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Mission Statement: Help Silent Spring Institute communicate high-impact science to everyone through interactive web applications.



We’re looking for a web application engineer to lead our efforts to design digital tools to communicate research about harmful chemicals in everyday environments.

We measure chemical levels in people’s environments and in their bodies—even a New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof was tested in one of our studies:! We built a web application to help us return individual results in an understandable way to the people who were tested. We need your help turning it into a scalable tool that can be used by more studies to reach tens of thousands of participants. Here’s a description of some of our work so far:

Silent Spring is relentlessly asking tough questions about the chemicals in our homes and in the products we buy. You’ll be there with us, helping us communicate our findings to create conscious consumers and healthier communities. 

You will have opportunities to develop new software tools or lead data science projects, for example, analyzing environmental health data, developing new R packages, or creating novel visualizations of our unique datasets. You will help develop new smartphone tools, like Detox Me ( to collect data on the products people are using and track interventions to their reduce exposures.


Your skills

  • web app development: You can implement a design using web technologies (CSS, HTML, and Javascript), ideally both desktop and mobile.
  • data visualization: You can make intelligible custom graphs and charts, using tools like d3.
  • client and server: You can use Ruby on Rails for web applications. Knowledge of other technology options (Rails, Django, node.js, PHP, etc., Bootstrap, etc.) and the ability to make informed decisions about their use is a plus.
  • data management and statistical analyses: You’re familiar with R or a similar tool, or are willing to learn.
  • experience with interaction design
  • good software engineering habits: source control, testing, reusability, documentation, etc.


You’ll work with diverse technical and non-technical colleagues. As the primary software person on our team, you’ll need to demonstrate considerable autonomy and versatility.


More about us

Our 20-person multi-disciplinary team includes experts in toxicology, exposure science, epidemiology, and community-based research. We collaborate with the Intelligent Interactive Systems Group at Harvard as well as scientists at UC Berkeley, UCLA, Northeastern, US Centers for Disease Control, and elsewhere. We publish in peer-reviewed journals and our research is covered by major media outlets (, We are celebrating our 25th anniversary next year!

Silent Spring Institute is a non-profit research organization dedicated to identifying—and changing—the links between environmental chemicals and women’s health. We collaborate with researchers and activists locally and nationally. Our research focuses on environmental pollutants linked to breast cancer, especially endocrine disrupting compounds and animal mammary gland carcinogens, and path-breaking studies of household exposures. This is an opportunity to be part of a nationally-recognized, innovative, mission-driven team.


We offer competitive salaries, 4 weeks vacation plus holidays, health insurance, and other benefits.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

Send a cover letter and resume to If you don’t have significant work experience yet, please include a copy of your academic transcript (photocopy is fine).