Anti-Oppression Guest Dialogue Facilitator

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Part Time




1415 NE 43rd Street
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ROOTS Young Adult Shelter

Position Announcement

JOB TITLE:           Anti-Oppression Guest Dialogue Facilitator

REPORTS TO:      ROOTS’ Volunteer Services Manager

POSITION SUMMARY:  The ROOTS Young Adult Shelter in the U-District is seeking an Anti-Oppression Guest Dialogue Facilitator. This position is in charge of planning and co-facilitating 1-2 ROOTS guest dialogue sessions per month for homeless young adults of specific marginalized identities (LGBTQ+, People of Color, etc), and one that is open to guests of all backgrounds and identities. This is a part time paid position that is expected to work 10-20 hours per month. Exact hours may vary.



•        Co-facilitate 1-2 ROOTS guest dialogue sessions, helping guests explore and process the impacts of their oppression and the ways it affects their lives within and outside of ROOTS shelter space 

•        Collaborate with co-facilitator to generate and plan content for monthly dialogue sessions.

•        Participate in monthly dialogue planning meetings with facilitators from all ROOTS dialogue sessions to coordinate content between the groups and establish monthly themes that will be common across all the dialogue sessions.

•        Attend dialogue facilitator debrief meetings every other month to process and adjust dialogue content, and provide peer feedback and support to enhance facilitator performance,

•        Co-facilitate Anti-Oppression Continuing Education Sessions for ROOTS’ staff and volunteers once every 3-4 months, alternating with other facilitators, as assigned

•        Build and maintain compassionate rapport  with ROOTS guests who participate in dialogue sessions, this can include one-on-one debriefs following sessions

•        Promote community building both within affinity groups and in the community

•        Have regular one on one sessions with supervisor

•        Track current events, especially those disproportionately impacting marginalized communities, in order promote safe discussion and processing during dialogue groups

•        Set-up space and recruit participants from shelter before each dialogue session; clean up space after each session

•        Bring or procure snacks for each dialogue session (to be reimbursed by ROOTS)

•        Work with other Anti-Oppression team members to monitor, track, report and respond to instances of oppression within ROOTS shelter and dialogue sessions as they occur

•        Work to uphold, implement, and modify ROOTS 5 year Anti-Oppression plan

•        Attend ROOTS Anti-Oppression Committee meetings as requested

•        Other duties as assigned and/or necessary



•        Attend ROOTS’ volunteer orientation, The Ropes training, Anti-Oppression 101 and Conflict De-escalation

•        Complete application and background check

•        Must be 18 years old or older.



•        Demonstrated ability to work effectively in a volunteer-driven, harm reduction oriented service organization

•        Exhibit highly developed communication skills: ability to communicate the written and spoken word clearly and effectively

•        Ability to communicate and build connection between people with a wide variety of backgrounds, identities and lifestyles

•        Intersectional understanding of issues related to poverty, trauma and homelessness

•        Must demonstrate an understanding of the workings of institutional and interpersonal oppression Commitment to de-constructing the effects of white supremacy, misogyny, and systematic oppression

•        Commitment to the voice of those we serve as being central to  conversations and activities

•        Good interpersonal skills, comfortable with emotional charged topics

•        Preference given to ROOTS team members, former ROOTS guests, as well as those impacted by homelessness and oppression

•        Prior experience as facilitator a plus

•        Capacity to implement trauma informed care desired


This is a part-time position that is expected to work approximately 10-20 hours/month. Hourly wage is $18.50.


Open until filled

Send cover letter and resume to:

Jordan Beaudry, Volunteer Services Manager

ROOTS Young Adult Shelter

1415 NE 43rd Street, Seattle, WA 98105

or e-mail to:

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None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

Send cover letter and resume to:

Jordan Beaudry, Volunteer Services Manager

ROOTS Young Adult Shelter

1415 NE 43rd Street, Seattle, WA 98105

or e-mail to: