Social Justice Community Organizer

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Full Time


Details: $3,200 per month for full time, hourly equivalent for part time



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United States


Social Justice Community Organizer

JOB DESCRIPTION Part Time and Full Time available

Contact: Dr. Nyla Rosen,

Summary of position

Educational Services Team Members work in a rigorous campaign style leadership nonviolence effort. This position requires comfort with a coaching approach to relationships, personal transformation and social justice. Candidates must have experience with diverse communities (cultures and races other than one’s own). Educational Services team members coordinate the Institute for Community Leadership’s Educational Services leadership team to equip diverse youth with character development and leadership skills necessary for academic, civic and workforce success.

We need emancipators. We need foot soldiers, willing to do the arduous task of getting up earlier, staying up later, and changing. We are looking for warriors willing to suit-up personal change for social change. Most of our spiritual traditions honor conversion. Most abiding wisdom is recognized to come from something greater than, and outside of the self. That’s why we’re looking for individuals who want to change.


Educational Services Team Members develop relationships, resources, and power with students, school personnel and community members, in tune with values and principles of nonviolence and civil rights. Ethical leadership coaching provides a framework for self-change, as team members develop the capacity to both give and receive coaching with the students, and with other team members. Responsibilities focus on transporting students, phone calling, attending events with the students, home and school visits. Staff also participate in community and public events together with students and parent volunteers.

Maintenance of records, documentation of expenses, program reporting, program outcome documentation and other office related responsibilities are also a part of the job. There will always be other duties as assigned for the successful carrying out of the Educational Services area of Institute programming.

Components of the Job

Educational Services Team Member duties include, but are not limited to:

▪ Interact with community members, elected officials, funders, students, school administrators, teachers, and parents of the students, promoting the mission and purpose of the Institute for Community Leadership.

▪ Participate in staff trainings, meetings, planning, and evaluation as lead team member to insure Educational Services planning is executed, evaluated and agency mission and purpose is optimized out in all aspects of agency endeavor.

▪ Participate in meetings with school administrators, advancing relationships that assist in identification, communication and integration of Institute youth in selection, school related activities, and excused absences for Institute work.

▪ Assure school administrators and teachers have broad and accurate understanding of the mission and purpose of the Institute. Cultivate relationships.

▪ Participate in presentations in schools and classrooms.

▪ Participate and take on responsibilities related to nonviolence leadership classes and events. The anchor program are Saturday mornings at the Institute, and team members assist in transportation, preparation, participation and evaluation of those classes.

▪ Participate in training which is required for each are of the work, plus ongoing training.

▪ Journal daily (on personal time).

▪ Photograph, video, and document all classes and events and post on website, Facebook and social media.

▪ Assist in documentation of all services provided to include sign-in lists, photographs and other source documents.

▪ Assist in maintenance of all agency archives of photos and content, participating in social media and messaging of our work with funders, friends, parents and students.

▪ Study and practice the principles of nonviolence so that one’s own transformation and change is the basis for working with others.

A current driver’s license, a vehicle and insurance on that vehicle are requirements for transporting children. Confidentiality is a professional necessity in the work with youth and their families.

Salary: The position salary is $3,200 per month for full time, hourly equivalent for part time, with medical, dental and pension after three months. Benefits include medical, dental and pension after three months.

To Apply: Submit a cover letter stating your interest specifically FOR THIS POSITION, and your resume to Dr. Nyla Rosen


Benefits include medical, dental and pension after three months.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

To Apply: Submit a cover letter stating your interest specifically FOR THIS POSITION, and your resume to Dr. Nyla Rosen