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55 Hester Street
New York
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CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities works to build grassroots community power across diverse poor and working class Asian immigrant and refugee communities in New York City. We were founded in 1986 by Asian women alarmed by the spike of hate violence on Asian communities and its root causes stemming from institutional racism in the United States. Through our organizing model of base-building, leadership development, campaigns, alliances, and organizational development- we organize pan-Asian communities to fight for institutional change and participates in a broader movement towards racial, gender, and economic justice.

CAAAV’s primary strategy for building power towards social change is community organizing and our community organizing model is based on 5 pillars:

  • Base-building: CAAAV utilizes street outreach, door knocking, and regular new member meetings to build the base of community members involved in its campaigns. Base-building activities are tailored to the specific communities and campaigns are working on.
  • Leadership Development: CAAAV is led by its membership–Asian immigrants. Therefore, a central component of our approach is developing members to make leadership decisions, influence key stakeholders, and ally themselves with coalition partners.
  • Strategic Campaigns: All of CAAAV’s campaigns include a direct action component, bringing community members to the street to make their voices hear against a specific target (e.g. a city agency, politician, corporations, etc.)
  • Alliance Building: All of CAAAV’s major campaigns take place within the context of a broader network of organizations working in support of the issue. Alliance work may include groups that bring different strengths and abilities to the table (e.g. organizing vs. research vs. community planning vs. design & marketing) or groups that represent different community-based constituencies working to influence policy regionally and/or nationally.
  • Organizational Development: From fundraising, coordinating volunteers, to database management, this is often the most invisible part of organizing work, yet crucial for successful organizing

CAAAV is seeking an experienced, dynamic, and passionate Executive Director to provide vision, leadership, and overall forward thinking direction. The Executive Director is responsible for the operation and management of CAAAV and works in collaboration with board, staff, and members to carry out CAAAV’s, values, mission, organizing strategies, and its annual goals and objectives.  The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors. This is a full-time position located in New York, NY.

Specific Responsibilities are:

Organizational Development & Governance

  • Oversee and manage organizational development, including strategic and operational planning.  This includes providing leadership for the organization’s political direction and vision with membership and staff.
  • Report to and work with the Board of Directors, and participate in deliberations and decisions of the Board.
  • Represent CAAAV’s mission publicly on local, state, national and international levels as necessary.
  • Understanding and driving the political positioning of CAAAV to move specific strategies aligned with our mission, vision and organizing principles informed and shaped by our membership base.

Financial Management

  • Ensure that adequate funding is available for the organization to carry out its work.
  • Be responsible for developing and maintaining sound financial practices.
  • Work with the staff to prepare annual organizational budget; oversee that the organization operates within budget guidelines; and make budget modifications, if necessary.
  • Be responsible for timely completion of audits, financial reviews, and tax filings to be in compliance with the IRS and other 501c3 related requirements.  
  • Work with Board Treasurer to prepare budget reports for Board meetings.


  • Work with the Board to develop an annual resource development plan, including identifying new donors, soliciting donations, maintaining relationships with donors, and organizing special events.  
  • Develop annual foundation fundraising plan; write grant proposals; identify new funding prospects; develop and maintain ongoing relationship with funders.
  • Oversee the implementation of major donor program in collaboration with the board, including identifying and cultivating major donor prospects, soliciting major donations, and maintaining relationships.   
  • Work with staff to collect annual membership dues.
  • Work with administrative staff and bookkeeper to collect other income (rental space, fiscal sponsorship, etc. as necessary).    

Programs and Personnel Management

  • Build and support a team of effective organizers to carry out the programs and campaigns.
  • Work with staff and members to develop programs and campaigns that advance the mission and annual goals and objectives of the organization.
  • Work with staff and members to ensure that CAAAV’s programs, organizing strategies are consistent with the strategic goals of the organization.
  • Inspire CAAAV’s constituencies around CAAAV’s programs and goals.
  • Supervise full-time organizing and administrative staff.
  • Provide and/or identify staff development trainings as necessary and ensure professional development opportunities are made available to the staff.
  • Work with staff and members to develop annual workplans, set measurable benchmarks for programs, and conduct year-end program evaluation.
  • Work with staff to schedule and prepare for organization-wide membership meetings, and support leadership development and political education amongst members.  
  • Conduct annual personnel reviews of each full-time staff.


  • Participate in national or local alliances (if necessary) to connect the organizational local work to city-wide or national work.
  • Work with staff and members for broader organizational participation in the work taken up by the alliance.  
  • Participate in alliances to advance CAAAV’s organizing strategies and to provide the Asian working class voice to the broader social justice movement.  


  • Work with staff to maintain membership and supporter/donor database.
  • Work with staff to ensure smooth office operation, including the maintenance of the functioning of administrative systems (equipment, communication systems, files, etc.)
  • Oversee establishment and management of appropriate benefits (including investigating and/or updating alternative employee benefits plans).
  • Work with bookkeeper in accounting and finance management.
  • Work with the Board chair(s) to schedule and organize board meetings and provide support to Board in preparation of board meetings.   


  • Conduct regular and consistent programmatic updates to supporters/donors/members.
  • Oversee regular and consistent updates on CAAAV’s website.
  • Work with staff to implement an effective and consistent social media strategy.


  • Strong commitment to CAAAV’s mission and vision of building grassroots community power across diverse poor and working class Asian immigrant and refugee communities in New York City and a commitment to seeking racial, gender, and economic justice.
  • Experience in political and cultural organizing in social justice movements related to housing, labor, immigration, police and state violence, and racial justice at the local and national stage.
  • Proven ability working with multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-gendered, intergenerational communities and organizations and significant experience with coalition-building.
  • Strong working knowledge of pan-Asian communities, issues, and resources nationally.  Five years’ experience cultivating leadership and decision-making among community members; developing and leading grassroots community organizing campaigns; and solid interest/experience in movement-building strategies.
  • Five years supervisory and managerial experience within a community-based organization, using consensus and other participatory decision-making models.
  • Five years’ experience in program development, implementation, and evaluation, including knowledge and/or practice of popular education models and political education strategies.
  • Solid understanding of development and funding for grassroots organizations.
  • Excellent interpersonal, writing and communication skills.  Comfort and experience with public speaking and communicating with community members, community leaders, funders and the media.


Salary is based on experience and a generous fringe benefits package is provided. We are seeking candidates with experience and have a generous salary and benefits package offer.

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None specified

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No requirement

How To Apply



Please send a cover letter and resume to jobs@caaav.org with subject heading: EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR by April 30th, 2018 This position is a full­‐time position with accrued paid vacation and sick days. CAAAV is an equal opportunity employer. Women, immigrants, LGBTQ people, people with disabilities, and people of color from low­‐income communities are strongly encouraged to apply.