Elementary School Teacher (2nd & 3rd Grade)

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Full Time



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800 S.Wells Street
Suite 90
United States


Village Leadership Academy (VLA) is looking for highly motivated, hard working, and flexible educators grounded in the praxis of student-centered, community-based curriculum to teach students in the areas of reading, math, writing, technology, and social justice within a framework of experiential learning and project-based curriculum. Candidates should be very passionate about teaching and possess a strong work ethic with the capacity to accommodate a dynamic daily schedule. Additionally, all candidates should be self-directed, reflective practitioners and collaborative team players versed in theories of liberatory education, restorative justice, and the merits of youth participatory action research. Village Leadership Academy seeks innovative, proactive educators who are capable of engaging students in real-world problem solving and planning comprehensive lessons that not only demonstrate knowledge of differentiated instruction, along with alignment to state standards and Common Core Standards, but that also incorporate students’ funds of knowledge.

Essential Functions:

  • Responsible for instructional planning, including, but not limited to, submitting weekly lesson plans and grades in accordance with the objectives of the instructional program;
  • Establishing positive learning expectations and environments for all students and evaluating students’ progress and achievements and maintaining current and accurate student records;
  • Implementing instructional methods, including, but not limited to, applying contemporary principles of constructivist learning theory and teaching methodology,
  • Creating curriculum that aligns with Village Leadership Academy’s social justice ethos and providing differentiated small group instruction;
  • Participating in professional development and using pertinent information and materials provided;
  • Engaging in teacher evaluation processes and implementing new teaching techniques;
  • Attending and participating in weekly staff meetings and collaborating with co-educators during grade-level meetings;
  • Coordinating school assemblies highlighting historical epochs and students’ achievements and talents;
  • Exhibiting and applying knowledge of an integrated social justice curriculum across subject areas;
  • Facilitating service learning projects and grassroots campaigns;
  • Documenting students’ growth via authentic assessment and administering Diagnostic Reading Assessments, quantitative and qualitative social justice evaluations, and standardized tests;
  • Updating bulletin boards and interest areas reflective of students’ current work;
  • Maintaining a clean, well-organized classroom;
  • Modeling VLA’s Pillars of Justice to cultivate and reinforce positive student conduct and character;
  • Encouraging students’ cultural empowerment and expression and student growth in self-discipline and positive self-concept and identity;
  • Ensuring fairness in teacher-student relationships and exhibiting an understanding and respect for students’ voices and agency;
  • Initiating appropriate conferences with parents, guardians, and administrators regarding students’ academic progress, attendance, and conduct;
  • Coordinating and participating in family and community events (e.g. Family Math and Literacy Nights);
  • Supporting school fundraisers and planning and attending class or school-wide field trips;
  • Participating in extra-curricular and after-school activities and clubs;
  • Utilizing appropriate resources available in the community; and other duties as assigned.


All candidates must have excellent verbal and written communication skills and must have experience working with students from low socioeconomic communities. Candidates must be able to demonstrate competence necessary to contribute to students’ academic and emotional development and cultural empowerment. Bachelor’s degree. Professional Educator License (PEL) or Educator License with Stipulations (ELS) are preferred but not required.


Starting salary offers are based on relevant experience, potential for growth, and overall fit. Instructors are eligible for medical and dental benefits and paid vacation time. All staff members are equipped with the tools needed to succeed, including intensive coaching and professional development, technology resources, teaching materials, and curriculum.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply


Interested applicants should email their cover letter and resume to VLA's Assistant Principal, M. Ekundayo Harris, at dharris@vlacademy.org

For more information about Village Leadership Academy, please visit the website at www.vlacademy.org