Facilities Coordinator

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Full Time




57 Willoughby Street
New York
United States


Under the direct supervision of the Deputy Director of Administration, the Facilities Coordinator plans, implements and supervises the Facility Staff and also leads development & maintenance system for all building plants within the agency’s portfolio. He/she establishes the highest standards of consistency in aesthetics, health and safety for each building and provides direct supervision to maintenance staff at all facility projects/sites. The Coordinator is ultimately responsible for ensuring that all maintenance repairs, projects, etc. at all facilities are in accordance with local, state and federal regulations and guidelines and are completed within the required deadline(s) provided. He or she is responsible for the development of a facilities health and safety operational manual, and its dissemination upon approval of the Deputy Director of Administration.


Leadership, Training & Staff Support

  • Provide departmental vision, leadership, day- to-day program oversight, supervision and guidance to all facilities managers, staff and volunteers to ensure compliance with facilities operational procedure, protocols, contractual, and administrative requirements as well as ensuring that performance and budgetary targets are met within specified deadlines.
  • Ensure that all staff and volunteers develop a clear understanding of tasks to be done at each worksite via activities including but not limited to comprehensive professional development; creating and disseminating an up to date Facilities Manual that provides the department’s staff and management with a clear understanding of the work of the department.
  • Coordinate set-ups and breakdowns for on-site Project events.
  • Provide oversight to ensure appropriate staff scheduling.

·        Ensure that appropriate equipment, tools or supplies needed for daily facilities work are available and appropriate for staff and volunteers.

External & Interdepartmental Liaising

  • Serve as an expert on resources and information related to best practices in the field of facilities operations.
  • Serve as resource to management, facilities volunteers and staff on issues related buildings health and safety issues.
  • Facilitate relationships with national and local organizations to further the program’s mission and goals.

·        Problem solve with relevant program staff, facilities managers & staff around challenges regarding the work of the department.

·        Develop relationships with local businesses such as Home Depot or Lowe’s to further maintenance goals.

Monitoring Compliance & Quality Assurance

  • Oversee Health & Safety processes, preventative maintenance and repair tasks and conduct inspections on a monthly and as-needed basis to determine work progress.
  • Track the outcome of each inspection and report said outcome of inspections and staff report on work progress to the Executive Director of Head Start on a monthly basis
  • Ensure compliance with program & funder policies, procedures, codes, regulations, government agency directives as well as Best Practices/Policies and Procedures.
  • Maintain interface with administrators and funders, ensuring excess of contract compliance, including preparation of accurate and timely reporting.

·        Perform monitoring and quality assurance at each site to ensure that work done is in full compliance with any relevant standards, codes and safety procedures;

·        Gather data from Facilities Managers & staff and Volunteer Coordinator on concerns, trends and issues related to maintenance activities; and implement methods of ameliorating any concerns noted. Relevant data is to be shared with the Data Team as needed.

Building & Maintaining Systems for Efficiency

  • Keep all mechanical, electrical, and structural blueprints and diagrams up to date; maintain library of parts list, maintenance manuals, reference books and catalogues
  • Ensure that all Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) systems are operating in a safe, efficient, and orderly fashion by managing all phases of maintenance, repair and replacement of equipment.
  • Maintain orderly, technologically efficient work order, compliance and violations tracking systems
  • Establish measurable response metrics for responding to service requests and work orders (i.e. service ticket priority ratings).
  • Devising and creating systems for preventing building violations from regulatory sources (e.g. DoHMH; DOB, NYC Fire Department, NYC DOE, NYC ACS) and responding in a timely manner.

Managing Facilities Procurement

  • Procure and manage outsourced service contracts through competitive bidding processes in coordination with the Finance Team and with the final approval of the Executive Director of Head Start
  • Make determination if repair and maintenance tasks should be completed internally or through external contractors in Executive Director of Head coordination with and with the agreement of the Executive Director of Head Start. Schedule employees in accordance with plan while being conscious of budget constraints and contract obligations.
  • Maintain a supply of inventory necessary for optimal operating efficiency by initiating purchase orders for maintenance supplies, machinery, equipment, parts and services as needed.
  • Manage construction contractual/budgeting processes, planning, development, implementation and work flow with external partners and program staff

Emergency Response

  • Be available to respond to emergency calls and administer an after-hours emergency response call list.
  • Manage snow removal operations by Staff and Contractors during snow and ice precipitation events and other emergencies
  • In conjunction with the Facilities Director, manage emergency response tasks in any facilities/natural disaster related emergencies such as power outages, vehicle accidents on the premises, storm related emergencies, and any other emergency type situations.


·        All other Duties as assigned.



·        Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience

·        Valid Licensure as Home Improvement Contractor in NYS required

·        Proof of Workers Comp Insurance, State Tax ID and NYS Contractors Bond or equivalent


·        At least 3-5 years’ experience supervising multi-building plant maintenance systems.

·        At least 3-5 years’ experience in hands-on building maintenance and construction.

Skills & Abilities

·        Excellent written and verbal communication skills

·        Respectful and comfortable with persons from multi-cultural and socio-economic backgrounds

·        Ability to manage multiple personnel and provide leadership

·        Ability to work collaboratively with all stakeholders and fellow management personnel

·        Knowledge of Microsoft Office applications

·        Ability to navigate the internet

  • Excellent time management, organization, and multi-tasking skills
  • Ability to create scopes of work including labor and materials required to complete specified projects
  • Ability to estimate time frames and costs for large scope projects
  • Ability to handle multiple projects, deadlines and locations
  • Knowledge of the DOB filing process and procedures
  • Possess current, valid driver’s license (not under suspension or limitation)
  • Good physical condition with ability to lift 75 lbs. and possessing good fine motor skills, coordination and ability to withstand exposure to dust, fumes, heights, and confined spaces

Other Requirements

·        Organized, resourceful, and willing to go the extra mile

·        Vehicle or other means or transportation

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

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