Independent Research Consultant / Contractor (for Monthly Research Briefing)

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Part Time


Details: This is a paid position. Project compensation is negotiable.




New York
New York
United States


The Intersector Project welcomes support to produce monthly Research Briefings that capture the newest research related to cross-sector collaboration, particularly government, business and non-profit sector collaboration in multiple issue/policy domains. By exploring research on this increasingly important area of public service design and implementation, the project will support a better understanding of the benefits and limitations of this problem-solving approach. The Research Consultant will conduct a search each month, creating a document that captures all possibly relevant research released in the past month.

Another Intersector team member will use the internal document created by the Research Consultant to publish a briefing on our website. An example of this finalized briefing can be found here. Additional published research briefings can be found here.

The proposed project deliverable is an appropriately formatted literature review to inform specific research questions relevant to this field. Examples of past items in our Research Briefings include:

The Research Consultant should possess experience conducting a literature review (e.g. for a thesis or dissertation). Candidates with research interests in public policy, business, or law may particularly excel. The contractor will be responsible for determining the direction of the project and setting their own schedule, and may choose to hire help.

Timeline: The project deliverable must be completed at the beginning of each month. In the past, this project has taken 12-16 hours per month.

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None specified

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No requirement