Consultancy Coordinator for Sustainability focused NGO

Job Type

Part Time




Details: £12 per hour + 10% Commission on Services Sold



Application Deadline:



Findhorn Community
United Kingdom



The Global Ecovillage Network (“GEN”) offers sustainability focused services through a Consultancy.

GEN designs and promotes Consultancy offerings, gathers Client leads through an intake form, and helps Clients to define and confirm their needs and interests. GEN promotes the Consultancy through its website, social media, newsletter, conferences, ambassadors, advocacy, ads, and regions.

When GEN sells a Consultancy service, it either performs the service, or refers the Client to a qualified Consultant in GEN’s network to do so. Afterwards, GEN gathers feedback from Clients, and continues to innovate and improve the composition, processes, and marketing of these services.

The Consultancy Coordinator serves as the central client service and sales role in this process.

This includes liaising with Clients to define their needs, helping them select services, collecting payment from them, and routing them to appropriate Consultants who can help. The Consultancy Coordinator is primarily responsible to ensure that Clients are warmly welcomed, feel well taken care of, and are satisfied with services received.

Starting Date: April 2018

Work Location: Remote, or from GEN Office in Findhorn, Scotland

Reports to: Business Director, Education Director, and Executive Director

Type of Position: Independent Contractor

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assist Clients to identify their needs and to purchase Consultation services.
  • Familiarize with GEN’s Consultancy offerings and the Network of Consultants.
  • Provide feedback to improve offerings or to fix issues as necessary or inspired.
  • Respond to Client contacts within 72 hours (unless otherwise arranged.)
  • Provide remarkable support to Clients in a kind, timely, and professional manner. 
  • Remain available to communicate with Clients via email or phone about their interest.
  • Reach out to potential Client leads provided by GEN and found through research.
  • Match Clients to available Consultant that will work for them best, working with Executive Director and Education Director as necessary.
  • Ensure that Consultant partners are delivering quality service and communication to Clients.
  • Submit a brief report and feedback to GEN about the outcomes of each Service.
  • Perform services in an expert and diligent manner and to the best of ability, respecting the Consultancy Guidelines and GEN Code of Conduct.
  • Provide support on related services as GEN and the Consultancy Coordinator may mutually agree upon from time to time during the duration of this Agreement.


Hours: 15-25 hours per month, flexible on when hours are worked

Compensation: £12 per hour + 10% Commissions on Services sold. 

Consultancy Services are sold for between £99-£5,000, with larger custom quotes possible.

Benefits: As an independent contractor, no pension, holiday, sick pay, or other benefits are provided. 

You are excused from work activities when you are sick without penalty, and you may schedule time off as needed or requested. You must inform your line manager or someone else in the office at the earliest possible point that you are missing a work engagement because of sickness or time off.

Level of Language Proficiency

Core Competencies:

  • Professional background in providing sales and customer support.
  • Excellent English communication. Further language competence is an appreciated bonus.
  • Ability to effectively communicate, build positive rapport, and collaborate with others.
  • Understanding of and agreement to the vision, core values, and code of conduct of GEN.
  • High degree of integrity: you do the work you commit to and are honest accounting for it.
  • Availability to respond to communications from Client, Consultant, or GEN within 72 hours.
  • Excellent internet connection, including webcam and quiet workplace for calls.
  • High familiarity and comfort with the internet, email, and online collaboration tools.
  • Communication skills that are empathetic, professional, attentive, persuasive, and respectful.
  • Willingness to research answers, to recommend solutions, and to seek help when needed.
  • Able to contribute feedback and to recommend adjustments for GEN to improve.
  • Ability to keep a positive attitude, a sense of teamwork, and flexibility as GEN grows.
  • Maintain familiarity with and support of the Global Ecovillage Network and it’s happenings.
  • Subject to any reasonable requests of GEN, the Consultancy Coordinator is exclusively responsible for organising when, how, and in what order the Services are performed.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

Apply: Email your application by March 26, 2018 to:


  • Cover Letter outlining what motivates you to apply for this position and to work with GEN, and why you are uniquely qualified to take on this position.
  • Resume/CV and Bio.
  • 2-3 References.