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Gomel City Public Organization “Together to the Future!” is non-commercial, non-governmental, humanitarian organization, working in the social sphere. The organization was found after acquaintance with the situation in the state educational and orphan establishments when it became clear that because of the deep social and economic crisis the former institutions of social defense couldn’t manage with the increasing in these sphere problems. So, after finishing boarding schools a lot of orphaned children find themselves without state support, without dwelling and work and have to fill up the army of criminals under age. State system of education does not direct to the development of human personality and increasing respect to the human rights and main freedoms yet. That is why in 2001 was created public organization “Together to the Future!” Its main target group is orphaned children and youth of Gomel Region.

Founders: The initiative of the foundation belongs to a small group of enthusiasts. NGO “Together to the Future!” is juridical entity from the moment of the registration that is official recognition of the organization on January 17th, 2001 by the Justice Board of Gomel Region Executive Committee (Certificate #03-0197).

Bodies of Management: The highest body of the Association is Assembly, which is gathered once in two years. In the intervals between Assemblies the Council, elected in the Assembly, leads the activity of the organisation. There are 5 members in the Council. The number of the employees on the staff is 3, the number of members is 26.

Financial Sources: Financial sources of the organization are donations of organizations and private persons, sponsors’ help, donors’ grants, attraction of volunteers, creating own production without state support.

Our mission - evolution and democratic reforms in the country with the heritage of totalitarianism.

Organization Tasks: include working out and realization of the programs, which propagandise development of human activity, promote ideals of civic society, help solving educational, social, cultural and scientific problems and also developing of NGOs. Among them are following: · propaganda and defence of human rights, orphaned children rights in Gomel Region; · defence working, dwelling and family rights of the youth with limited social possibilities; · improving effectiveness of services in social sphere, being given non-commercial organizations; · partner relations with local authorities, stimulating practice of social order; business structures, responsible for social development of society and mass media; · promoting reforms of the system of social defence that was left in Belarus from the times of Soviet Union; · studying social experience of foreign countries.


1. «Civic education of youth» The goal of the activity is spreading of knowledge about rights of a child, individual freedom, democratic values and at the same time sharing responsibility for the construction of the future, in which values freedoms and self-government are taken into consideration in connection with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Convention about Children's Rights and Legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

2. «Legal Culture of teacher and pupils» Project’s goal: strengthening of democratic and humanistic positions in state secondary schools by holding educational programs on legal culture of teachers and pupils of the schools in Gomel and Gomel region.

3. «Prophylaxis of orphanhood in Gomel region» The project being suggested is directed to the acquiring of knowledge and skills by the youth from the number of risk group on social orphanhood, which will promote projecting optimal realistic model of own future family, proper style of life, understanding the basis of moral and psychological climate in families and also dwelling and economic possibilities, ways of realizing future joint plans. In the result of fulfilment of the project the clients will realize the values of family and marriage, recognize significance interfamily communication, value of self-perfectness as a family man.

4. «Prophylactic of AIDS» We divide anxiety of world society in spreading of "XXI-st century plague". As this problem is social and young people suffer from it mainly, we take an active position in conducting of prophylactic measures, which direct on reducing of spreading this infection.

5. «School of business for youth» The goal of activity – creating business-center for youth at the age from 18 to 30, where will be realized development of business skills of the youth, juridical and legal enlightenment. It is planned to hold trainings on psychology, conflictology, globalistic etc.

6. Publishing the journal «Power, money and charity» Presenting interests and strengthening Belarussian non-commercial sector by rendering a wide specter of information support and also arranging intersector dialogue and collaboration with state and commercial structures by means of publishing and spreading the journal “Power, money and charity”. The main target group – NGOs in Belarus.

7. Rehabilitation of the children suffered from the Chernobyl Disaster As Gomel region is a zone of world ecologic disaster and 70% of its territory is polluted with radiation the problem of the children’s rehabilitation and children’s rest during holidays will be actual for long years. The main goal of the activity – to improve the children’s health, widen children’s outlook, study another culture, language, traditions, realize exchange of visits. The age of the children from 8 to 12.

8. Giving assistance to foreign citizens in adoption of orphaned children. At the present moment in the Republic of Belarus there are more than 33 000 of orphaned children. It is in 1,5 times exceeds the level of post-war years. The state is not able to improve the situation and manage the problems in social sphere, that is why we deal with the problem of adoption the children by foreign citizens.

Gomel City Public Organization “Together to the Future!” is non-commercial, non-governmental, humanitarian organization, working in the social sphere. The organization was found after acquaintance with the situation in the state…

Issue Areas Include

  • Children & Youth
  • Education
  • Family
  • Human Rights & Civil Liberties


  • Pervomaiskaya St. 10-26, Gomel, None 246050, Belarus

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