Program Director

Job Type

Full Time


Minimum: $25,000
Maximum: $30,000
Details: 2000 for health care and other fringe benefits



Start Date


Application Deadline



On the road to Santa Fe



The role of the Director is to oversee and strengthen all day-to-day operations of Finca del Nino, including education (primary and secondary school), maintenance, social work, the clinic, family life (within the children’s homes), transitional programs towards independent living, spiritual life, security and the volunteer missionary program. A successful candidate will live at Finca del Niño, be an experienced human services administrator or have prior experience in social work as well as organizational management, change/growth, be a practicing Christian, have lived in Latin America or within a Latino culture, and be fully fluent in Spanish (English proficiency heavily preferred).

This person shall have a sound understanding of or have proven experience with cultivating and coaching teams, fundraising, navigating government protocols and regulations, trauma-informed care, and will be accountable to and report to the Honduran Board of Directors of Finca del Nino. S/he will lead the clinical team and will provide weekly supervision of all teams at the Finca onsite in Honduras, maintain staff morale, generate resources for the project, establish relationships while maintaining relevant prior relationships that could support the Finca, and ensure the overall quality of services available to all within the Finca del Niño community.

Primary Responsibilities:

General Management

• Be responsible for the Vision of Farm of the Child

• Provide long-term programmatic guidance in line with the Finca del Nino Mission Statement and good technical practices.

• Have the highest responsibility for decisions at the Farm of the Child

• Supervise day-to-day operations of the various departments at Farm of the Child (i.e. Education, Maintenance, Clinical Team, etc.)

• Create and maintain a healthy and safe atmosphere for the family homes and all members of the Finca community on site in Honduras

• Support and foment unity between the departments within Farm of the Child

• Represent the project in all official capacities and communications.

Personnel Management

To be responsible for managing all personnel. This role will include the following responsibilities:

• Recruit Honduran personnel and volunteers

• Recruit, place and train assistant directors

• Develop and lead a functional hierarchy of leadership of the project

• Evaluate and select the applications of foreign volunteers

• Lead an evaluation process for each employee or volunteer

• Develop and implement sustainable training for the respective roles of all personnel

• Oversee the termination of employment of employee or volunteer term when necessary


• Be responsible for the utilization of all resources made available to the project

• Establish a culture of stewardship of all resources available to the project

• Create and follow an annual budget for general operating expenses and special projects in conjunction with

the project accountant and leadership structure

• Reconcile expenses and communicate current financial state to the Finca del Nino Honduran Board of Directors

• Maintain a clear vision of the project’s pillar of simplicity

Resource mobilization and stewardship

• Identify sources of new funding for the project or ways to reduce costs.

• Ensure compliance with external donor requirements and commitments.

Board Communication

• Serve as the communication link between Finca del Niño and the Honduran Board of Directors (specifically with the Vice President).

• Work closely with relevant technical committees and consultants in Honduras and those associated with Farm of the Child USA.

Public Relations

• Maintain good relationships with the leadership of the Franciscan sisters, the local Catholic Church,

communities near the project.

• Maintain external relationships of the Finca of high strategic importance while cultivating new relationships.

Professional Requirements/Minimum Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree or higher in Psychology, Social Work, or other child welfare-related field (or equivalent experience)

• 5+ years professional experience supervising teams working with children or youth having experienced trauma and a sound understanding of best practices in residential care of children or youth.

• Understanding of Child Development, Trauma Informed Care, Developmentally Appropriate Practice and utilization of clinical treatment models, such as Cognitive, Cognitive Behavioral, and Psychotherapy.

• Experience working with vulnerable children

• Catholic or Christian

• Be willing and able to live, defend, and promote the community pillars of the Farm (spirituality, simplicity,

community and service)

• Has lived in rural Latino communities and able to make sound decisions based on understanding of Honduran “campo” culture

• Be able to relate well with all members of the Farm’s community

• Able to lead personnel and delegate effectively

• Team-player / works well with others

• Able to effectively manage in times of crisis

• Dynamic, flexible in responding to ever-changing situations

Other Desired Qualifications:

• Has experience working with religious

• Has worked as or with missionaries/volunteers

• NGO Leadership Experience preferred

• Responds well, seeks out constructive criticism while driving towards continual self-improvement

• Gives constructive criticism, trained to develop personnel

• Skilled at prioritizing


Housing and transportation would be fully covered since the Program Director would live on site at Finca del Nino.

Level of Language Proficiency

Fully fluent and professionally proficient in Spanish, native speaker preferred

English proficiency highly preferred

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

Able to commit to the position for a minimum of 3 years

Must have a valid driver’s license

Final candidates must submit to a criminal background check and drug screening as a prerequisite for the being considered for the position.