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Part Time




Details: Starting $18/hour, commensurate with qualifications, skills and experience



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UUAC at First Parish in Sherborn is a mid-size congregation located 20 miles west of Boston, seeking a part-time Youth Ministry Coordinator.  

We are a vital, thriving, spiritually alive Unitarian Universalist congregation, with a small but growing youth group. We look forward to welcoming and sharing ministry with a Youth Ministry Coordinator who is ready to lead our Senior Youth Group (SYG, grades 9-12) with vision, energy, inspiration, spiritual grounding, flexibility, fun, creativity, and compassion.

This position involves curriculum development, leading weekly youth meetings, planning and leading service trips, pastoral care to youth and their families, supervision and support of our SYG volunteer advisors, and coordination of integrated youth programming within the wider congregation.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Must be 25 years of age.
  • Must have significant experience in education and/or work with youth, preferably in informal teaching environments, non-profit sectors and/or with faith-based groups.
  • Must have demonstrated leadership skills, small group facilitation skills, as well as communication and organizational skills.
  • Must have experience with the practices and principles of Unitarian Universalism.

Essential Functions:

  • Develop program goals for the Senior Youth Group (SYG) that follows the mission of the church, aligns with our Faith Formation program goals, and follows best practices of Unitarian Universalist youth ministry.
  • Plan and lead weekly SYG meetings with volunteer youth advisors.
  • Vision, plan, and lead service and justice immersion opportunities for youth.
  • Coordinate and work with youth to plan special events such as overnights, youth-led worship services, fundraising, and service opportunities throughout the year.
  • Recruit and support adult volunteer advisors.
  • Coordinate communications with parents and youth around meetings and activities.
  • Work with the youth to give them better visibility and participation in our church community.
  • Serve as a resource for youth, and on occasion, youth group alumni. Establish trust with and be available to youth and their families for pastoral care and counseling, as appropriate.
  • Develop and maintain effective communication strategies with youth, including social media presence for UUAC’s youth program.
  • Facilitate communication between UUAC youth, staff, parents, advisors, and UUAC as a whole.
  • Participate in UUAC’s staff meetings, meetings with SYG Advisors, and local youth staff meetings as appropriate to coordinate and integrate youth in UU community within and beyond our congregation.
  • Work to develop youth leadership through youth participation in leadership of SYG as well as supporting and encouraging participation in regional UU youth programming.
  • Manage the budget allocated to the youth program.
  • Bring a focus of worship and faith formation to SYG that helps youth grow their connection to our faith.
  • Other duties not specified to grow and serve high school youth programming at UUAC Sherborn.

Core Competencies:

Mission: The Youth Ministry Coordinator deeply understands and fully supports the mission, vision, values and beliefs of UUAC and Unitarian Universalism. They are able to teach and communicate those values and beliefs to others. They articulate a clear grounding in the mission and theory of Unitarian Universalist youth ministry. The Youth Ministry Coordinator must have a strong love and understanding of youth ministry and be able to identify and articulate the tools and environment in which Unitarian Universalist youth are best nurtured.

Listening and Learning: As for all ministry positions, the Youth Ministry Coordinator is expected to be a listener and a learner, an empathic pastoral presence, a spiritual companion, and an individual who empowers others to use their gifts in service to the church and the world. The Youth Ministry Coordinator naturally and easily affirms and calls forth the gifts of youth and provides opportunities for their spiritual growth and leadership development.

Interpersonal Skills: The Youth Ministry Coordinator is able to demonstrate the ability to lead, especially in group settings. They especially exhibit respect and enthusiasm for working with and relating to young people. They are able to resolve interpersonal conflict, work constructively as part of a staff team, and maintain a spirit of love, humor and optimism.

Ability to Work Independently and Collaboratively: The Youth Ministry Coordinator properly plans in advance for all youth related activities, and is able to prepare others so that they can perform to the best of their abilities. They are also able to problem solve and collaborate with others.

Relating to Parents and Families: The Youth Ministry Coordinator supports the rights and roles of parents while ministering to the needs and concerns of youth. They are aware of their limitations with respect to counseling and make appropriate referrals.

Relating and Empowering: The Youth Ministry Coordinator can have fun with the youth, and simultaneously empower them by giving them a voice and calling them to responsibility and accountability. The role calls for someone who can relate comfortably to youth while also clearly communicating boundaries, expectations, and structures.

Exhibiting Appropriate Conduct: The Youth Ministry Coordinator is aware that they have considerable personal power because of their position. Therefore, they will sustain respectful relationships, avoiding manipulation and other abuses of power. They will maintain appropriate professional boundaries (e.g. physical, sexual, relational, and emotional). They will model healthy and positive behaviors with youth.

Complying with UUAC policies: The Youth Ministry Coordinator complies with all applicable UUAC policies, with special attention to sexual misconduct, safety, transportation, parental permission, and medical emergency policies.

Maintaining Confidentiality & Mandated Reporting: The Youth Ministry Coordinator, respects confidentiality but also shares confidential information and concerns with the Minister of Faith Formation. By virtue of working with a population under the age of 18, the Youth Ministry Coordinator is a Mandated Reporter, according to MGL, Chapter 119, Section 51A, and is thereby required to report instances of reasonable concern regarding physical or sexual abuse, and neglect of a minor to the Department of Children and Families of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

To apply for the position of Youth Ministry Coordinator at the Unitarian Universalist Area Church at First Parish in Sherborn, email Rev. Heather Concannon at Please attach both a resume and cover letter.


Flexible part-time position, 10 hours/week, mid-August through mid-June,

Up to 100 additional hours over the year for overnight retreats and trips.

Must be available Sundays. Time in office and staff meetings to be negotiated with supervisor. Occasional weekend overnight availability required.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

To apply for the position of Youth Ministry Coordinator at the Unitarian Universalist Area Church at First Parish in Sherborn, email Rev. Heather Concannon at Please attach both a resume and cover letter.