Florida Director

Job Type

Full Time


Minimum: $3,600.00
Maximum: $45,000.00
Details: See below



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United States


Sunrise (501(c)4) & Sunrise Movement Education Fund (SMEF) (501(c)3) are hiring for a State Director to lead our organizing and electoral work in Florida.

The Florida Director will support the mission of Sunrise Movement to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process by building an army of young people to make climate change an urgent priority across America, end the corrupting influence of fossil fuel executives on our politics, and elect leaders who stand up for the health and wellbeing of all people. Specifically, the Florida Director, oversee and establish the movement’s electoral program across Florida and direct political decisions and strategy with the national Sunrise Political Team and in-state partners, support and coordinate regional field directors, hold relationships with statewide partners, oversee the state budget, and generally support all organizing work in the state to make climate change a more urgent priority and expose the corruption of fossil fuel executives on our government (No Fossil Fuel Money Campaign, creative direct actions, bird-dogging, and more).


Political and Electoral - 25%

  • Work with members, partners, and the Sunrise Political Team to identify potential candidates for the movement to support
  • Manage endorsements across the state
  • Create and direct field plan and organizing for electoral engagement
  • Ensure detailed tracking of electoral metrics
  • Support strategic political decision-making around the No Fossil Fuel Money campaign, and any other issue campaigns
  • Work with the Sunrise field directors to develop role breakdown at the beginning of the Sunrise Semester program, based on partner/campaign landscape, the turf, comms/digital roles
  • Bi-monthly meetings with national electoral/political team

Movement building - 20%

  • Support the creation, growth, and development of Sunrise hubs around the state
  • Coordinate and support statewide actions and moral protest to make climate change a more urgent public priority and creatively expose the fossil fuel industry’s role in corrupting our politics
  • Lead acquisition for movement housing for full-time Sunrise fellows

Management - 25%

  • Recruit, train, and supervise, support, and coordinate regional field directors and other statewide leadership
  • Support volunteers, staff, fellows, etc. to constantly take on higher levels of leadership and empower them to carry out goals and expectations

Public representation - 10%

  • Work with national Communications Team to develop communication strategies to increase the recognition and support of the Sunrise Movement across Florida
  • Serve as public representative and spokesperson of the organization to media, opinion leaders, and funders as needed
  • Serve as a representative to a variety of coalition partners, including but not limited to: environmental coalitions, electoral tables, and multi-issue collaborations
  • Attend coalition meetings, calls and conferences as they relate to state campaign plans or political strategy

Administration and Finance - 10%

  • Maintain and oversee operating budget
  • Work with Operations team to track and manage expenses
  • Ensure compliance with all federal and state regulations relating to electoral activities and tax compliance
  • Support the movement to meet fundraising goals related to political activity and organizing in the state

Timeline: We are looking to make a final decision about this position by February 28th, please reach out immediately to team@sunrisemovement.org if you are at all interested, and submit a full application as soon as you can.

Required skills and experiences:

  • Experience working with volunteer-powered social movement organizations
  • Commitment to the Sunrise Movement’s mission and vision
  • Willingness to travel as needed
  • Two years minimum demonstrated experience in an organizing or campaign environment
  • Demonstrated expertise as an effective manager
  • Familiarity with Voter Activation Network (VAN), as well as online electoral/advocacy tools
  • Knowledge of and commitment to progressive causes and base-building
  • Ability to provide vision and strategic leadership
  • Demonstrated ability to work in coalition with other organizations
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Political savvy

Strongly desired (but not required) skills and experiences:

  • Familiarity with electoral and tax compliance obligations for 501(c)3, 501(c)4, and 527 non-profit organizations
  • Comfortable managing financial , accounting, and time tracking systems
  • Experience as media spokesperson and promoting a communications strategy
  • Experience developing and executing electoral field plans
  • Experience running issue based campaigns during election cycles to pressure candidates
  • Demonstrated fundraising skills
  • Roots and relationships in the movement for environmental and climate justice

Sunrise Movement is an equal opportunity employer and strongly encourages people traditionally left out of America’s political process — women, people of color, indigenous people, working class people, LGBTQ people, persons with disabilites — to apply.


Sunrise is a youth-led volunteer-powered social movement. We know we cannot afford to compensate the hundreds of thousands of people that need to be actively engaged with our plan for it to be successful, and so we are intentional about creating a culture of volunteerism, commitment, and sacrifice. However, we know that we will need to compensate some people in order to meet the needs of the movement. Some of our top volunteers will periodically need to be compensated in order to support them to make greater commitments to the movement, and some people will need to be paid as staff over longer periods of time to provide stability to the movement as it grows and transforms. We view this as one of those longer-term positions! We generally compensate using standard rates based on geography (whether you live in an expensive city or not) and living situation (do you pay rent?, do you live in movement-supported housing?, etc.). We have standard rates for these different scenarios which everyone is welcome to take, and we also welcome everyone to take less if they are able so that the movement can have more resources to support more work. The low-end of this range represents someone who would be willing to live expense-free in a movement house (free housing living with other movement leaders) were that to be available. All compensation rates in the Sunrise Movement are temporary, and can change based on individuals’ changing needs. For more info on our standard compensation policy, process, and culture, please email howie@sunrisemovement.org.

Healthcare offered if needed.

Level of Language Proficiency

English required, Spanish proficiency preferred

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply



Please send a résumé, cover letter, and contact info for 2 references to team@sunrisemovement.org with “Florida Director application” in the subject line.