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Full Time


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Better Lives collaborates with a network of partner organizations across the world. Together, we assist families to become food and income self-reliant so that their children can grow up healthy, educated and able to earn an income. 

We do this by providing management and technical training so that our partner organizations can implement projects and programs in six focus areas: Access Resources, Apply Knowledge, Strengthen Health, Earn Income, Improve Home, and Enhance Education. Projects within each of these areas include: water distribution systems, compost production, organic farming, small business lending, home improvement, and improving school infrastructure.

This is a full-time position responsible for coordinating programs with Better Lives’ local partners in Cambodia, Tanzania, and Uganda. The role is the point of contact between Better Lives and the organizations we collaborate with.


Assist local partner organizations to implement programs in line with Better Lives’ Mission, Approach, Path, and Principles. This includes financial and organizational self-reliance.

Contribute to creating a workplace that is effective, efficient, and enjoyable for all stakeholders.


Program Administrator

·      Plan, monitor, and control partner program budgets

·      Receive, review, and record deliverable completion reports

·      Request payment approval for partners’ completed deliverables

·      Maintain asset ledger and pro-active maintenance plan

·      Build and maintain good relationships with local partners to ensure continued successful collaboration

·      Provide services both on-site at partner locations and remotely.


Development Coordinator

·      Collaborate with Quality Coordinator and Partner Manager (both based internationally) to:

o  Identify and prioritize challenges and opportunities for local development

o  Gather local information to put proposed solutions through approval process

·      Conduct periodic site visits for all partners

·      Deliver training sessions to local partners about Better Lives’:

o  Mission, Approach, Path, and Principles

o  Processes, Programs, Projects, and Tools


Better Lives Team Member

·      Always champion and strive to act by Better Lives’ Mission, Approach, Path, and Principles.

·      Contribute Continuous Quality Improvement ideas for all relevant processes

·      Assist Executive Director to plan and deliver communications for stakeholders including emails, presentations, and formal reports.

·      Assist Communications Intern to prepare blog updates and monthly newsletters


Reports to the Executive Director

Collaborates closely with local partners

Collaborates with Communications Team

Receives support from technical experts as needed

Qualifications & Experience                         

Preferred 4-year degree with relevant masters

Using software to manage budgets and timelines

Expense reporting and analysis

Comfortable without an office

Able to work with minimal supervision

Able to be productive working internationally

Interest in international development

Skills Required                                              

Organized and detailed-oriented

Organize information concisely

Planning ahead and following plans

Providing constructive feedback

Working / problem solving within a framework

Strong written communication skills

Quick learner

Persistent Problem Solver


This role involves travel and hands-on collaboration with locally-run organizations. All transport, food, lodging, and medical expenses are covered while traveling.

Health Insurance available

Level of Language Proficiency

Experience with Swahili, Khmer, and Spanish is valued but not required.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

Please email resume and cover letter to