Director of Operations

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Full Time


Details: This is a full time, salaried position with pay based on experience.



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7425 Flora Avenue
United States


Project Peanut Butter (PPB) is a non-profit organization that focuses on treating childhood malnutrition, primarily in Sub-Saharan Africa. PPB produces and distributes a peanut-based ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF), a treatment that is considered the standard of care for acute malnutrition worldwide, as well as other therapeutic foods. PPB focuses on producing these foods locally in the countries where they are needed, establishing and operating internationally accredited food production facilities. PPB currently has factories in Blantyre, Malawi; Freetown, Sierra Leone; and Kumasi, Ghana, with a 4th factory in the planning stages in Ivory Coast For more background on the organization, please visit our website at

The vast majority of PPB’s work takes place in Africa, where teams of local staff operate the factories and projects. There is a small office in the USA, consisting of a few staff members, located in St. Louis (Maplewood). The primary function of the USA-based team is to support the food production facilities in Malawi, Sierra Leone, and Ghana, as well as other small-scale projects as needed. Short-notice travel for up to 30% of the time is part of this job, trips usually run 3 to 6 weeks at a time.

The production of therapeutic food at our project sites is overseen by local Production Managers and technicians who know the machinery and process well and have the ability to problem solve when many issues arise. However, some production issues require in-depth knowledge or the assistance of external consultants. The Director of Operations will provide support to our local staff when problems arise and facilitate teamwork between local PPB technicians and a network of engineers and food production experts in the USA. We expect the Director of Operations to begin with a good deal of mechanical/technical understanding, and with on-the-job experience he or she will learn more about the specific PPB machinery and production and will be able to provide great support single-handedly. Important for this position is the ability to communicate, facilitate, problem solve, engage in unfamiliar tasks, and work as part of a team. 

The Director of Operations will take the lead on all production-related projects at our factories. The US support office is small, and all members of this office work as a team. Thus, the Director of Operations will also need to problem solve in other areas and assist with projects unrelated to production of therapeutic foods. 

Primary Responsibilities


1.    Manage projects related to food production at any of the PPB sites

·      Communicate with the local staff about any problems that are interfering with the ability to produce foods and solve these issues

·      Investigate and order parts for machinery as needed

·      Problem solve and seek out additional resources or expertise as needed

·      Communicate with engineers and food producers in the USA (a network of support already exists)

·      Manage projects related to the installation of new machinery or optimization of the production process. The main activities for the next year will be related to the setup of our newest facility in Ivory Coast

·      Manage projects that will improve the facility or finished products

·      Communicate with technicians from machinery manufacturers, some of whom are located outside of the USA (Spain, Italy, etc)


2.    Communicate with project managers abroad

·      Collaborate with and support staff in Malawi, Sierra Leone, and Ghana

·      Communicate effectively across language and cultural barriers, time zones, and internet/email difficulties


In addition to these primary responsibilities, the Director of Operations may also be expected to take on tasks unrelated to production such as:


3.    Communicate with donors and advocates

·      Communicate with new and existing donors or advocates of PPB

·      Provide information or updates to supporters


4.    Spread awareness about PPB and malnutrition

·      Give presentations about PPB at local schools, churches, businesses, or other organizations

5. Facilitate the ordering and shipping of ingredients and/or other supplies needed.


Other duties as assigned



·      Fluent in English

·      Training and/or experience working with industrial machinery in industrial setting

·      Strong mechanical and technical aptitude

·      Knowledge of mechanics, electricity, automation, and pneumatics

·      Project management experience preferred

·      Ability to quickly understand the manufacturing process and to identify, solve, and implement corrective actions for problems

·      Have a passionate interest in international work, especially malnutrition

·      Must be legally authorized to work in the USA

·      Ability to travel internationally up to several months per year, depending on needs

·      Ability to travel on short notice/ flexible with schedule

·      Ability to work well with individuals of different cultural, racial, and/or religious backgrounds

·      Proficiency in Microsoft Office, including Excel, PowerPoint and Word

·      Good written and verbal communication skills

·      Strong and collaborative problem-solving skills

·      Self-motivated and self-driven worker who possesses the ability to work alone or as part of a team

·      Ability to prioritize appropriately

·      Ability to work under at times stressful conditions

·      Ability to take on unfamiliar tasks

·      Ability to pay attention to details without losing sight of the bigger picture

Working Conditions


·      Work in St. Louis is normally performed in the home of the PPB founder, Dr. Mark Manary. A small office space with desks and chairs is provided. 

·      Occasional evening and weekend activities

·      International travel in general is not planned or expected far in advance and may be on short notice

·      International trips are typically 3 to 6 weeks in length


Full-time PPB employees are provided with basic health insurance, retirement contributions, and vacation, sick and holiday benefits. 

Level of Language Proficiency

Good command of the English language is a great starting point, some French is helpful (though not required).

Professional Level

Entry level

Minimum Education Required

2-year degree

How To Apply

Applications will be accepted at the present time. Applicants being considered for the position will be contacted after their submission to set up interviews.

Interested applicants should attach a cover letter and resume and send to, or 7435 Flora Ave., St. Louis, MO 63143.