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Please note: this is a 12 month paid internship based out of our Barcelona office. ​To be eligible, you must have unrestricted rights to work in Barcelona.

You must submit a Cover Letter as part of your application. Please submit your CV and Cover Letter as one PDF document.

The Open Society Initiative for Europe (OSIFE) endeavors to strengthen the rights, voice, and democratic power of society’s least privileged groups, and thus make democracy work better for all in Europe. We support organizations that channel active participation in democracy by majorities and minorities alike, and that uphold open society values, particularly in places where the rollback of civil and political rights is most severe. The Security program aims to strengthen public security policies through the carry out of advocacy, policy research and facilitating the dialogue between policy makers, civil society and think-tanks on home security, Counter- terrorism and counter violent extremism and migration.

We operate from Barcelona, Budapest, London, and New York. The program is advanced through grant-making, advocacy and research, regional initiatives, and close engagement with local Open Society foundations.
Candidate Profile
For this internship program, OSF is seeking individuals who have completed their studies in the last 5 years in a relevant university degree program who are highly motivated and have demonstrated excellence in prior endeavors. The ideal candidates will have experience, knowledge and/or strong commitment in the protection of human rights. They also will provide strong research and methodological skills, a demonstrated ability to write effectively and analyze and summarize complex information, and a desire to function in a team environment. They also must be able to work independently and multi-task while remaining attentive to detail. and be English native speaker or excellent in English and proficient in other regional languages (desirable in French).

Upon acceptance, interns will need to provide documentation indicating that they have completing their studies in the last 5 years.


Interns will be instructed, and receive hands-on training, in the promotion of human rights, civil society, security, rule of law and discrimination including but not limited to, the identification of an injustice to be remedied, the formulation of a comprehensive action plan, and the research and writing involved in studies associated with the program. The interns will receive their training in the context of OSF’s OSIFE Program.

With close supervision by an assigned mentor, interns will learn about the various tools available for researching issues and engaging in oral and written persuasive advocacy techniques related to human rights related initiatives.

Over the course of the internship, they will gain an in-depth understanding of the region’s policy agenda, security and rule of law sector and human rights community – ranging from advocacy to grant-making, capacity-building initiatives to convening for policy debate and discussion.

Interns will receive hands-on advocacy, research and writing experience by assisting OSF in monitoring European region and drafting English language news outlets for information on the political, social and economic context relevant to OSIFE, help translate short documents from French, Spanish or Dutch to English and provide policy updates, summaries and critiques of grant reports. Interns also will learn the communication skills that are required in national advocacy and international grant-making initiatives by, among other things, assisting in the drafting of related correspondence and participating in conference calls.

Main duties:
  • Supporting programmatic efforts by conducting a wide range of activities related to the grant making process and/or analytical work in support of field development, capacity-building, regional consultations, and integrative activities;
  • Supporting the implementation of relevant advocacy activities, including organising advocacy convening, drafting statements, policy paper and promotional materials;
  • Monitoring European Member States, European and United Nations policy agendas, activities/calendars relevant to security, and provide Advocacy team with up-to-date information by drafting policy updates, sharing news;
  • Participating in calls, meetings and eventually advocacy events and prepare concept, agenda, meeting reports;
  • Partnering closely with program administration staff to ensure efficient flow of grants processing, event organising and other similar information.
  • Maintaining and updating working files and databases of advocacy experts, organizations and contacts.

  • Background in political science, security, criminology, sociology, international relations, human rights or other relevant degrees.
  • Strong commitment to open society values of rights, justice, accountable governance, human dignity, and democratic practice.
  • Strong research and methodological skills, ability to process large amounts of information, and communicating concisely in writing are essential.
  • Good knowledge of national public policy and legislative cycles, international governmental institutions and interest in national and international policy advocacy.
  • Ability to deal with a great amount of data and organise them in a useful format.
  • Friendly and diplomatic person, ability to communicate along a broad range of nationalities in an international environment.
  • Proficient written and spoken communication in English, a good knowledge of French is desirable.

You must submit a Cover letter as part of your application. Please submit your CV and Cover Letter as one PDF document.

We are strengthened by the diversity of our colleagues across the Open Society Foundations. We welcome applications from people of all cultures, backgrounds, and experiences, and are committed to providing reasonable accommodations so that colleagues with disabilities are able to fulfill the essential functions of the job.

Professional Level

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