Social Service Aide

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Full Time




75 Main Street
United States


About South Park Inn

Founded in 1982, South Park Inn (SPI) is a nonprofit organization providing a variety of housing services to people in Hartford, CT. Located in the former South Park Methodist Church on Main Street in Hartford, SPI’s mission is to assist homeless people to improve their life situation by providing temporary and long-term housing and supportive services. In addition, SPI engages in public and political advocacy for solutions to homelessness. 

Programs include:

Emergency Shelter- South Park Inn operates an 85 bed Emergency Shelter, which each year provides up to 31,025 bed nights of shelter for homeless men, women and children from the greater Hartford area. South Park Inn is one of the only shelters in the area that can accommodate large families.  

Permanent Supportive Housing- Plimpton House is a permanent supportive housing program for up to 35 adults who benefit from in-house support to remain independent. The program operates as a communal living program, designed for men and women who cannot manage housing on their own.  

Respite Stay- South Park has an arrangement with Hartford Hospital to provide shelter for discharged patients who have no permanent residence and would otherwise have no place to live. 


The Social Service Aide is responsible for ensuring the safe, smooth operation of the shelter and providing a supportive environment to guests in the different programs operated by South Park Inn.

  • Maintain constructive and supportive attitude toward clients, while maintaining appropriate professional boundaries.
  • Work to ensure orderliness and calm during the shift, resolving difficulties in a professional, constructive manner.
  • Work with volunteers, donors, and other community members in a positive and helpful way, representing South Park Inn professionally.
  • Help with meal preparation, serving, and clean up.
  • Complete intake of new clients, thoroughly and accurately, and orient new clients.
  • Assist with program activities as needed.
  • Supervise and help with general cleaning of building.
  • Keep concise, relevant detailed notes in log of activities, events or incidents during shift.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by shift supervisor or service coordinator.
  • Present professional appearance, dressing conservatively, neatly and in compliance with dress code.
  • Behave ethically in all respects and serves as a role model for clients.


  • Experience in human services preferred, particularly direct experience with homelessness.
  • Ability to relate well to clients, including individuals with problems of substance abuse and mental illness, and to provide a positive environment.
  •  Flexible schedule, including nights and weekends.
  •  High school diploma required, college preferred.  

Level of Language Proficiency

Bilingual, English and Spanish, preferred

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

High School

How To Apply

Please submit resume and cover letter to Mary Vazquez at