Become a School Leader with Kansas City PLUS!

Job Type

Full Time Contract


Minimum: $60,000.00
Maximum: $100,000.00




Kansas City
United States


Note: Only qualified candidates will be considered. If you do not have a Bachelor's degree, teaching certification, and at least two years of teaching experience, you are not eligible for this position. 

We're training a team of transformational school leaders to provide Kansas City students with the schools they deserve. 

TNTP’s Kansas City Pathway to Leadership in Urban Schools (PLUS) is a two-year principal certification program that prepares the next generation of visionary principals and aspiring leaders to bring their school’s mission to life. In partnership with the Kauffman Foundation and many district and charter schools in Kansas City, TNTP will strengthen the work of current school-level leaders and prepare a deep bench of future leaders. 

In addition to an intensive summer institute and job-embedded coaching, PLUS leaders attend monthly professional development sessions and benefit from a network of diverse leaders. Throughout the year, we carefully assess and support your growth, considering a variety of evidence to help you stay on track to become a great school leader. At every step, you will know how you are doing and what you need to do to improve. You can learn more by visiting our website:

  • A minimum of 2 years of teaching experience 
  • A Bachelor's degree 
  • A commitment to learning and growing as an instructional leader 
  • A commitment to serving students and families in Kansas City 
  • Exemplary communication skills 
  • Ability to prioritize tasks based on school performance goals 
  • Proven track record of success as a teacher 
  • Ability to work with students and staff and to motivate and engage them in a positive way 

What We Offer: 

  • Principal Certification: Aspiring leaders who meet our bar, complete required coursework with our university partner, and pass required exams will receive their principal certification. 
  • Hands-on training: PLUS Leaders will build their expertise by working for a year in a leadership role, helping teachers improve their practice with the support of their host principal and a TNTP leadership coach. 
  • Personalized coaching: An experienced leadership coach will work with each PLUS Leader, offering bi-weekly feedback and personalized, job-embedded support that reflects the culture and leadership values of their particular school. 
  • A community of leaders from the city’s top charter schools: PLUS Leaders will join a network of 12-15 fellow leaders from across Kansas City who will challenge them to grow. 

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply