Health Promotion Senior Program Coordinator

Job Type

Full Time




3166 Mount Pleasant Street Northwest
District of Columbia
United States


This position will work within the Health Promotion Program to implement strategies to reduce health disparities and decrease the incidence of chronic diseases experienced by the local Latino community. Through the use of a community-based approach to public health and the management of effective, culturally appropriate health promotion interventions, the ideal candiadte candidate will coordinate the program’s main operations including: data management, over see the program’s outreach and events calendar and develop stratehgies aimed at mitigating barriers to healthy behavioral change and access to health care services.

Duties & Responsibilities:


  1. Work with supervisor to identify barriers to wellbeing through an analysis of program data, local and national health agency reports, and focus groups data from the local community.
  2. Coordinate program operations including: monthly outreach activities calendar, staffing plans for community health workers, ensuring incentives and program supplies are updated for program implementation.
  3. Develop and Implement educational strategies to promote healthy behavioral change and access to health services to overcome wellness barriers.
  4. Coordinate efforts with the Communitcation Comittee to identify and or create culturally appropriate health education materials for dissemination in community activities and events.
  5. Build and maintain a strong personal and professional relationship with a network of community service providers.
  6. Coordinate health promotion events. Coordination of events includes, but is not limited to:
  7. Planning and scheduling events at local churches, community centers and other sites.
  8. Collaborating with other organizations in the development of larger events.
  9. Coordinating promotores de salud, or lay health promoters in each event.
  10. Recruiting volunteers in each event.
  11. Recruiting speakers/educators as needed.
  12. Hire and monitor health screening services.
  13. Coordinate the delivery of culturally appropriate health education interventions.
  14. Coordinate a referral system to connect community members to existing community services.
  15. Coordinate navigation of high risk individuals to early detection/treatment programs.
  16. Annually recruit, select and train community health workers.
  17. Mentor community health works to improve quality of services delivered to program participants.
  18. Assists in the implementation of Department trainings of community health workers as identified by the program manager.
  19. Work closely with Health Education Manager, Care Coordinators and Mental Health/Substance Abuse managers to integrate health education strategies into patient care teams and service delivery.
  20. Assist the integration of chronic disease prevention with sexual and reproductive health education strategies.
  21. Support supervisor in advocacy efforts with local and national coalitions
  22. Execute and monitor expenses of programmatic budgets.
  23. Coordinate all data collection and data entry.
  24. Assist in preparing reports as required by grantors.
  25. Participate regularly in department and program team meetings.
  26. Represent the La Clinica with your supervisor to the public, official organizations and other groups by attending conferences, meetings, coalitions, community planning groups etc., as designated by your supervisor and as related to your duties.
  27. Meet monthly with your supervisor to report and review your work plan.
  28. Perform other activities as identified by supervisor



·      Associates degree in health field, or related discipline, or an equivalent combination of education and experience from which comparable knowledge and skills may be obtained;

·      Bilingual, Spanish-English; Bi-cultural.

·      Two years previous work experience in community health education and/or clinical services;

·      Two years experience working in a Latino and/or multi-ethnic community;

·      Comprehensive awareness and knowledge of social determinates of health and commitment to gender equality;

·      Knowledge of chronic diseases prevention and management;

·      Knowledge of sexual and reproductive health

·      Knowledge, skill, and experience in participatory methods for community development and mobilization;

·      Previous experience with community educational campaigns, including the design of educational material, charlas, and focus groups, preferred;

·      Skills and experience in group facilitation;

·      Experience providing outreach and educational workshops to the local Latino community;

·      Experience working with community health workers;

·      Excellent oral and written communication skills;

·      Ability/willingness to work weekends and some evenings; 

·      Knowledge of Microsoft Office, with Access or other database software knowledge preferred, as well as, ability to navigate and search for information on the Internet.

Level of Language Proficiency

·      Bilingual, Spanish-English; Bi-cultural.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

2-year degree

How To Apply

Interested candidates use the link to apply!