Homicide / Major Felony Attorney

Job Type

Full Time


Details: Salary will be commensurate with experience and within the parameters of BDS’s compensation scale.




177 Livingston Street
United States


Brooklyn Defender Services is seeking applications from attorneys to represent clients charged with homicide. 

Those who choose to apply should have the following qualifications:

1.      8 years criminal defense litigation experience including the following:

  • 10 preliminary hearings in which oral testimony was taken and a decision rendered or 15 litigated motions in which oral testimony was taken and a decision rendered, at least eight of which occurred post-indictment.
  • 5 post-indictment jury trials which proceeded to verdict as sole attorney and 8 as co-counsel.
  • Cross-examination during trial of at least four of the following: laboratory technicians, undercover agents, psychiatrists or psychologists, ballistics experts, fingerprint experts, DNA experts, sexual abuse experts, child abuse experts, identification experts, false confession experts, any other comparable experts.

2.       Demonstrated ability to be an excellent litigator in the courtroom both at hearings and trial and at regular calendar appearances.

3.      The ability and desire to analyze the legal issues in a particular case and the skill to draft quality    legal motions and memorandum of law.

4.      Desire to delve deeply into cases, find factual and legal issues and utilize mitigation and social     work services.

5.      The ability to work effectively in a team, particularly as regards to collaborating with the investigator and social worker on the case.

6.      The ability and dedication to work with experts in technical areas like DNA, fingerprint, hair analysis, cell phone triangulation, etc.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required


How To Apply

Those attorneys who wish to apply for a position in this unit should submit the following:

1.      A statement of interest, delineating the reason that they wish to work at BDS and special skills or experiences that make them qualified to handle homicide cases.

2.      Number of trials conducted, specifying:

  •   felony or misdemeanor trials, listing the charges involved.
  • for each trial conducted whether sole counsel or co-counsel.
  • for each trial conducted as co-counsel, specific whether lead counsel, second seat or true co-counsel.

3.      Number of preliminary hearings and litigated motions conducted where testimony was taken specifying:

  • felony or misdemeanor hearing, listing charges involved.
  • for each hearing conducted whether sole counsel or co-counsel.
  • for each hearing conducted as co-counsel specify whether lead counsel, second seat or true co-counsel.

4.      Number of trial cases conducted where there was cross-examination and/or direct examination of any of the following expert testimony, listing the nature and the number of each type of expert as follows:

  • ID or False Confession experts
  • Psychologists or Psychiatrists
  • DNA experts
  • Forensic Science experts
  • Medical doctors/ pathologists
  • ballistics or fingerprint experts
  • undercover officers
  • lab technicians
  • any other expert witness not mentioned above. 

5.      Motions litigating admission of expert testimony either for admission or exclusion.

6.      Frye motions and/or hearings.

7.      Types of cases where mitigation reports were used to affect the outcome of the plea or sentence, including motions to dismiss in the interest of justice (attach motion if possible).

8.      Any complex legal motions prepared by you (attach motion if possible).

Please submit this application to Laura Saft at Jobs2018@bds.org