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FUSE Corps - Sacramento, CA

As a pseudo start-up, the California Mental Health Services Authority (CalMHSA) is ready to build infrastructure around its people, systems, and processes to better support its over 60 partners in implementing various types of mental health programs across the state of California. To support this work, CalMHSA will partner with a FUSE Corps Executive Fellow for one year to lead CalMHSA’s operations strategy, streamlining processes and optimizing the usage of Salesforce for clear and efficient business flow.

This fellowship project begins on October 25, 2021, and ends on October 23, 2022. The fellowship begins with a multi-day virtual orientation the week of October 25, 2021. The selected Executive Fellow will begin their first day of providing services to the host agency on November 1, 2021. 


The California Mental Health Services Authority (CalMHSA) is a Joint Powers of Authority (JPA) that pioneers cutting edge programming, providing counties an independent administrative and fiscal intergovernmental structure to support the mental and behavioral health of California residents. CalMHSA helps fund, develop, and implement mental health services and educational programs at the state, regional, and local levels for the uninsured and Medi-Cal populations. CalMHSA has evolved immensely over the last 10 years and its rapid growth required its organizational structure to change. Previously managed by a third-party entity that oversaw the administration of CalMHSA, senior leadership decided in November 2020 to separate from third-party management and to manage its own operations by creating a separate organizational infrastructure to support the work. As part of the transition, new staff were hired including new strategic leaders to drive a proactive agenda around mental and behavioral health systems change (for example, implementing a semi-statewide electronic medical record exchange); expanding its project portfolio, and allocating financial investments to create the infrastructure needed to administer CalMHSA’s business operations.

As a pseudo start-up, CalMHSA’s leadership is ready to build infrastructure around its people, systems, and processes to better align its business operations with the mission and vision of the organization. To do this, there are several components of the organization that must be developed: codify key processes such as contracting, fiscal management and project life cycles; customize systems to ensure programmatic and fiscal transparency for counties and develop a reporting system that provides real-time data for CalMHSA’s leadership. With the impact COVID-19 on the mental health of communities—especially low-income and uninsured communities—there is a greater demand placed on behavioral and mental health care systems across the State and the partners supported by CalMHSA. With the increase in the demand for mental and behavioral health services and an influx of funding to support programs and services, it’s imperative that CalMHSA has an efficient system in place to administer funds for its programs and services and to effectively manage projects to support the well-being of California communities.

To support this work, CalMHSA has partnered with FUSE Corps to bring in an Executive Fellow to lead CalMHSA’s operations strategy to streamline processes and optimize the usage of Salesforce for clear and efficient business flow. Working closely with the Executive Director, Chief Operating Officer and the Chief Financial Officer, the FUSE Executive Fellow will leverage Salesforce to create clear internal and external communication systems with partners and internal staff. With 61 different CalMHSA partners implementing 15-20 different types of mental health programs, the FUSE Executive Fellow will create the systems and processes needed to support efficient operations and ultimately contribute to the mental well-being of communities across the State of California.


The following provides a general overview of the proposed fellowship project. This project summary and the potential deliverables that follow will be collaboratively revisited by the host agency, the Executive Fellow, and FUSE staff during the first few months of the fellowship, after which a revised scope of work will be developed and agreed upon by the FUSE Executive Fellow and the host agency.

Starting in November 2021, the FUSE Executive Fellow will begin a deep review and analysis of the current business operations: by interviewing CalMHSA staff to understand what’s working, their system needs and pain points in their current processes; by conducting a workflow analysis of key processes (i.e. contracting, project life cycles and funds distribution) and by reviewing programs and existing workstreams and projects plans. The Executive Fellow will review the current use of Salesforce and internal and external communications systems used to support business operations. In addition to meeting with internal staff, the Fellow will interview partners such as county Directors to identify opportunities for improvement in CalMHSA’s processes and communication and county fiscal leaders to ascertain fiscal reporting needs. To ensure the Fellow’s recommendations align with the context of the work, the Fellow will orient on the mental/ behavioral health system in California and how CalMHSA as a Joint Service Authority, interfaces with and supports its respective partners throughout the State.

By the end the first phase, the Executive Fellow will and work alongside CalMHSA leadership to design an operations strategy for optimized business processes and draft a project plan that outlines the steps necessary to execute the strategy. In addition, the Executive Fellow will demonstrate an understanding of the public behavioral health system, conceptualize some early solutions for the project, develop a schematic and identify external and internal resources needed. Working closely with internal stakeholders, and outside vendors, the Executive Fellow will lead the development of a comprehensive operations strategy for the CalMSHA specifically around its use of Salesforce. Based on the internal workflow analysis, the Executive Fellow will use diagram recommendations to do some small-scale testing and make immediate changes to address pressing system needs.

