vision to staff; help them understand changes and bring them along with those changes
  •  Knowledge of fund-raising strategies and donor relations; able to translate the SFF mission to the community as well as interface with and engage diverse volunteer and donor groups
  • Understanding of legislative and advocacy process and implications
  • Able to work with diverse people and build trusting relationships

Personal Characteristics:

  • Passion for SFF’s mission; commitment to permanency
  • Implicitly trusted in the field and engaged in the larger child welfare community; dependable and intelligent
  • Open-minded and inclusive, seeking and considering ideas and suggestions from others before making decisions; values process as well as outcomes
  • Manages change using a transparent, creative approach that boosts staff morale and enhances programs
  • Strategic and visionary; takes an innovative approach to the management of resources and opportunities
  • Personable, approachable, and available to staff, board, contractors, and other stakeholders
  • Willing and able to delegate and collaborate with staff; committed to partnership
  • Confident and persuasive while remaining diplomatic, respectful, and thoughtful
  • Positive attitude and inspirational personality to navigate uncertainty and rally the team
  • Transparent, honest with good judgement and high integrity leadership
  • Self-aware, willing to admit mistakes
  • High tolerance for ambiguity in a rapidly changing environment; resilient and adaptable

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

Master's degree

How To Apply

To apply submit cover letter and resume to Andrea Weiss, Recruitment Consultant, Priority review of applications will begin Friday, August 24, 2018 and will continue until the position is filled.

Screening interviews with the consultant will take place between August 27 and September 7. The Search Committee will conduct interviews with top candidates on September 18 and final candidates will be