Field Operations Manager- La Merced, Peru

Job Type

Full Time


Minimum: $9,600
Maximum: $12,000
Details: Salary commensurate with experience




La Merced


FIMRC is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization dedicated to improving pediatric and maternal health in the developing world through the implementation of innovative and self-sustainable health improvement programs. Through its network of outpatient clinics and partnerships, FIMRC asserts a multidimensional strategy that includes clinical services, extensive community outreach efforts and health education programs.

FIMRC was founded in 2002, is incorporated in Washington, D.C. and headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. The FIMRC team includes over 3,000 dedicated staff and volunteers worldwide who provide the leadership and support necessary to achieve our mission of improving access to health care for children in underserved communities. Fully staffed clinics and project sites utilize community outreach and education to complement the direct medical care that we provide in many of our locations across the globe. FIMRC operates in nine countries: Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, India, Nicaragua, Philippines, Peru and Uganda.

FIMRC has an outstanding opportunity for the Field Operations Manager (FOM) at our location in La Merced, Peru. The FOM directs and oversees all operations and logistics, supervises all in-country FIMRC staff, and works closely with staff, community members, and volunteers to maximize the impact of all FIMRC activities in the communities we serve. The FOM is essential to carrying out the management of a dynamic team responsible for implementing FIMRC’s mission.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Area of Focus 1: Project Management 30% - 100% of time depending on time of year

  • Create/maintain FIMRC La Merced´s annual strategic plan with goals, objectives, and indicators, to be reported on monthly and evaluated with headquarters quarterly;
  • Manage project site monitoring, evaluation, and reporting to track project activities and beneficiaries to complete official reports to be sent to the national office;
  • Supervise the work of the Field Officers through management of project operations, health education development, and partnership management;
  • Provide guidance, professional development training, and technical expertise to the Field Officers to meet organizational goals;
  • Manage and conduct fiscal operations, including: accounting, audits, cash-counts, budget planning, authorizing expenditures, and coordinating financial reporting;
  • Update donation list and Adopt-A-Project according the needs based on the project site;
  • Strengthen current partnerships with local agencies and organizations to further FIMRC’s mission in the community and create additional opportunities for volunteers;
  • Manage special initiatives directly related to the project sites and project needs;
  • Responsible for preparing and submitting all legal documentation to the Peruvian Government Ministries to ensure FIMRC abides by all Peruvian laws and regulations;
  • Serve as La Merced’s legal representative to enter into contracts and other legal obligations;

Area of Focus 2: Volunteer Management 30% - 100% of time depending on time of year

  • Coordinate all logistics and programmatic activities for FIMRC’s Global Health Volunteers, Fellows, Ambassadors, Interns, Comparative Health Immersion Rotation Program participants, Summer International Health Fellows, practicum students, local volunteers, and other specialty volunteers, travelling to La Merced in conjunction with the Field Officers;
  • Arrange complex arrival and departure logistics for all La Merced volunteers;
  • Work with project staff to develop unique itineraries for FIMRC’s international volunteers based on skill level, time in country, and interests in accordance with La Merced’s strategic plan;
  • Serve as a resource to all volunteers with information about the local culture, health care system, and the needs of the communities in which FIMRC works;
  • Accompany volunteers to project activities and serve as an English-Spanish translator/interpreter;
  • Work with Master’s Practicum Students, Fellows, Ambassadors, and Interns to develop sustainable community projects prior to their arrival and then closely monitor their work in the project site;
  • Respond quickly and appropriately to any volunteer emergencies or problems;
  • Follow all response procedures and protocols for responding to various volunteer emergencies;
  • Assist volunteers in coordinating free-time activities to visit local tourist attractions;

Area of Focus 3: Health Education and Community Outreach 30% - 100% of time depending on time of year

  • Establish/maintain strong health education programs for the communities being served in conjunction with Field Officers; FOM is responsible for the overall management/facilitation of the curriculum development, providing support and guidance to the team;
  • Coordinate health education programs and community campaigns with volunteers and Field Officers;
  • Create tools and resources for Field Officers to effectively track sessions and collect data to analyze impact;
  • Create new outreach opportunities in communities to further impact;
  • Conduct health assessments and work with communities in rural areas to create development plans that help them address their primary health concerns;
  • Research disease prevalence and public health trends in local community to identify FIMRC’s priority intervention areas.


  • Proficiency in Spanish & English
  • Bachelor's degree (B.A., B.S., etc)
  • Best mix of personality (we're a small fun-loving bunch!) and skill set
  • Commitment to service and FIMRC mission
  • Minimum 2 years international experience and strong intercultural communication and facilitation skills
  • Ability to work independently and accomplish goals with remote management
  • Capability to work productively with interdisciplinary teams across various countries
  • Demonstrated organizational skills, self-motivation, flexibility, ability to work and thrive in a fast-paced, energetic, highly creative environment
  • Ability to build and maintain strong partnership with organizations at various levels
  • Strong sense of focus and attention to detail, and ability to multitask
  • Ability to create short and long-term plans and execute accordingly


Benefits and position details:

  • Location: La Merced, Peru
  • Contract Start Date: October 1st 2018
  • Contract Length: 2 years with option to renew or promotion opportunities
  • Compensation: Commensurate with experience, ranges from $9,600 – $12,000
  • Educational stipend for books, conferences, seminars, online tutorials, or other educational activities
  • Health insurance stipend provided
  • Round-trip flight from the US to country of employment

Level of Language Proficiency

  • Proficiency in Spanish & English

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

To apply for this position, please send a cover letter, resume and contact information to at your earliest convenience. Please indicate La Merced, Peru in your email. Interviews will be offered on a rolling basis until the ideal candidate is selected.