By April 2022, the Executive Fellow will fully develop their project plan that improves workflows that optimize business management processes, specifically contract workflows, present recommendations to CalMHSA leadership to include diagrams, process maps and schemas of the system outputs and launch the configuration phase of the work with basic Salesforce reconfiguration in place. The Executive Fellow will lead the soft and full launch of system and process changes and plan and execute the training for staff to learn the new processes.

By October 2022, the Executive Fellow will have overseen the initial implementation of a comprehensive operations strategy to optimize business operations and launched recommended pilots as system and process changes as outlined in the plan. Working closely alongside a diverse group of stakeholders, the Executive Fellow will: 

  • Conduct a thorough review of current business operations and launch a robust stakeholder engagement plan– Get up to speed on departmental business practices and processes; conduct a landscape analysis, collating all relevant programming, and processes and identify cross-cutting themes; identify resources; gather information in informal interviews with staff and mental/behavioral health partners for suggestions to improve their experience; work with staff to identify the greatest inefficiencies and listen to recommendations for improvement, creating a climate of collective effort; research business operations employed by similar organizations.
  • Review the current configuration of Salesforce and fiscal software and make recommendations- Utilizing the information gathered, begin a detailed systems analysis with an eye towards establishing greatest efficiencies across workstreams; garner a deep understanding of Salesforce, specifications and engage with staff to learn their needs and desires for customizing Salesforce; identify other system needs; collate all relevant information, make recommendation for system configuration aligned with the needs of key stakeholders and map system processes; create system processes using human-centered design approach for a positive user-experience.
  • Develop implementation framework and roll out recommendations – Establish framework outlining short and long-term goals; timelines; priority areas; clear roles of internal and external stakeholders; coordinate and leverage all resources for maximum impact; oversee implementation of strategies considered low-hanging fruit; identify barriers to implementing any recommendations. solicit and incorporate input from staff to improve business operations; design and implement pilots to test options on a scale significant enough to evaluate their efficacy; closely monitor implementation and troubleshoot as needed.


  • Dr. Amie Miller, Psy.D, LMFT, Executive Director
  • Lauri Li, Chief Administrative Officer
  • Jeremy Wilson, Program Director


  • At least 15 years of professional experience with strong technical proficiency and orientation to solve business operations challenges
  • Exceptional technical proficiency and experience using Salesforce to optimize business processes
  • Keen orientation to using technology to solve problems across multiple workstreams
  • Track record of success using Salesforce to improve business operations
  • Robust experience in full life cycle project management with a successful track record of taking projects from initiation, planning, execution to closure
  • Superior critical thinking and analytical skills with the keen ability to synthesize both qualitative and quantitative information
  • Inspired by the mission of CalMSHA with an understanding of the work and how it impacts the greater good of Californians
  • Strong interpersonal communications
  • Self-starter with the ability to lead with minimal direction and oversight
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills, easily able to make a thoughtful and evidence-supported business case
  • Personable with proven ability to make and deliver powerful presentation, with ease in public speaking
  • Self-motivated and goal-oriented leader who can also be an independent worker
  • Cross-cultural agility, relating to a wide variety of diverse audiences
  • Strong emotional intelligence and empathy
  • Strong cross-team collaborator
  • Capacity to sustain progress within potentially ambiguous environments
  • Ability to synthesize complex information into clear and concise recommendations
  • Understands the need for solutions to support all people in a community regardless of race, religion, gender, immigration status, or ethnicity

FUSE Corps is an equal opportunity employer with a core value of incorporating diverse perspectives into our work at every level. We encourage candidates from all backgrounds to apply for this position.

FUSE Corps - Sacramento, CA

As a pseudo start-up, the California Mental Health Services Authority (CalMHSA) is ready to build infrastructure around its people, systems, and processes to better support its over 60 partners in implementing…

Details at a Glance

  • Time Commitment
    Full Time Schedule
  • Job Type
  • Start Date
    October 25, 2021
  • Application Deadline
    October 25, 2021
  • Professional Level


USD 80,000 - USD 80,000


Temporarily Remote
Work must be performed in or near Sacramento, CA
Associated Location
Sacramento, CA, USA

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